The Myth (RP)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

It was a warm day in Durotar.  Then again, it was always a warm day in Durotar.  That was the constant state of the land – hot, red and dry.  While Brajana remembered more of her life growing up in Sen’jin Village on the coast of Durotar, something in her still longed for the lush jungles that her people once called home.  Sometimes she would find herself daydreaming, picturing what this land would look like with a horizon of green leaves and hanging vines, rather than jutting rocks and dry brambles.


Brajana wheeled around and readied her bow at the sound of an arrow flying passed her right ear.

“Good reaction time, but ‘cha really got ta stop dozin’ like that!” her Uncle Tza’jin called as he walked towards her with Jin’tza, his raptor companion.  “Now that I got yer attention, where’d ya let Mandaril get ta?”

Brajana flinched.  She must have let the little guy run off while she was practicing her marksmanship.  Her uncle had let her train with his youngest boar companion, Mandaril.  He was barely old enough to squeal, and he wasn’t the most agreeable of beasts, but she’d been tasked to take care of him and more importantly, train it in combat.  Brajana was great with animals, and always had companions she could summon to keep her entertained: Zither the adder, Holistas the sparrow, and Jaz’hal the hare to name a few.  In fact, it was one of the first signs that she would follow the path of the Hunter with her uncle rather than the path of the Warrior with her father.

She had not yet come into her own companion yet.  There was no specific age or time a Hunter’s life that they found their companion, but she knew someday it would be her time.  Until then, unfortunately, she’d have to do her best to learn to command and control this curious little boar.  She’d found it wasn’t quite working out as she’d like.

“Dat’s what I thought.” her uncle rolled his eyes upon seeing her expression. There was so little he had left to teach her, but tradition insisted that he remain her teacher until she found her own companion, but she seemed content with her critters and her bow.

Then he had a though.  “Go ‘n fetch ‘im. Den meet me at the river.”

Several minutes later, Brajana appeared near the bridge to the Barrens with an extremely huffy look, Mandaril trodding cheerfully behind her.

“Are we to have Crocolisk Stew for dinner?” She asked hopefully, upon seeing the creatures resting nearby in the river.

“Ha!  That be not why we here, girl.  Come along.”

Tza’jin and his companion crossed the bridge at a jog, and began heading south.  Brajana turned to Mandaril and made several ineffective gestures before the little beast decided he would follow as well.

They finally slowed when they reached a low outcropping above a plain, spotted with low, wide shade trees.  Beneath these trees, Brajana could see a pride of at least 15 lions resting.  She’d always admired the cats, both the tigers that roamed the Echo Isles and these large, family-oriented beasts.  She wanted to ask why they’d ventured here, but she was content just watchng them.

“It is your time, my girl.  You are an excellent Marksman.  You have nearly mastered the ability to lay traps and track all types of creature.  But you will never be a true Huntress until you’ve begun to share your journey with another being.”

Tza’jin called Mandaril swiftly to his side, and began his walk back to Sen’jin.  This was for her alone to accomplish.  He hoped he was making the right decision here – Brajana was still quite young, and these beasts were certainly not the easiest to tame… but he believed in her.

Brajana didn’t question him, she didn’t ask for advice, she didn’t back down.  She knew he was right.  She surveyed the land, looking for the beast that would become her counterpart.  She walked along the outcropping, spying Lionesses and Lions to find the perfect fighter, the perfect opportunity.  She didn’t know what to expect… would she feel a connection when she spotted the right animal?  What if she chose wrong?  How would she isolate one from the rest of the pride?  She took a deep look at each of the resting beasts, and felt nothing out of the ordinary.  She began to fill with frustration… and then she saw him.

She must have missed him earlier because he wasn’t resting beneath the trees.  A stunning white beast with a large grey mane, among a pile of half buried Kodo bones.  He was alone, but not lonely.  Independent.

She descrended from the outcropping and approached him with caution, remaining directly in front of him.  When she got close enough, the beast made eye contact with her – his grey eyes were piercing.  She continued her approach and then knelt only a few yards from the beast, never moving her eyes from his.

The taming ritual of the Darkspear Trolls is a sacred rite.  It is not taught, it is not demonstrated.  It is a private, personal event that is instinctual to every born Hunter.  This was a test – the only way to know Brajana was following her true path.

She’d heard a Tauren myth about a cat they called Whitemist, Echeyakee in Taurhe.  In their stories, they claimed he was both mercy and death.  That he could kill so fast his prey would have no time for fear, or pain.  They said he hunts with such stealth, he is like a thin, white mist.  The hide of this beast was saught after by every poacher and leatherworker in all of Azeroth – it was said to have magical properties, a cloak made from Echeyakee’s hide would allow the wearer to become nearly invicible.  While she knew it was only a myth passed down through generations, she also knew this beast was not just some uniquely coloured cat, this animal she had encountered was the mythical Echeyakee.  SHe could feel it.

She arrived back in Sen’jin village that evening, her new partner strolling  confidently along her side.

Tza’jin met her at the entrance to their family’s hut.  “Guess ya won’t be needin’ Mandaril any longer, girl?”  he chuckled, both proud and relieved to see her with such a beast.  “What ya be callin’ it?”

“I’m calling him… Fiddlesticks.”

She grinned and looked down at the beast, meeting his eyes.  Your secret is safe with me, friend.


Character Fiction and Backstories

Monday, May 25th, 2009

While I don’t actively roleplay, I do occasionally write some back stories and lore for some of my characters.  If you’re curious, you can read my short stories and clips here.  I’m sure there are conflicting details throughout… but that’s how it is.

Multiple Characters


Ferguson (& Anabelle)


Northrend Children’s Week Quest Line!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

NOTE: This post was written May 7, 2009, before the announcement and subsequent release of the Northrend Children’s Week Quests for patch 3.2.  This is not a guide, but my own version (and Blizzard totally stole my ideas, btw.)

… There isn’t one.

But if there was, this is how I imagine it:

It would begin with a quest from a Tuskarr in Dalaran.

Savior of the Tuskarr

“As the Kvaldir continue to plague our shores, the Tuskarr continue to suffer heavy losses.  It has left many families broken, and we have far too few to look after all the parentless children we’ve come to care for.

If you are willing to help look after just one pup during Children’s Week, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Use this whistle to summon your charge.  Take good care of him while you can!”

Use your whistle to summon your Tuskarr Orphan.

Can you imagine how cute a baby Tuskarr would look?  Golly!

You’d then be asked by your little buddy to visit a few key locations.

It’s difficult to come up with good locations when there is so much phasing in Northrend… but here’s what I’ve got.

I’m Not Afraid of Heights!

“From Moa’ki Harbor we can see a really high tower shooting up in the sky.  The Matron tells us that it’s the home of dragons!  Can you believe it?  Dragons!  I’ve always wanted to see one, and I bet you can see all of Dragonblight from up in that tower!”

Introduce your Orphan to Chromie at Wyrmrest Temple.

Chromie would call upon a dragon and let you and the orphan ride around the tower on its back.  Cool!


“They always tell us scary stories about the Gorlocs in Borean Tundra… but I’ve also heard they have cousins called Murlocs.  Someone from the D.E.H.T.A. came to Unu’pe one day and told us they were going to the Northwestern Coast to try to make friends with them.  Do you think they did it?”

Visit King Mrgl-Mrgl at Winterfin Retreat with your Orphan.

The Orphan would have to make friends with a little Murloc Tadpole so we can all overdose on cute, I think.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

“I’ve heard of a paradise – a warm, colourful place where the rivers run freely, the flowers grow all year round and you don’t even need to wear furs!  But how could such a place exist so close to all this ice and snow?  It must be some sort of magic.”

Ask the Avatar of Freya to explain the secrets of Sholazar Basin to your Orphan.

This could be a good opportunity to get into some more lore about why and how Sholazar came to exist, and the dangers the Scourge are posing to the area.

Return to the Orphanage

“Murlocs, Dragons, Giants… it’s been such a great day!  I can’t wait til I get back so I can tell the other kids all about it.”

Return your Orphan to the Orphan Master in Dalaran.

Reward Pets

Now here’s the tough part.  What pets could you get from this quest line?  There weren’t that many new animals introduced in Wrath, and they weren’t very cute, to be honest.


Shoveltusk Calf: You could certainly cutify these guys. If you and someone else had two calves out, they would butt each other with their horns, like they do in the wild! Cute!


Baby Seal: After all that mating work we did in Dragonblight, certainly they can spare a baby for you! And there would finally be a good use for that baby seal icon.


Rhino Calf: This is the only thing I could think of for a third. It's pretty similar to the Shoveltusk, but it was either a Rhino or a Jormunger!

So there you have it, my rendition of the Northrend version of Children’s Week.  Got any other ideas?


Friday Five-hundred: Taz’dingo of Sen’jin

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Another short story inspired by Anna’s Friday Five – I chose to go the ficlet route with this one.

In 500 words, the conversation between your character and the Argent Tournament recruiter for his or her faction capitol.

My story isn’t exactly that, but it is about how Brajana came to discover the Argent Tournament.  And I’ve even added a backstory for my bank alt.  Ha!

Brajana dismissed her Proto-drake as she set foot on solid ground at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran.  She took a few deep breaths – she was still trying to get used to the bumping and swaying involved in flying wtih her newest companion, it was not nearly as smooth a ride as her Netherdrake provided.

It had been a long day full of little excitement.  She’d spent most of it stocking up on leather from the beasts of Sholazar Basin, enough to craft a few new articles as well as see if the local leatherworking shop would be interested in some fine tanned hides.

On her way back to Dalaran she had stopped for a walk along the waters of Lake Wintergrasp.  It wasn’t really a calm place, but she enjoyed the breeze and the sounds of battle in the distance usually soothed her.  But today,  it left her wondering why there are still such petty battles between the races of the Alliance and Horde when there are such bigger concerns to deal with in this world.  She thought some might continue this battle only to feel a sense of familiarity – a reminder of a time when it was simply a battle between mortal races.

Brajana headed to The Filthy Animal to organize herself and enjoy a warm drink in the company of fellow Trolls. It was rather busier than most nights, but she managed to find a bench facing the fire that she could claim as her own.

“Brajana?  Dat you?”

She looked up, but didn’t turn.  She knew the voice – it was Taz’dingo, a young, excitable Troll who she’d grown up with in Sen’jin.  He took the liberty of making room for himself on her bench.

“Taz.  It is good to see you, brother.  How are your parents?” she asked, trying to avoid stories of his outlandish adventures.

“Ah, still keepin’ to de Islands, ya know dem!  Ha!  Dey ain’t been so happy dat I come ta da North!  ‘Too cold!’ Dey says.  Well, dere be plenty a Trolls up here!  ‘N dey’ll be so proud when I come home wearin’ da colours of Sen’jin as a Champion!”

Brajana hadn’t really been listening to him until she heard his last words.

“A Champion for Sen’jin? What do you mean?”  She was intrigued.  She’d been fighting for so long in Sen’jin’s name…

“The Argent Tournament!  Ya can not say ya haven’t been to da Tournament, out in da Northern parts of Icecrown!  We’re trainin’ to fight Arthas, all da races!  Da hoomans even be lettin’ me ride their horse.  Ha!  What a sight!”

Brajana usually didn’t put much stock into Taz’dingo’s words, but if there really was a place where people had put aside their differences and were really working towards fighting the Citidel…

“Taz… what is that monstrosity strapped to your back?! You’ll put someone’s eye out with that thing!”

“IT BE MY LANCE!” He exclaimed proudly, “For the battlin’, ya know?”

As tempted as she was, she knew better than to ask Taz’dingo anything further.  She made a note to make time for a visit to Icecrown the next day.


I’ve been Called by the Master!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

So apparently I’m acquiring a backlog of memes, thanks to my dear Fausley at Master’s Call!

Better get them over with and pass them along. :)

What’s in a Name?

I believe the plan here is to explain the origin and meaning behind my characters names.  I kind of covered this in the previous post (7 Questions) as well as in my Cheesecake post… but there’s always more detail I can cover… repetition FTW!  I’ll go through all four of my currently active characters, from both an in-character and out-of-character perspective if applicable.  Heck, I’ll even provide a pronunciation guide!

Brajana [Brah-jah-nuh] (the j is like Rajah not Jalepeno or Adjacent)

(IC) This name was handed down from Brajana’s grandmother on her father’s side, as is tradition with the Darkspear Trolls.  It means ‘woman of the rain’, which is fitting for her striking blue hair and skin.

(OOC) Honestly, I don’t remember.  It was like… 3 years ago!  I believe it was some combination of messing with the random name generator and making something that sounded nice.  I also wanted to make sure people could shorten it without much trouble (Braj).

Ferguson [Fer-guh-sun]

(IC) Named for his father, who was lost in the war.

(OOC) I wanted a human-ish name that could be used as both a first and last name.  I had one picked out, and it was pretty perfect too… but it was taken and it’s since been expelled from my memory.  I got the name by looking over the last names of authors on my bookshelf – Ian & Ferguson were the exact source.

Alouette [Aloo-et]

(IC) Named so for her playful and trickster-like nature.  Even from a young age, it was clear that this would be a strong part of her personality.

(OOC) Her name was originally Pixxel, which was Pixel from the RNG with an extra x since the other was taken. Then her name was Brajana, for a few short levels when I transferred to Dark Iron.  Then I felt I needed her to develop her own personality, and so I started trying to think of a name.  One day I had the Canadian folk song “Alouette” in my head and I decided to just go with that, hoping it’d get it out of my head.  Of course it did the opposite, and now everytime I log into my Mage I get it once again stuck in my head!

“Alouette” means skylark in French.  skylark is named so for it’s tricksy, playful, frolicky nature.  I think it’s quite appropriate!

Ghugh [Guhh]

(IC/OOC)  Yeah, no.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know where it comes from, it just sounded good at the time for a paladin I never planned on playing past level 12.  But it’s grown on me!

Yes, it’s just pronounced like it looks.  Yes, I put 2 h’s in the pronunciation key, because just 1 didn’t do it justice.

Someone asked me the language of origin once, I said English.  They asked me if I could use it in a sentence.

“Ghugh!  I was just killed by that ret pally again!”

So, who to tag? Tagging is such a froward task for me… I have a nasty habit of tagging those who have already been tagged or already done the meme… so if you have an I somehow missed it… sorry!

Well, I’m gonna tag my GM Pilsner at From Cow to Chicken, just because I kind of already know where her name came from. :)   Also Cait from One Among Many… I’m sure she’s got some interesting stories for all those characters.  And also Neg/Neggles/Negathle at The Angry Butterfly!

I have a habit of tagging people who have already been tagged or done the meme… so if you have and I somehow missed it, sorry!