A Call to the Isles (RP)

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

“Ha!  How many times must I tell you, you’ve got a give, my friend!” Brajana gave a hearty laugh as she gathered her winnings from the table.  “How about another game?” She took a large swig of mediocre Kungaloosh and looked around the table at her companions.

They weren’t really companions – after the initial glory brought on from the final defeat of Arthas, the Lich King, it was not long until her group of real companions disbanded.  Some went in search of more adventures, some were satisfied with their victory and settled down closer to home, and others just seemed to disappear.  Brajana remained in Northrend, aimless and alone.  She’d done the odd job here and there, but after a lifetime of training to defeat the evil that plagued the Horde, nothing really seemed worthwhile anymore.  More often than not she could be found in The Filthy Animal surrounded by empty bottles of whatever they’d serve her and looking for a cheap thrill through a game of dice.

Her gambling partners seemed to decide they couldn’t afford to give her anymore of their hard earned gold and vacated the table.  But just as Brajana raised her hand to beckon the barmaid, someone new sat down at her table.

She blinked, trying to straighten her slightly spinning view.

“Tza’jin, you should not be here.  Your place is in Sen’jin.” Brajana told her uncle and mentor.  She did not want him to see her like this – barely able to sit straight let alone hold her bow as steady as he’d trained her to.

“It be ya place too, Brajana.  De time has come.  We be returnin’ to de Isles, an’ we be needen’ all de help we can get.”

All of a sudden, Brajana felt more sober than she’d been in weeks.  Memories of her childhood home washed over her, of the stories she’d heard of Zalazane and his Voodoo.  She nodded to Tza’jin and stood, whistled for Fiddlesticks and strapped her bow across her back.


What’s in a (Guild) Name?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In the aftermath of a giant drama explosion, my young guild (Razorblade Arcade) has been forced to reform (minus our now former guild leaders.)  It sucks, but that’s what it’s come to.  Which left us once again with the horrible task of picking a name.

We spent a good amount of time throwing around suggestions, both serious and not-so-serious ones.  And it seems that everyone has a different favoured style when it comes to names.  I’ve managed to narrow down a few types, and I’ve realized which are personally preferred for me.

  1. Serious, meaningful names: These names are generally one or two words and say something about the members of the guild or how they came to be together.  Examples: <Unemployed>, <Kalimdors Legion>, <Avoiding Reality>.
  2. Serious, meaningless names: These generally get picked for their dramatic effect, but don’t really have any importance to the players. Examples: <Evolve>, <Malice>, <Nothing Personal>, or often anything latin.
  3. Funny, meaningful names: These occur when someone tries to fit an entire joke into 24 characters.  Usually a crude one, at that.  They’re also popular in Arena Team names.  Examples: <Sapped Girls Cant Say No>, <STDs are BoP>.
  4. Funny, meaningless names: Usually of a silly nature, things that make you giggle or curious about the origin of the name. Examples: <Squid Squad>, <Razorblade Arcade>, <Seal Cub Clubbing Club>.

So it turns out I’m not a fan at all of categories 2 and 3.  The jokes are generally immature, and the drama names just don’t inspire any sort of interest in me.

We ended up going with <Evolve>.  I am so indifferent to that name that I already forgot what it was at least once.  To be honest, if I were searching for a guild to join, I would probably not even consider a guild with this name unless there was something really appealing about it (like the fact that all my friends are in it.)  While name doesn’t mean everything, it does present an image of who you are and what type of people are within the group.  Am I stereotyping?  Possibly.  But I am almost certain I would not want to be associated with anyone in <Sapped Girls Cant Say No>.

How does guild name effect you?  Would you join or avoid a guild based purely on the name, or does it not concern you at all as long as the guild is what you’re looking for?

I proposed the question on Twitter, and got quite an array of responses, including:

Rilgon: As long as it’s not anything that blatantly violates naming conventions, no consideration. (#)

Krizzlybear: Ideally, all things equal, I will join the guild with the most hilarious name. (#)

wowcynwise: It’s important that it be correctly spelled and either innocuous or authentically funny. There are a lot I look at and go “no.” (#)


Highlights from the Blogosphere (8/21-8/27)

Friday, August 28th, 2009

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts! I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my Google Reader lately, but this last week has had some particularly great posts pass through, so I thought it would be a good time to get back into it!

Character Exercises (Part 1) @ Warpriestess
These are some great exercises to help you develop your character’s background and personality.  I’m thinking about filling them out here, I haven’t done any RP in a long time!

WoW is the Most Complicated Game Ever @ Critical QQ
Before reading this, I was against all the people arguing that Blizzard is simplifying too much, because I am sick of all the mathiness.  But Euripedes has a good point, it’s not that complicated… the people who enjoy the mathiness have done all the work for us, anyway.

Ah, what I’d give to be a newbie again… @ /Faulsey
Faulsey reminises about how exciting it is to see things in the game for the first time, leveling your first character when everything was still new.

How to be a Good Raiding Grunt @ The Angry Butterfly
Some basic raiding tips that some people STILL need to be reminded of.  DON’T ARGUE DURING RAIDS! Please!

The Kalimdor of my Heart @ The Angry Butterfly
Neglethe goes on a journey through the Kalimdor we all know, to remember it for what it is before it all goes *BOOM*.

highlightsHighlights from the Blogosphere is my weekly Friday post to share some of the interesting, funny or informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

You can check out all the blogs I read on my list of Other Peoples’ Blogs!



Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Remember the days when there was only one non-PvP title?  “Scarab Lord”?  If you saw someone riding by with that title, you stopped and looked.  The PvP titles were neat too, but didn’t hold much meaning.

Then they brought in a couple more with Burning Crusade… “Champion of the Naaru” and “Hand of A’dal”.  Eventually you could get “of the Shattered Sun” if you had some spare cash.  They were quite a bit more common, but it still made you feel a bit special.

With the achievement system the way it is now, we’re more surprised to see someone running around without a title than with one.  Anyone who has had even passing interest in achievements has upwards of 10 titles to switch through as they see fit.

I think it adds a bit of depth to each character – by seeing someone’s title, you can guess what their playstyle or in-game interests might be.  Someone with the title “Jenkins” makes me think they just love messing around and having fun with the game.  When I see a “Twilight Vanquisher” I feel like I’m in the presence of a doughty fighter.  Is it wrong to judge people by their title?

Anyway, what brought this line of though on was that as of last night, Ghugh is no longer just Ghugh!  He is now…

Ghugh of Ironforge! (Complete with spikey hat)

Ghugh of Ironforge! (Complete with spikey hat)

I think this is a fitting first title for most characters.  And as you progress and gain more experiences, you come to be known for more interesting things than just your origin.

What do you think?  Is there a reason you favour some titles over others?

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately other than “Need More Stable Slots” stuff (GO DONATE), but I’ve been quite busy at work, and it’s going to continue to be quiet just a few more days – I’m having a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow!

So I’ll be back when I’ve recovered and gotten sick of eating pudding and milkshakes.  Is that even possible?


The Healing Properties of Peacebloom (RP)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

peacebloomFerguson quickly stashed his broom in the cupboard.  Sweeping up the bedchambers was his last and least favourite chore of the day, and he was excited to have a few hours to himself before his curfew.  He rushed out the back door of the Abbey, shielding his eyes from the low evening sun.

He knew exactly how he would spend his free time.  He jogged down the street until he reached the Andorhal Library – his home away from home.

As he rushed towards the desk he called out to the librarian.  “Evening, Louisa!”

“Ah, Ferguson… what a surprise!”  She grinned and leaned to look out the window. “Sun’s barely even touching the ground and you’re done your chores already?”

“You spend 12 years doing the same chores each day, you get pretty good at it.  Father Argus heard rumour that there were some new books coming in today… I wanted to see if there was anything interesting!”

“Anything… about Herbalism, you mean?  Indeed, indeed!  I believe we received something about the healing properties of Peacebloom… let me have a look here.”

She started flipping through the large registry on the desk.  Ferguson could barely contain himself.  It was well known that he had an affinity for all kinds of agriculture, it was expected that someday he’d become the head gardener at the Abbey once he attained full priesthood.

“Got some bad news for you, dear.  Book’s already been lent out!”  Ferguson was both disappointed and confused.  Who else in all of Andorhal would care about Peacebloom?  “Says here it was checked out just an hour ago by… Anabelle.”

His little sister.  He should have known!  He must have let it slip that he was heading to the library, and she knew this would be the perfect way to torment him.  He grunted quietly, trying to remain calm in appearance.  “Thanks, Louisa… I’ll just have to wait for another day.”

Once he was out of sight of the librarian, his calm walk turned into a passionate run.  How dare she!  I’m going to get here this time… Very un-priestly thoughts rushed through his mind as he ran to Anabelle’s favourite hiding spot.  As he approached the thick tree that overlooked the river, he could see there was indeed a dark-haired girl sitting against the opposite side.

“Alright you little snot, give me the book!” Ferguson jumped out from behind the tree to snatch the book from his 12-year old hooligan of a sister.

But it was not his sister.

It was a girl about Ferguson’s age, reading through the book his sister must have hidden here.  She had stunning black hair, tied with a green bow, and her crystal blue eyes were wide with surprise and guilt.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to… I mean… I just found it sitting here!”  She flushed and dropped the book, then turned to run in embarrassment.

“No!  Wait!”  Ferguson called out.  The girl froze in her tracks.

Ferguson picked up the book and walked up to her.  After an awkward silence, his hand shot forward towards her.

“I’m Ferguson.  I stay down at the Abbey.  Who are you?”

She took his hand and shook it cautiously and smiled.  “I’m Marisa.  We just moved to Andorhal last week… nice to meet you.”

Ferguson grinned.  He’d never met a girl with such a beautiful smile!

“So, uh, you like plants?” He passed her the book, and the two began walking back to town together.

“Oh, very much!  Actually, I hope to run my own flower shop someday!”

It seemed Ferguson had finally found something that interested him even more than gardening.