Northrend Children’s Week Quest Line!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

NOTE: This post was written May 7, 2009, before the announcement and subsequent release of the Northrend Children’s Week Quests for patch 3.2.  This is not a guide, but my own version (and Blizzard totally stole my ideas, btw.)

… There isn’t one.

But if there was, this is how I imagine it:

It would begin with a quest from a Tuskarr in Dalaran.

Savior of the Tuskarr

“As the Kvaldir continue to plague our shores, the Tuskarr continue to suffer heavy losses.  It has left many families broken, and we have far too few to look after all the parentless children we’ve come to care for.

If you are willing to help look after just one pup during Children’s Week, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Use this whistle to summon your charge.  Take good care of him while you can!”

Use your whistle to summon your Tuskarr Orphan.

Can you imagine how cute a baby Tuskarr would look?  Golly!

You’d then be asked by your little buddy to visit a few key locations.

It’s difficult to come up with good locations when there is so much phasing in Northrend… but here’s what I’ve got.

I’m Not Afraid of Heights!

“From Moa’ki Harbor we can see a really high tower shooting up in the sky.  The Matron tells us that it’s the home of dragons!  Can you believe it?  Dragons!  I’ve always wanted to see one, and I bet you can see all of Dragonblight from up in that tower!”

Introduce your Orphan to Chromie at Wyrmrest Temple.

Chromie would call upon a dragon and let you and the orphan ride around the tower on its back.  Cool!


“They always tell us scary stories about the Gorlocs in Borean Tundra… but I’ve also heard they have cousins called Murlocs.  Someone from the D.E.H.T.A. came to Unu’pe one day and told us they were going to the Northwestern Coast to try to make friends with them.  Do you think they did it?”

Visit King Mrgl-Mrgl at Winterfin Retreat with your Orphan.

The Orphan would have to make friends with a little Murloc Tadpole so we can all overdose on cute, I think.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

“I’ve heard of a paradise – a warm, colourful place where the rivers run freely, the flowers grow all year round and you don’t even need to wear furs!  But how could such a place exist so close to all this ice and snow?  It must be some sort of magic.”

Ask the Avatar of Freya to explain the secrets of Sholazar Basin to your Orphan.

This could be a good opportunity to get into some more lore about why and how Sholazar came to exist, and the dangers the Scourge are posing to the area.

Return to the Orphanage

“Murlocs, Dragons, Giants… it’s been such a great day!  I can’t wait til I get back so I can tell the other kids all about it.”

Return your Orphan to the Orphan Master in Dalaran.

Reward Pets

Now here’s the tough part.  What pets could you get from this quest line?  There weren’t that many new animals introduced in Wrath, and they weren’t very cute, to be honest.


Shoveltusk Calf: You could certainly cutify these guys. If you and someone else had two calves out, they would butt each other with their horns, like they do in the wild! Cute!


Baby Seal: After all that mating work we did in Dragonblight, certainly they can spare a baby for you! And there would finally be a good use for that baby seal icon.


Rhino Calf: This is the only thing I could think of for a third. It's pretty similar to the Shoveltusk, but it was either a Rhino or a Jormunger!

So there you have it, my rendition of the Northrend version of Children’s Week.  Got any other ideas?


A Palyful Weekend

Monday, May 4th, 2009

I decided to hang out with Ghugh most of the weekend.  I’m finding that the more I play him, the more I love him!  Ret Paladins are so OP. :)

Got him from 46 to 51 this weekend, as well as a boatload of achievements.


With the help of Bellbell of 4Haelz, I was able to take a stroll through one of my favourite dungeons (we even had a picnic!)


The strangest part of my weekend though was getting the [I Found One!] achievement on Ghugh.  I didn’t bother with any of the Noblegarden stuff (already did it on Brajana and 2 other alts).  But as I was questing through Un’goro, I stumbled upon an egg.  Why would someone put an egg here? And why wouldn’t they open it up?  Who knows!  But it was about as free as an achievement can get.

I Found One!

I also spent some time in Alterac Valley at 51.  Determined to get my [Ice Barbed Spear], I suffered through a 50 minute Alterac Valley war of attrition.  It was painful, as the battleground was full of level 60 Death Knights decked out with 10k HP, when little me had barely 3.5k.  But I got a boatload of achievements as well as picking up the spear, so I certainly can’t complain!


Hope your weekend was as much fun as mine!


Highlights from the Blogosphere (4/24-4/30)

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Raiding as Fire/Frostfire @ CriticalQQ
As Alouette closes in on 80, she’s beginning to set her eye on raiding… but seeing as I have never run a real instance on her, I need serious help learning what’s important to a raiding Fire mage.  Euripedes has some great information for a little spark like me.

Don’t Let Dailies Grind YOU! @ LadyJess
One amazing tip here.  I love that doing the Champion and Valiant dailies nets me credit for two quests at once.  Well, you can do more than just that!

Kiting Boot-camp! @ OutDPS!
Euripides (the Hunter one, not the Mage one) has a nice little guide for a skill that every hunter should have, although it’s become almost a lost art!  This is a great guide for those who never had to do much kiting ‘back in the day’!

iPhone Apps for WoW Players @ Catryalini’s WoW Blog
I bought an iPhone this week!  In fact, the same day I bought mine she wrote this post, so it gave me a good place to start on my path to iPhone App addiction.  Unfortunately, it seems Blizzard has also sent out Cease and Desist orders to several of these apps… so pick them up while they’re still around!

Death By Chocolate @ Sideshow & Syrana
Syrana’s posted a nice little summary of both the good and bad sides of the Noblegarden festival, as well as a short guide.  I know the event is almost over, but it’s a good read anyway!

highlightsHighlights from the Blogosphere is my weekly Friday post to share some of the interesting, funny or informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

You can check out all the blogs I read on my list of Other Peoples’ Blogs!


A Highly Productive Weekend!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Instead of talking about the upcoming patch 3.1, I have decided to outline the weekend I had because I know that you all care much more about my alts than some silly patch!

I was hoping to level my priest a bit, but when I logged in and jumped in the LFG for The Nexus and Utgarde Keep, I was just flooded with “LF DPS for Nexus!” and “Need tank for UK then GTG!”

No one ever needs healers when I’m around!

So Ghugh finally made the jump to Dark Iron (PvP) this weekend!  But only after I had Gadgets help me transfer all the Alliance-only recipes I could get my little Dwarven hands on over to Brajana.  I stocked him up with some goodies and sent him on his marry way to join the rest of my Alliance crew.

He also has reached the respectable level of 32!  Which means… [Giddy Up!] and [Summon Warhorse]! I am still tempted to spend the extra gold and get him a Ram instead… man, I love those Rams!

And I’ve started following Jame’s Leveling Guide for the first time.  I’ve never used a guide before, and it’s been hard for me quash the urge to grab every single quest in a new zone… but I can not deny the effectiveness of the guide!

Ghugh even managed to get [An Honorable Kill]!  I was innocently killing turtles in Shimmering Flats when a sneaky undead rogue tried to stab me in the back.  But I showed him!  Okay, I did have to use Lay On Hands… and that’s kinda like cheating but… Meh! :)   I was still proud.

And even though Sunday is not one of our usual “alt nights”, Tegrin (Gadgets) and Alouette finally hit the big SEVEN-OH!  It was a painful last 15% experience… trying to do the stupid Tuber quest… but it was very exciting to finally get there.  And Alouette promptly spent all her gold on a [Snowy Gryphon].  The Alliance flying mounts are so pretty, especially compared to the Horde ones, it was difficult to choose.

I started a new alt this weekend, but I do not want to talk about her.  She’s a secret.

I also vacuumed my apartment.

It was a highly productive weekend.


Love, Thy Name is Ghugh.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

paladinI think I’ve fallen in love with my Paladin.

Until Ghugh came along, the Paladin class held the long standing record of being the only class I couldn’t bare myself to get past level 9.

But they’ve changed quite a bit about it since I last tried it out (about 3 years ago) and I really appreciate how the class works.

In just 2 days, I’ve gotten Ghugh from 16 to 23 and the only problem I’ve had is that I hate doing the Alliance quests (too much running around and zone-hopping!)

Even got a group together for Deadmines, and while I was hoping to try my hand at tanking, I was the only class with the ability to heal so I got stuck on healer duty.  Which I still enjoyed.

I like not getting one-shotted when I get aggro.

I like being able to take on several mobs at once and being able to keep it all under control and keep myself alive.

I like that most spells (other than healing) are instant cast abilities.

I like Lay On Hands. :)

What do I not like?  Well, no instant cast HoTs.  Renew plz?  But that’s about the only real issue I’ve come up with!

So Ghugh is patiently waiting for Paid Character Transfers to become stable again so he can go join my mage and boyfriend on my Alliance PvP server.  I’m finally leveling a class that is good at world encounter PvP… might as well level him on a PvP server!

P.S.: There are 29 characters listed on the Armory with the name “Ghugh”.  ALL of them are male Dwarves.  Huh.