My Power Auras Setup

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.0.9.

So, there’s this addon called Power Auras.  I started using it when I briefly tested out Survival, but I’ve found that it’s extremely useful for just about every class.

What it lets you do is put up some sort of icon when certain conditions are met.  There is a wide range of options available, you can have an icon appear when a certain buff is missing from the target, or have it display when it is active on you, or any combination of many things.

I’m going to show you how I’ve got it set up, but I’m always looking for new uses for this mod.  Right now, I use it on my Hunter, Priest and Mage.


(In combat only)  This is the icon that displays when I don’t have Serpent Sting ticking on the target.  It’s green and looks kind of nature-y.


(In combat only)  This is the display when the target does not have Hunter’s Mark on it.  As long as someone has put Hunter’s Mark on the target (not necessarily me) this will go away.  The Hunter’s Mark and Serpent Sting filters can both be displayed at the same time without overlapping, so I can see both conditions.


This is the icon that displays when my mana dips below 10%, and basically tells me to go into Aspect of the Viper ASAP.  I’ve also got this one active on my other mana using characters, telling me to Evocate/drink if I can on my mage, or pop one of my mana regen abilities on my priest.


(In combat only) This notifies me that my mana is above 95% on my Hunter.  Basically, this is to help me learn to quash my habit of leaving Aspect of the Viper up when my mana is full.


This is the icon that displays when I have Aspect of the Viper active.  Pretty simple – blue for mana!


These are the 2 Mage-specific icons I’ve got.  The red glowy circle is to indicate when Hot Streak procs.  I also have Class Timers displayed directly below my character to keep me aware of the duration.

The white spot in the middle is to let me know that Clearcasting is active.  This will help me to plan my next spell, since it’s mana-less, I usually try to go for one of the expensive ones.  It’s extra nice to have both procs up at the same time (like in the screenshot) because that means my next Pyroblast is instant and costs no mana!

I also have the same white spot filter on my Priest, which indicates when Surge of Light is active so I can give a free insta-heal (or smite, if I’m soloing).

Do you use Power Auras? While this might not be a ‘meme’, I’d really like to see some other ways people have put this great addon to good use!


Answers to the questions you’ve all been asking…

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Well, only Arrens really asked them to me.  By tagging me in one of these blog “me-me!” things.  But bloggers have been asking each other, generally.

Going to also follow Arrens by answering each question for 3 characters.  I now consider my mage Main #3!

What is your name and where did it come from?

Hunter: To be honest, not sure where Brajana came from… sounded Troll-ish, and I wanted to make sure I had something that could be shortened for an easy nickname (Braj),  although I didn’t realize it could also be shortened to Bra.  Also didn’t think people would pronounce the ‘j’ as an ‘h’.  Silly.

Priest: I wanted something that sounded humanesque, something that could be both a first or last name.  So I consulted my bookshelf and settled on Ferguson, named after Will & Ian Ferguson.

Mage: First her name was Pixxel. Then it was Brajana.  Now it is Alouette, based on the song I grew up with, and had it in my head when I was trying to come up with a new name.  It means ‘Skylark’ in French.

How old are you and what is your birthday?

Hunter:  29. Born in the spring.

Priest: 23 at age of death.  Unsure about birthday.

Mage: 21, same age as me.

Are you in love and with whom?

Hunter: Brajana has a thing for Thrall, although she won’t admit to it.  She doesn’t really know what it is… love, admiration, idolization.  But it’s something.

Priest: Ferguson was happily married at a very young age.  He and his wife had 2 lovely children, aged 3 and 1 when the plague hit.  He still loves them dearly, although he tries not to think about them.

Mage: Well, there’s this dwarf…  *giggle*

What is your favourite mount and why?

Hunter: That’s a really tough one.  Probably between the Brewfest Ram and Talbuk.  Or the raptor.

Mage:  All she needs is her Swift White Mechanostrider! :)   As for a flying mount.. Gah, all the alliance ones are so pretty, how could I choose?

Do you prefer a certain type of Azerothian meal and where do you get it from?

Hunter: Still partial to Grilled Mudfish.  Tasty.  Also, any food that my pet will also eat is handy.

Priest:  Ferg’s a vegetarian.  He likes fruits and veggies  and stuff.

Mage: She’s only ever had one, but she does enjoy those Tasty Cupcakes!

You know those giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be and why are they so huge?

Hrm, there must be something in that swampy marsh water.  Must investigate further; Super-tall gnome is a must.

If you saw the Lich King walking toward you, what would you do?

Hunter: Walking towards ME?  Ugh did I face pull again?

Priest: Confront him in vain.  He won’t hear, he won’t listen, but there are things that must be said.

Mage: [Polymorph: Penguin]!  Ha!

Hope you enjoyed the filler post. :)

Oh, and The Stoppable Force, Doogie, Neg/Neggles/Negathle, AoirselvarYou’re turn!


Wednesday? Five-hundred: A Gift

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Anna from Too Many Annas has prompted for a short “ficlet” about a character.  The limit is 500 words, although mine is nearing 700.  Just couldn’t cut it down anymore!  The prompt was:

Write an event, a situation, or a scene that involves your character as a child/teenager and has some impact on your character later in life.

I previously wrote a story for Brajana.  This story is about Ferguson and Anabelle, my undead priest and warrior.

As the two military officers walked away from the small cottage, Rebecca slowly closed her front door.  Her eyes were wide, her mouth hung open in an expression of confusion and shock.  She just stood there, staring out the window at the front gate.

“Mom?  I think Anabelle needs to be changed again… she smells.”  Her five-year-old son came into the room carrying the newborn, just barely a week old.

“Um, Mom?  Who was that at the door? I thought it was father… when’s he coming back from duty?  You said he would be back yesterday!”  Rebecca continued to stare in disbelief, until she felt a tugging at her apron which brought her spinning back to reality.  She looked down to see Ferguson holding her crying baby girl.

“Here, take her!  She stinks!”  As Rebecca took the girl in her hands, she suddenly felt no connection to it, as if it weren’t her own, as if she hadn’t spent the last nine months carrying her in the womb.

She was never cut out to be a mother.  She fell in love when she was much too young, and only bore her two children because it’s what her husband wanted.  And now he was gone.  Slain in battle, fighting demons… he was her life, all that mattered to her.  And yet here she remained with his two children.

She knew what she had to do.  She couldn’t care for these children.  She could not live if her love did not live.

After placing the baby in her cradle, Rebecca went to the kitchen and soon returned to the children’s room with a basket of fresh bread.

“Ferguson.  I need you to take your sister and this fresh bread to the Abbey.  Give them this note.  Do not read it, just give it to them.  I’m giving them a gift.”

“But… why do I have to bring Anabelle? Can’t I just bring the bread and come back?” Ferguson said as he put his jacket on.  His mother frequently asked him to make deliveries… but the baby hadn’t left home since she was born.

“Just take her and go, Ferguson.  And make sure the priest reads the letter when you get there.”

Ferguson did as his mother asked and walked the half-mile down to the Abbey with his still smelly sister in one arm and the basket of bread in the other.  When he finally arrived, he handed the bread and passed the note to the priest who answered the door.

“My mother says she wants to give you a gift.” Ferguson waited as the priest read the note and sighed.

“Come in, son.  I’ll see if we’ve got another bed for you and your sister.”

“Thank you, father.  But we should be getting back to mother, before it gets dark.”  Ferguson said.

“You’re orphans now.  You’re father is dead.  By now, your mother is probably also dead.  You’ve nothing left to get back to.”



Monday, February 9th, 2009

Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl, to be precise!

If you don’t get the title of this post, then you need to start following me on Twitter. :)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

The Multiple Characters of Brajana

I know I usually only talk about my Hunter… but there are other characters I’ve been playing that I thought I’d introduce you to, or at least give you an update on.

Whenever I’ve got some free time between raids, I tend to spend that time on another character.  Not because I don’t like my Hunter, but it always takes me so long to pull a group together for anything, I usually spend more time jumping around Dalaran waiting than actually playing the game.  So I just do some leveling instead.

Click the banner to check each character out on Armoury Lite! :)

Brajana – 80 Beast Master (temporarily Survival) Hunter

We all know Brajana.  She is, and likely always will be my main.  And yes I still call her a Beast Master, even if she’s trying out a 2/18/51 spec right now.  At her heart, she’ll always be BM!

Right now, I’ve gone back to my moth, Ambrose, as a pet.  I was using a Stranglethorn Tiger (Rajah) for a while, but after realizing I was a noob for not adding Serenity Dust to my macro… I decided it was time for a little change.

Ferguson – 70 Undead Holy Priest

fullscreen-capture-292009-61629-pmHow I miss you, Ferg!  He’s that undead priest I stole from my brother at level 51.  That’s right, I skipped the first 51 painful levels as a priest!  But I promise I know what I’m doing now!  I’m trying to get him to 80… but I’d really like to pick up those nice EXP heirloom shoulders before I put in too much time.  So whenever I feel like playing him I go on Brajana and try to grab up some tokens instead.  Think I’m going to have to trade some of my Valor tokens, since I rarely have time for heroics.

Alouette – 67 Gnome Fire Mage

fullscreen-capture-292009-61451-pmFormerly known as Brajana. Also formerly known as Pixxel.  She’s a mage of many names!  I think I’ve settled on this one… although whenever I see it I get the song stuck in my head for hours on end.

Alouette/Pixxel/Brajana has been Fire from her first talent point, and has yet to put a single point anywhere else.  I like making things blow up before they can even get to me!  I’ve contemplated switching to Frost, but from what I understand, that’s good for AoE grinding, and I’m just not into that.  Plus she has red hair.

Alouette is now leveling with the boyfriend’s Prot Warrior.  He’s a Night Elf.  It took some convincing to let him come along with me, seeing as my hatred for all things Elf runs deep even if I’m playing an alliance character… but it sure is nice to use one as a meat shield :)   I’m not sure whether Alouette or Ferguson will make it to be my second level 80, it’ll be close.

Ghugh – 16 Dwarf Retribution Paladin

fullscreen-capture-292009-61634-pmWhhaaaa?  RET PALY?!  Noo!

Well, it’s true.  Until Ghugh (btw, 5 letter name with only one syllable – pronounced kinda like ‘Guh’) I’d never managed to get a paladin above level 9.  I didn’t like how the seals would expire after Judging and you’d always have to be refreshing them… I just didn’t get it.

But after much poking from a friend, I gave in and decided to give it a try again.  The original reason for this guy was to help me pick up the Alliance-only pets for my [Shop Smart, Shop Pet... Smart] achievement.  It was only after I spent much time getting to and subsequently dying at level 11 trying to get to Booty Bay’s AH that I realized it would have made a lot more sense to use a Death Knight… but ah well.

I am actually enjoying this character – and while this may jinx it, I think I might actually follow through with this guy.

It also took me a while to decide on which tree to take him down.  Now, I hate Ret Paladins almost as much as Night Elves (cuz of how they kill my mage aaallll the time)… I wanted to try Prot.  But with the help of the Twitterati, I learned that just isn’t the way to go for leveling!  So right now my points are a bit all over the place, but I’m focusing on Ret from here out.  If I manage to get this guy high enough to buy him a mount, I’ll probably transfer him over to Dark Iron, which has officially become my Alliance/PvP server.

Omaigosh – 10 Draenei Shaman

fullscreen-capture-292009-61159-pmThe name of this shaman is derived from my reaction upon seeing his character design.  It was late one night, and I just did not want to go to bed.  And when I don’t really feel like playing anything in particular, I often muss around on the Character Creation screen and do a few starter quests.

So I decided it’s been too long since I’ve tried a Shaman.  My second character ever was a Tauren Shaman, but I don’t think I’ve played one since.  So I hopped over to the Draenei screen, and the first randomization I was greeted with was perfect.  I’ve never seen such a goofy looking space goat!

Omaigosh has been put on hold while I work on Ghugh, but I swear he has not been deligated to the realm of abandoned alts!

Edit to add: Aliora – 56 Draenei Death Knight

How could I forget my Death Knight?  Okay, she’s only 56, and she’s not nearly out of the starting zone, and I don’t really know how to play her… but she exists for the soul purpose of me being able to play on my co-worker’s realm.  Everyone’s gotta have a Death Knight, right?


Ferguson Has Returned!

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend!  I was very busy slacking off.  Here’s a quick “This Week in Raiding” for last week:

Lots of lag.  Cut every raid early due to server issues.  Still managed to get new gear!

WoW Word of the Week is taking a short hiatus.

I had a very interesting weekend in the World of Warcraft.  Of course, the Lunar Festival has started, so I spent a bit of time working on traveling around for that.  Don’t have my title yet – that’s gonna take me a while.

Decided I’m going to take a break from raiding this week.  I’ve gotten behind in housework, studying and have lost a little bit of interest in my hunter since her DPS is slightly sad.

But the big news this weekend is:

I FINALLY started leveling Ferguson!

I’ve been meaning to for quite some time, but I’ve been stuck on his spec.  I was supposed to be leveling with my boyfriend’s warlock, but he’s taking to long and I need my healer.  So I decided to go solo.  The problem was, at heart he is a holy priest, a healer.  But I don’t want it to take forever to get to 80.  So my options were:

  1. Level holy, run lots of instances and take questing slow.  This is what I kind of did from 60-70.
  2. Level shadow, quest quickly, then switch to holy at 79 or 80.  The problem with this, is I would be afraid that I wouldn’t know how to heal at 80.  I’d be out of practice, get thrown straight into heroics, and fail.

So I specced Holy and gave those handy Training Dummies a visit.  Is holy viable for solo leveling?

With a 70 Training Dummy, I was doing between 500 and 600 DPS.  It’s not amazing, but I deemed it as enough.

So now Ferguson is now making his way through Howling Fjord, much more quickly than I expected.

And within 5 minutes of getting to Northrend, I already had a group for Utgarde Keep.

Most of us had just stepped off the boat to HF, but it still went pretty well, especially since it’s been 3 or 4 months since I really healed anything.  I was very happy when no one died on the first boss fight.  However, we just couldn’t get the last boss down.  I still am not sure how to heal through that fight.  My DBM tells me STOP CASTING!  So, I stop casting.  However, it fails to ever give me the green light.  How long do I have to wait til I can start casting again?

Anyway, I was still happy with my ability to heal, and I don’t think questing will be that hard.  Since I’ll hopefully be running lots of instances, and I don’t care about achievements on this character, I don’t mind skipping some of the harder or more annoying quests and jumping around to new areas.

Yay, Mend Pet is once again about a Hunter AND a Priest!