Bringing Ferguson Back from the (Un)Dead

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Remember that healer I re-rolled a while back? *points to the Undead in the banner*  Well, he’s been quite torpid, calmly sitting around in the Feralas Inn for several months now while I’ve been happy playing about with my other alts.  But the thought finally hit me – he can be a healer again!  Thanks to the wonder of the new LFG system, he’ll surely have no issues finding groups, and I don’t have to be shadow anymore… he can do what he always was meant to do – heal!

I logged on to Ferguson yesterday and finished up getting him from 54 to 56, and now he’s nearly ready to head to Outlands and start his healing journey all over again.  I can’t wait to be leveling through Northrend again!

I’m going to wait til I get to Outlands to begin instance-running again though, due to the long and arduous nature of the level 50+ Azeroth dungeons.

I love playing alts I haven’t touched in a while.  It gives me that same feeling as the feeling I get rolling a new character, without all the messy low levels!


The Healing Properties of Peacebloom (RP)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

peacebloomFerguson quickly stashed his broom in the cupboard.  Sweeping up the bedchambers was his last and least favourite chore of the day, and he was excited to have a few hours to himself before his curfew.  He rushed out the back door of the Abbey, shielding his eyes from the low evening sun.

He knew exactly how he would spend his free time.  He jogged down the street until he reached the Andorhal Library – his home away from home.

As he rushed towards the desk he called out to the librarian.  “Evening, Louisa!”

“Ah, Ferguson… what a surprise!”  She grinned and leaned to look out the window. “Sun’s barely even touching the ground and you’re done your chores already?”

“You spend 12 years doing the same chores each day, you get pretty good at it.  Father Argus heard rumour that there were some new books coming in today… I wanted to see if there was anything interesting!”

“Anything… about Herbalism, you mean?  Indeed, indeed!  I believe we received something about the healing properties of Peacebloom… let me have a look here.”

She started flipping through the large registry on the desk.  Ferguson could barely contain himself.  It was well known that he had an affinity for all kinds of agriculture, it was expected that someday he’d become the head gardener at the Abbey once he attained full priesthood.

“Got some bad news for you, dear.  Book’s already been lent out!”  Ferguson was both disappointed and confused.  Who else in all of Andorhal would care about Peacebloom?  “Says here it was checked out just an hour ago by… Anabelle.”

His little sister.  He should have known!  He must have let it slip that he was heading to the library, and she knew this would be the perfect way to torment him.  He grunted quietly, trying to remain calm in appearance.  “Thanks, Louisa… I’ll just have to wait for another day.”

Once he was out of sight of the librarian, his calm walk turned into a passionate run.  How dare she!  I’m going to get here this time… Very un-priestly thoughts rushed through his mind as he ran to Anabelle’s favourite hiding spot.  As he approached the thick tree that overlooked the river, he could see there was indeed a dark-haired girl sitting against the opposite side.

“Alright you little snot, give me the book!” Ferguson jumped out from behind the tree to snatch the book from his 12-year old hooligan of a sister.

But it was not his sister.

It was a girl about Ferguson’s age, reading through the book his sister must have hidden here.  She had stunning black hair, tied with a green bow, and her crystal blue eyes were wide with surprise and guilt.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to… I mean… I just found it sitting here!”  She flushed and dropped the book, then turned to run in embarrassment.

“No!  Wait!”  Ferguson called out.  The girl froze in her tracks.

Ferguson picked up the book and walked up to her.  After an awkward silence, his hand shot forward towards her.

“I’m Ferguson.  I stay down at the Abbey.  Who are you?”

She took his hand and shook it cautiously and smiled.  “I’m Marisa.  We just moved to Andorhal last week… nice to meet you.”

Ferguson grinned.  He’d never met a girl with such a beautiful smile!

“So, uh, you like plants?” He passed her the book, and the two began walking back to town together.

“Oh, very much!  Actually, I hope to run my own flower shop someday!”

It seemed Ferguson had finally found something that interested him even more than gardening.


Levitate is for SS!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

If I’ve learned anything from all the priest bloggers I follow, it’s the importance of Levitate!


Re-roll Ferguson reached the fine level of 35 yesterday, picking up his floaty ability.  Sure, his gear isn’t pretty… but I promise you he is a priest!

We’ve got about 3 weeks left on the Recruit-a-Friend, and we’re going to try to get as close to 60 as we can.  So far, we’re pulling about 4 levels each time we play for 2-3 hours, so we’re making decent progress.  Having mounts is certainly helping now too!

Next stop is Nesingwary’s Camp and the rest of Strangethorn Vale… we are both thoroughly looking forward to doing it for the first time on a PvE instead of PvP server.


Conclusion of the Account Ordeal

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I think I’ve got everything sorted out.

I’ve paid to transfer Brajana to my new account.  Didn’t realize I’d be losing my guild affiliations even though I wasn’t transferring servers… it was a bit interesting when I had to ask another officer in Unemployed for a ginvite.

[W To] Barlo: Hey Barlo, could I get a ginvite?
[W From] Barlo: Sure, for who?
[W To] Barlo: me.
[W From] Barlo: huh?

Unfortunately, although I have 3 other characters I consider favourites, I felt I could only afford to bring over one more.  I already spent $100 on the game, I can’t afford another $100 on transfers.

I chose Alouette.  Sure, a mage is easier to relevel than a Priest, but I feel a much bigger connection to Alouette than Ferguson, to be honest.  I’ve been playing her more recently, and I also cheated on Ferguson.  He used to be my brother’s character, so I only actually leveled him from 52 – 71, rather than all the way from the beginning.

So I spent last night preparing my account, “making it as comfortable as possible” before the inevitable end.

I took many dramatic screenshots of me typing “DELETE” into the box overlaid on my naked level 71 priest… but I forgot them at home.  So just picture it in your mind.



In fact, Hydraxis is now completely empty on my old account… it’s a strange sight to see!  I created a new bank alt and decked him out with 16 slot Netherweave Bags (because everything else is too expensive).  I sent him my stockpile of Outlands herbs and even passed him the lucky monocle that my old bank alt was donning.

The boyfriend and I are releveling Ferguson with a druid and using the RAF bonus.  Now, Ferguson is a level 8 priest.  Identical in all ways, except level and professions.

But what about Ghugh?  My unexpectedly beloved Dwarf?  Well, like I said, I can’t afford to transfer all of my characters… but being the great guy he is, Gadgets has offered to pay for me to transfer him across, because he knows how much I love him.  Only problem is, since I just transferred him to Dark Iron I will have to pay an extra month of subscriptions before I can transfer again.  More money!  But since I am technically getting a free month on the new account, it’s not so bad.

So I’ve spent an extra $160 to get my account in my own name.

Was it worth it?

I think so.  I didn’t necessarily have to do the transferring, since both accounts took on the same properties when I merged them… but it feels better to me anyway, to have them all on an account I created.

It could have been vacuous, maybe I never needed to do any of it in the first place.  Maybe I’d never get in trouble for playing on an account that wasn’t technically mine.  But now I don’t have to worry any more, I don’t have to feel guilty!  And that itself is worth it.


The Dual-Spec Decision

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


As patch 3.1 approaches, many of us are trying to consider our options regarding dual-specs.  Which characters should we get it for, and why?  Well, as I’ve been quite enjoying the Marksman tree lately, I started to consider whether I should get it as a secondary spec, just for fun.  Then I thought, maybe I’ll pick up dual specs on my mage, try some Frost for PvP!  And I’ve already given up on leveling my priest until I can get him his dual specs.

But all this thinking started making my wallet scream at me.  So I defined a few key points which would help me decide whether it’s worth getting or not.

From my humble point of view, there are 3 reasons one would be willing to get dual specs.

  1. A likelihood of respecing mid-raid.
    If you are an off-tank and can find yourself often being asked to switch to your DPS gear for some fights, having a dual-spec option would be beneficial to both you and your entire raid.
  2. Constant swapping between 10-man and 25-man specs, or PvE and PvP specs, or grinding and raiding/PvP specs.
    If you have two specs you swap between often, you’ll be able to save time and more importantly, money by picking up dual specs.  It isn’t necessary, since you could pretty easily just visit a trainer between your arenas and raids or your 10-man and 25-man, but if you think you’d like to do this more than 20 times between two specific specs (20 x 50g = 1000g), it certainly a worthy investment, and it will allow you to do this much more often than you might be doing now.  Keep in mind though that if you are someone who likes to test out different talents often, this isn’t a ticket to change your talents for free!
  3. Convenience.
    Maybe you occasionally change between two specs.  Every few weeks you like to spend a day doing PvP, or once in a while if a healer is nowhere to be found you like to shake your branches or shed your shadowform.  Well, now that change will be much more convenient.  This change won’t make you PvP or change roles more often, but when that situation presents itself you won’t have to make the trip back to the old world and pick your individual points.  It’s only 1000g anyway, right?

I have characters that fall under every point.

My Hunter falls under category 3.  She doesn’t need a trash or farming or PvP spec.  I have never paid more than 35g to respec, and I can probably count the number of times I’ve respec’d on my fingers.  But I wouldn’t mind being able to switch to MM on pet unfriendly fights.  I wouldn’t mind being able to do a bit more damage on the off chance I decide to hit the BGs or arenas. I wouldn’t mind specing for a pet tank should the situation where it’s needed arise.

My Priest falls under both 1 and 2.  I love leveling as Shadow, but I hate grouping as Shadow.  It is the opposite for Holy.  Being able to switch to Shadow easily while I work my way through Northrend would be a huge incentive for me to play him.  And if I ever get to the point where I’m raiding, I know we wouldn’t need all the healers in ever single trash or boss pull, so I could always make myself more useful by switching.

So what’s my decision?  Well, as much as I’m enjoying MM, I don’t mind manually respecing when I feel like switching.  It’s certainly cheaper, since it’s a rare thing.  However, there’s no question for my Priest, he’s going to camp out at the trainer until the patch hits.