Fun Guild Events 4: Costume Contest

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

This can be held both inside and outside of the game, although I’ve only ever done it in-game.

You’ll want to give lots of advanced notice of this one, because it might take a while to prepare.  The idea is to dress up as anything, whether it’s a Warcraft thing or not, using in-game gear for your character.  It can be really amazing to see how creative people can get.

Find somewhere to have your little show, and have everyone change and show their costumes one at a time.  This way everyone gets to see each costume up close and judge them!

At the end, take votes from all participants and spectators, top 3 from each.  Tally it up and reward the top 3 costumes!

If you are Horde, I can tell you one great place to hold this contest.  In the Graveyard at Brill, there is a Mausoleum which has a door that can be opened and closed by clicking on it, as well as a little elevated area that can be used as a stage.  The little room with the door makes a great change room.  This is excellent also because how much more Halloween-y can you get than being in an undead graveyard?!

Example: Unemployed’s Annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest

We’ve held one of these twice now, and both years there have been some really amazing ideas.  The first year, I dressed up as Super Mario, with the Blue Overals, Red Shirt, White Gloves and Red Hat all together.  I also used my (now ex-)boyfriend, who played a long-haired blond Blood Elf male and dressed him up in a pink dress and tiara, making him my Princess Peach.  I also bought a green raptor mount and tamed a green raptor for the even and named him “Yoshii”.

This year’s winner was Tokrishi, an Orc, who dressed up as a ninja turtle.  He got the shield that looks like a turtle shell, a nice Hanzo sword, a headband and even used the barber shop to shave his head.  It was awesome.

We also had Harry Potter, with a witch hat and broom and robes, and a Sith Lord with robe, hood and Spellblade.  Even Gollum from LoTR made an appearance!


Fun Guild Events 3: Level 1 Race

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

This has been done plenty of times by plenty of people, probably most notably by BigRedKitty.  It does require a little planning though.  Make sure you pick a good starting and finishing area, with a clear ‘line’ so no one has an advantage and there is no dispute over the winner.  For example, the end of a bridge or through a door is a good finishing line.

You also need to make sure that the path from one place to the other has some obstacles, like a boat or zeppelin.  And go through some areas where people are bound to be killed if they pick up mobs (Silverpine or Barrens), but no where that will get them constantly and repeatedly killed (Stranglethorn Vale comes to mind… evil place).

You’ll want to stay on your own character, so you can mount up and run back and forth to monitor progress.  Also make sure you form a raid group so you can track everyone’s location!  Audio commentary is really fun, so be sure to get everyone on vent.

One important thing that I would change about how we ran it, is the rules about resurrection.  It gives an unfair advantage to graveyard jump in this, by dying and then resurrecting at the next graveyard.  I would say keep the rule that if you die, you must run back to your corpse.

Example:  Unemployed’s Tauren Appreciation Month:  Running of the Cows

This was the second event held for our Tauren Appreciation Celebration.  Since we were all already in Thunder Bluff from our Cow Darts, we made our starting point the top of the Wind Rider tower, and the finish line was crossing through the entrance to Hammerfall in Arathi.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t define the graveyard jumping rule ahead of time, the winner was disputed and it didn’t end very well!


Fun Guild Events 2: Cow Darts

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Cow Darts

This is a pretty easy one to set up, and quick to run.  You need to roll a Tauren and head to Thunder Bluff.  Find a good place to jump off, and just die.  Do no res, just run back to your corpse as a ghost and stand over your poor mangled body.

Now, have everyone else bring Taurens to Thunder Bluff.  I’d recommend giving a general hint about where you fell off (i.e. northern side of Hunter Rise), so they can find your corpse.  They should be able to see and target the corpse from the top of the Bluff.  Their task is to jump off and land exactly where your corpse is.

Everyone gets up to 3 tries.  If they are unsatisfied with their first attempt, they can release, res, and try again.  All that will be left are a pile of bones.  When they are satisfied with their attempt, or when they hit their 3rd try, they should not res, and should leave their body so their corpse remains for judging.

After everyone is finished, winner is the corpse closest to the “target”.  It can be hard to judge, because if there are some really good darts players, it will seem like some of the corpses have conflated into one dead Tauren.   Feel free to declare a tie or pick your favourite person to win. :P

Example: Unemployed’s Tauren Appreciation Month

This was the first event in our Tauren celebration.  Everyone had to name their characters with either “Moo” or “Cow” in their name, and also part of their main’s name (i.e. Moojana for Brajana, Cowfeet for Tigerfeet, Moumou for Koukou, etc).

After a few attempts, I found a good place to leave my corpse (character named “Cowtarget” or something).  Everyone did really well, and in the end it was really close.


Fun Guild Events 1: Scavenger Hunt

Monday, January 19th, 2009

This one requires quite a bit of preparation, generally.  The idea is to come up with a list of items you want your participants to locate throughout the world, and see who can bring them back fastest.  It’s up to you whether you want to involve any roleplaying, it can be neat to have a reason why they are looking for these items.

I would recommend using grey items, since they will be much less likely to be able to just hit the Auction House and buy them.  Wowhead is a great resource, you can search through the junk items and pick out anything you find interesting.

If not all your participants are above level 70 or 77, you may want to restrict your search to Azeroth only, so flying mounts aren’t an issue.

Try to include multiple areas in your hunt, so people have to try to figure out the best way to get around.  Both continents, and possibly a required order will get people running around quite a bit.

Be sure to test run your hunt in advance.  Wowhead can be wrong about drop rates, and you want to make sure it’s possible to finish without taking forever.  This will also give you an estimate in time, so people can know how long to expect to be involved.

Example:  Unemployed’s Feast for Thrall

Pilsner and I ran this as our first major guild event.  I wrote up a story, we had NPC-ish characters, a script and everything.  It started with an in-game mail to all guild members, a job posting from Thrall’s HR Department, looking for lackeys to help set up for a Feast to celebrate Thrall’s glorious reign as Warchief.

At the start of the contest, everyone conflates at the front gates of Orgrimmar and get a letter listing necessities required for the Feast, and hints as to where they could be found throughout Azeroth.  They were asked to bring them to a Troll in Ratchet when finished.

When they brought all required items to the Troll (played by me), they would be sent to the Chef, located in the Apothecarium of the Undercity.  He asked them to visit all of the Horde leaders (Cairne, Sylvanas, Lor’themar) and then return with proof that they’d been visited.  (Proof was writing down the first line of text the leader says when you talk to them).  After this, it was a straight race back to the first “NPC”.

It went pretty smoothly, and I was pretty happy with it.  All the scripts had been macro’d, so we could do things easier.


Fun Guild Event Ideas

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this before.

So, my Officer role in Unemployed is to be Events Officer.  I organize all guild events that have nothing to do with raiding/pvp/instances, so basically everything that doesn’t really involve game play.

It’s been a while since I’ve held any events, since everyone is pretty caught up and busy with Wrath of the Lich King, but I’ve had a good number in the past.  If you are in a guild who likes to do stuff together other than raiding, I’d recommend some of these ideas to try to bring people together.  Most of these have been held by Unemployed already, but a few of them are ideas I’ve had in the works for some time now, just waiting for the right time.

Events like these are a great way to get people together in a fun situation – since raiding can get pretty stressful and full of tension, doing some just for fun activities can be a great way to get everyone playing nice and remembering that everyone is on the same side.

So starting next week, I plan to have a series on guild event ideas that I’ve tried or hope to try someday.  I hope this can find it’s way to other Guild Event Co-ordinators out there!

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Cow Darts
  3. Level 1 Race
  4. Costume Contest
  5. Bake Off/Cooking Contest
  6. Guild Meetup
  7. Themed Screenshot Contests

Author’s note:  I’ve read over this post several times, but there is not even an intimation of where I can squeeze in the WoW Word of the Week… Oh, there, that did it. :D