Friday, May 15th, 2009

Ghugh 60!

Ghugh finally pushed through the last 15% and hit level 60 last night!  I’m so proud of him… *tear*!

I am determined to do the epic mount quest.  Why?  Because it’s EPIC!  Yes, I know I can just buy the darn thing at 61.  But I had most of the mats I needed to get for the quest on me already from mining, and the boyfriend needs to run the instances on his 80 anyway, so it’s really no big deal.  The only big deal is trying to find time to run them :)

Ghugh has developed a nemesis though – a creature known as the Nerubian Overseer.  Nasty little bug, he is!  I was determined to kill this rare and take his pretty loots… but he does this horrible web that prevents you from attacking, moving or casting spells for 8 seconds, and he casts it over and over again.  He killed me no less than 3 times while I was on my way to work on my Paladin quest.  What a jerk.

Once I finish up my mount quest, it’s off to Outlands!  I was going to head out right when I hit 58, but I figured, I need some Argent rep for my paladin quest anyway, and I was moving along very quickly with the quests I had, so I just hung around in Winterspring and Western Plaguelands.

I’m thinking of buying dual specs for Ghugh.  I want to try my hand at tanking.  As you can see from the screenshot… my Mining/Skinning combo and my not having to pay a lot for mounts has put me in quite the advantageous position, as far as gold goes… so I can certainly afford it. But I really don’t know anything about tanking!  HALP!


Last Week in Raiding…

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Didn’t get around to posting this on Saturday, so it’s a bit late!

We had a couple of no shows last Tuesday, which caused us to be sitting at 23/25 when it was time to get started.  We probably could have gone in and taken out Flame Leviathan with no towers, but we really aren’t ready to go into Ulduar with anything less than a full roster, so we split into 10-mans.  I volunteered to sit out.

I also volunteered to sit on Wednesday, since I felt it was unfair to take someone’s spot when they’d spent all Tuesday night doing the “non-progression” fights that we’d cleared before.

I really didn’t mind sitting out, I was able to relax and play my paladin.  I’ve had a bit of personal stress these last couple of weeks, and I could really use a break.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there are some in the raid who are beginning to get all tangled up in my nerves.  Defeatist attitudes are not welcome in my raid.  I don’t need someone to be telling me that we suck, that we’re useless, and that we’ll never get to Yogg Saron.  I just don’t need and can’t handle that right now.

Thursday night we had several people unavailable, so I was brought in to help move on.  I didn’t feel bad this time as I wasn’t taking anyone’s spot, and it was nice to get a little bit of raiding done last week.  When I got in, several bosses were down – the only kill I’d missed that I’d never been a part of was Freya.  I got to help take out Thorim, Hodir, Ignis and Iron Council.

Ignis was a lot of fun! And we ONE-SHOTTED HIM!  On our first guild attempt! (At least I think it was our first… still, impressive!)

I also got to finally figure out why people keep calling it the “crotch pot”.

I got to be on Construct Killer duty, which was great because I got to make things explode!  Unfortunately I screwed up at one point… my crits are almost always over 5k, and since my crit chance is over 52% when raid buffed, it shouldn’t take me more than 2 or 3 hits to grab a 5k crit.  But there was one Construct I just couldn’t seem to get down.  I was getting crits, but they just weren’t doing the job.  Unfortunately I realized just a bit too late that… I was in Viper.  The only way I’m going to get off 5k+ crits in Viper is if I usually do more than 10k :P   Well at least I got it sorted out and dealt with next time around.

I hope I get to fill that role again!  It is always nice to have a resposiblity other than my usual “kill everything, except myself” job.

It was a lot of fun, and I was really happy with who I had in my group.  Raiding is best when you can do it with people you like!

This week I am taking an official break from raiding.  I’ve signed up as available if needed for a couple of the nights, but I’m really hoping to get the time off.  I need to get a lot of things sorted out and reorganized, so I can really buckle down.


(BTW, Ulduar is the porridge)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

nerfI’m not going to read another post from my Google Reader that has any combination of the words “Ulduar” and “nerf” in the title.  And I certainly won’t dare to venture onto any sort of forums at a time like this.

Have you ever heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? For some, the porridge is too hot, for some, too cold.  And then for others it’s juuuust right.

So you’ve managed to clear through 9 bosses already. /cheer! Good on ya! I’m happy for you and your raid.  But I don’t need to hear that obviously Ulduar is too easy because you’ve accomplished this.

Still haven’t been able to get Razorscale or Ignis down? That sucks, I hope you can pinpoint the issues and get through it.  But I don’t need to hear how obviously Ulduar is too hard.

Blizzard is continually balancing these fights. It’s only been out for just 2 weeks, and maybe they didn’t do as much testing as they should have.  Maybe having only the best guilds being the ones who really test boss fights isn’t the best idea, because when things seem just right for them, it won’t be the same for <Goldie ‘locks> when they venture in with raiders who have only experienced WotLK raids in their history.

I’ve had my own issues with Ulduar, and I’ve blogged about them.  But I’m not blaming anything on Blizzard or Ulduar – our guild is out of practise and we’ve never had to coordinate with this particular group combination before.  So much of our raid has changed since our BC raiding days, it’s taking a lot of time to learn the playstyles, strengths, weaknesses and limits of our fellow raiders.

Other guilds are still playing with the same people they’ve played with since vanilla raiding days, and some guilds just have a great group synergy.  These are all factors that influence how enjoyable and successful your raiding experience will be, a much bigger influence than reducing the damage some lightning bolt does could ever be.

So I ask of you, please stop calling out nerf, whether you are for or against it.  Be proud of your group for the strides you’ve made with the content as it is available to us, or work hard to improve yourself so that you can make those strides that you have yet to make.


This Week in Raiding… Ulduar!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

This week was our first real week of 3.1 raiding, and it was quite the mixed bag of emotions for me.

On Tuesday we pulled together 25 people and headed in to Ulduar.  We managed to get Flame Leviathan down last week after a few messy starts, so this week the plan was to try it with one tower up.  I got to try out the Chopper this week!  It was fun.  So far I’ve tried everything but driving the Siege Engine… and I don’t know what I like the best!  They’re all pretty fun.

We got Leviathan down really quickly… but it turns out no one actually turned hard mode on, and we didn’t get the achievement.  Oh well!  We’ll try next time.  I did manage to pick up Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth – FINALLY netting me the Epic Achievement!  I had to respec and regem to allow for the loss of hit… but it’s completely worth it.

We hammered away at Razorscale most of the remainder of the night.  We had a couple of good attempts, but the best we did was getting her to about 57% at which point she enraged.  From what I can see, we have two major problems right now:  People are dying in crap, which should NOT be happening.  The solution to that is simple – just don’t do it.  The second issue is that our DPS is not up to par.  We are carrying far too many people.

We’ve got some people who are trying out DPSing for the first time.  Personally, I think Ulduar is not a good place to learn a new role.  Spend some time in a few Heroics first, or at least with a test dummy… but Ulduar isn’t Naxx – we can’t carry 5 DPS doing less than 2k, it’s just not going to get us anywhere.  These people either need to practice, get better gear, or get replaced if we want to make any progress.

XT’s trash?  Ridiculous!  I’ve been told it’s been nerfed since, but we really weren’t expecting it to be so hard, and it kicked our butts thoroughly on Tuesday night.  I got to do some trapping, but it’s difficult to trap a mob that pounces and stuns you!

Wednesday night we went in with another strategy for trash:  we kited them back to Razorscales room and ran around in circles taking them down.  It was messy, but it got the job done.

We didn’t have a full 25 at any point on Wednesday.  That was not a good start to things.  We still haven’t solidified a strategy for Razorscale, and we haven’t gotten her down.  We made some halfhearted attempts at XT, but again, no really solid strategy.

In the end, we split into two 10-man groups.  My group ended up taking down Flame Leviathan, and the other got Orbital Bombardment and a couple of XT’s achievements.

To be honest, I think we should be doing 10-mans regularly.  And I know the gear isn’t AMAZING, but we wouldn’t be doing it for the gear.  What we need is focus and practice.  I’m sure the people who were in the other 10-man and got XT down have a better feel for the fight now, and I wish I could have been there.  If we could all get a chance to try it without the chaos of 25 people running around, I think we’d do a LOT better stepping into 25-man.

But this has been discussed and the leaders have stated that we are a 25-man guild, not a 10-man guild (although I’m sure they didn’t mind getting those achievements and boss kills).

We spent Thursday night in 10-mans again.  I had so much fun, and I learned a lot… in fact, I wrote about it all yesterday.

treasure_chest1This Week in Raiding… is my weekly Saturday post where I allow myself to brag about new gear, bosses, achievements, and such.

Come back next week for another dose of epeen and QQ!


4 Useful WWS Filters for 3 Drakes

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.0.9.

WoW Web Stats has a handy feature that lets you filter through the events in the combat log.  I’ve used it for many things, such as checking out another player and making sure they’re using their cooldowns, but where it’s proved quite useful is for checking deaths/hits in Sarth +3 drakes.  I’ve got a couple useful ones I thought I’d share.

To use these filters, open up your WWS and go to “Browse Log File”.  Enter the following codes into the text box to filter through the results.  You can then still select each individual encounter/attempt from the drop down list.

  1. First is simple:  It just lists all player deaths.  The important thing to look for are deaths before the tank.  Deaths after a tank drops are usually “wipe it up” deaths, and those obviously have to happen.  Players dying before the tanks means something is going wrong, usually.
    event=unit_died and target.flag=player
  2. Next is fissures.  This lists all damage taken from each fissure by players.spell="void blast" and target.flag=player
  3. Flame Walls.  It’s true that some people can survive them, rogues can cloak out of it, healers can heal through it… but one of the most important parts of this fight is minimizing all damage to players who don’t have to be taking damage (i.e. everyone other than the tanks!)  This displays all hits to players from Flame Wall damage.spell="flame tsunami" and event=spell_damage and target.flag=player
  4. This one will check who has been hit by Lava Blazes and Whelps.  If there are a lot of names here that aren’t your tank, or it appears the same add is hitting one non-tank person for a long period of time, you may need to work on your add tanking.(source="lava blaze" or source="sartharion twilight whelp") and event=swing_damage and target.flag=player

These are all the really useful troubleshooting ones I have been able to think of.  With the help of Tigerfeet, we were able to turn this into a useful table listing how many times each player died to what and how many times they died before the tank.

If you’ve got any useful filters or you need help coming up with one, let me know!