Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick has reloaded!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

If you don’t remember, the Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick was one of the top Hunter blogs in the community not so long ago.  She was even part of my inspiration in creating my own Bow Lovin’ Dwarf Chick.

If you knew where to find her, you may have read some of her musings since GLDC was officially shut down, but now she’s returned from her many various adventures and is back at Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick ready to shoot stuff and write about it.  So make sure you stay up to date!

Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick!


We now return to our regularly scheduled blog posts…

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Hey!  Remember me?

It’s been a while, I know.  I have excuses upon excuses to throw at you, like how finals came out of no where, and then my computer bit the bucket, and I had 2 weeks of computer-less vacation… but I won’t tell you about all that non-sense.  I’ll just stick to the stuff that really matters.

Like my shiny new TITLE!

I’m now Brajana the Kingslayer since several weeks ago my guild and I finally took down the Lich King!  Since then we’ve been progressing through Heroic 10 and are currently ranked 4th on our server (and 1st if you just count 10-only guilds)!  Unfortunately, I’ve been absent from a big chunk of this progress.

The rare times I have had some time to log in, I’ve been working on my alts.  Mostly, it goes like this:

  1. Log into Ferguson, queue up to heal a dungeon.
  2. Log out of Ferguson in frustration after barely making it through the dungeon with some failtank.
  3. Log into Kaeira to level my tank, so I don’t have to deal with failtanks.

So, Kaeira is getting a lot more love than dear Ferg.  I’m actually contemplating making him full-time Shadow, because maybe healing just isn’t my thing.

There you have it.  A quick update to get the ball rolling again!  Thanks for sticking around during my extended AFK!


Check out The Spirit Beast!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

spiritbreastThere’s a new player in the Hunter blogging community, called Hesson.  Hesson has started a Beast Mastery Hunter Blog called The Spirit Beast recently, and I’m glad I’ve come across it.  While it’s still new, the content is very interesting and I’m sure there will be great things coming!

Hesson is also a fellow web developer, and has done something I couldn’t even hope of doing – he’s designed and developed his entire website himself!  That means no WordPress, no Squarespace, no pre-built themes… too much work for me!  But his hard work has paid off and the result is a beautiful website with the potential to bloom into a great hunter resource for the community.

So check it out!  I recommend taking a look at his post discussing his choice of talents in the BM tree… maybe you’ll even be inspired to start camping for your very own spirit beast!


The Gift of Ideas: My Favourite Pet

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Syrana of Sideshow & Syrana has given me a wonderful Christmas present… a free blog topic!  The trend was originally sparked byTamarind at Righteous Orbs.  Here’s the idea:

I notice that it’s a season for gift-giving, mulled wine, the warm fuzzies and what not … and, putting aside my bah humbug inclinations, I got to thinking, well, how can we can spread a little festive love around here? And, given how connective blogs are and how much we like tagging each other to write things, I came up with a Cunning Plan…

It’s basically a blog-content gift exchange (and it really needs a catchier title), and here’s how it works. If you’d like to play, leave me a comment and in return I’ll give you a subject, or ask you a question … and then you go away and blog about it. It doesn’t have to be a whole blog post, this is meant to be low pressure gift-exchange, but, you know, a comment or a paragraph, or a corner of a post (or a full post, if you want to really indulge me, or feel inspired). And if I suggest something crap or boring in which you have no interest, you can look at it as the equivalent of a pair of novelty socks, say “thank you very much, Tam” and throw it away entirely, and I’ll pretend not to notice and make a mental note not to get you novelty socks next year….

And then, if you feel like it, you can throw it open on your own blog, inviting people to comment if they’re will to blog on a subject of your choosing….

If you’d really like, you can comment here and I’ll try my best to come up with a topic for you to write about.  But I warn you – I’m hardpressed to come up with my own topics, so you might not like what you get!

Anyway, here’s my response to Syrana’s query, “Regardless of min/max optimal raid DPS etc, what is your favorite pet that you have tamed?”

It’s a tough question.  Unlike some raiding hunters, I’ve built a strong bond with each and every one of my pets.  They’re like another part of my character, and I tend to bring them all out in rotation so none of them gets bored sitting in the stables too long!

But right now, if I had to pick a favourite (don’t tell the others!), it would probably be… Ambrose.


Did I mention Ambrose is a daddy?

If you don’t recall, back in patch 3.0 (shortly before Wrath of the Lich King hit shelves) Hunters were given quite a work-over.  Pet talents, pet classes, and a slew of new breeds to tame!  When I saw Moths were part of that list, I was so excited.

I’d remembered the Shimmerwing Moths from my first time in Netherstorm.  They were such a shocking electric blue that I was mesmerized at the sight of them.   And now I could have one of my very own!

So while some headed to various vendors or trainers the day the patch hit, I was right away on a flight path to Netherstorm.  I’d picked out a name (originally inspired by Ambrosius the dog from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth), and had my dear Fiddlesticks parked away in the stables.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to play much with Ambrose.  While leveling from 70-80, I was using my Gorilla, Hanno.  Once I hit 80 and began raiding he saw a bit of action, but with the dominance of the wolf nowadays, Ambrose only accompanies me for dailies, farm content and heroics.  Of course, he also tends to be the one by my side while I hang around town.

I still get whispers asking, “Where did you get that beautiful pet?” And it always makes me grin.  What a beauty!


Reminder: My Guide To Merrymaking!

Monday, December 14th, 2009

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I thought I’d throw a link out to my achievement guide from last year: A Guide to Merrymaking!

Winter Veil starts tomorrow, and if you’re working on your [Merrymaker] meta-achievement, you might find some help from there.  I’ve updated it to reflect the 3.3 changes and everything!

Happy Hunting, and Merry Winter Veil!