Blog Azeroth Secret Santa ’10: Heroic Consumables

December 25th, 2010

Today’s post is brought to you by the annual Blog Azeroth Secret Santa blogger exchange!  This year I was given this great post by my Twitter friend, Dechion.  He’s got some great stuff over at his blog, Dechion’s Place, so check it out once you’ve finished enjoying this piece of work!

And have a happy Winter’s Veil!

Lately I have noticed an interesting trend in the new Cataclysm instances, they are a bit harder than those in Wrath. Certainly more fun, but harder.

Actually, they aren’t that much harder, it’s simply that we all got kind of used to being grossly over geared and smashing Wrath heroics like we were soloing Wailing Caverns.

In honor of the fact that we must actually prepare for these new heroics almost like we are preparing for a 5 man raid, todays guest post is devoted to a sorely neglected topic.


No, I am not talking about making sure the guild cook brings along a stack or two of feasts, or that if you need a certain rating they don’t provide bringing your own chow.

I am not going to go into what assorted potions, flasks, and elixirs you should carry with you. Nor am I going to get into what scrolls, dusts of disappearance, or other reagents you need to bring.

I am not even talking about repairing your gear and making sure you have food for your pet.

All of that varies by class, gear, and role. Since my gear is weak, my role is whatever the LFD throws at me, and I have been told repeatedly that I have no class, I will not get into that.

I am talking about real consumables. Things you must have on hand well before the loading screen even pops up. Hearthing out to go hit up a vendor in the middle of a run is one thing, but you won’t be able to restock on these without logging.

I am of course talking about consumables for your real life avatar.

You know, that person that pokes buttons and makes internet dragons die?

One that needs at least as much attention as the avatar in the game.

Now I have found that every different class and spec will have their own recommended consumables, and even then there is much room for debate from player to player.

For instance if I am healing with my Druid I know I need at least 2 Diet Mountain Dew on standby. If I have not been to the vendor recently I may have to settle for Diet Pepsi.

Also note that if this will be a pug I will be needing to have a red bull on standby and will also be grabbing some rum to mix with the soda.

Mmmm, Pug. It tastes like… frustration.

Speaking of mixing, it occurs to me that beer is like a flask in that nothing really mixes well with it. Hard stuff is more like an elixir in that you can have it and a soda going at the same time, and you can mix and match.

Not really an important point, but one that occurred to me while writing.

Now if I plan to be out dungeoneering for a while I may just want a little something to snack on in between pulls. (Your tank is letting you pause and drink right?) I’m not exactly planning to pull a Cartman and call for more Hotpockets while I am playing, I just want to have something on hand in case I get the munchies.

Nachos are pretty much out of the question because I don’t want cheese on the mouse, the same goes even more for Cheetos and to a lesser extent Doritos’s. Anything of the chip family really, with the possible exceptions of pretzels or Chex Mix is a bad idea.

Lately however I have just been keeping a bowl of celery sticks there with me.

Yeah, call me a health nut, I don’t care. I still put peanut butter on my celery to help counteract some of the “good for me”.

If I am on my Hunter instead of the Druid and I plan on doing lots of trapping (huzzah, I missed trapping). I find that I lean more towards Diet Pepsi and 5 hour energy shots for the evening, not so much on the rum.

I wonder what that says about my thoughts on healing…

On a side note, Red bull and five hour energy shots don’t appear to be on a shared cooldown, but once again I digress.

Anyhow, next time you are planning your raid night, or even an evening of heroics, remember to pick up consumables for you RL avatar before you sit down, things will go much smoother.

Speaking of which, I need to stop on the way home for some red bull and chex mix……

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One comment to “Blog Azeroth Secret Santa ’10: Heroic Consumables”

  1. I usually stock up on snackables like carrots + humus for my G4U buff, but I frequently just have Vendor food, like Glorious Gummies or something similar. I need something sweet though, ’cause otherwise my bitter tongue translates to the keyboard far too easily.