Skinner’s Lament

December 22nd, 2010

I’ve always been a skinner/leatherworker.  It always just seemed like the right set of professions for my Hunter. But Cataclysm is not making this combination very easy.  There just seems to be no good place to farm Savage Leather in this expansion.

In Wrath of the Lich King we had the gorillas in Sholazar Basin and the rhinos and worms in Storm Peaks.  In Burning Crusade we had the wealth of beasts that was Nagrand.  In Vanilla we had… well who the heck can remember that far back?!

When I think of Cataclysm mob types, I think of all variety of elementals, Twilight’s Hammer cultists, and dragons.  Elementals and humanoids cannot be skinned. Dragonkin can indeed be skinned, but in my attempts to find the perfect farming grounds I’ve discovered they give me a Blackened Dragonscale almost half the time, and I don’t want those.  I want leather.

There was one great place – the packs of Stone Bats in Deepholm.  2 Multi-shots could bring down all 8 or 9 mobs who would always yield 1 Savage Leather each.  Unfortunately, they hotfixed this yesterday and those mobs can’t be skinned anymore!

The second best place, which I’m sure they will hotfix eventually, is Lost City of Tol’vir.  Right when you enter the instance, you’ll find two packs of tigers on either side of the door, hanging out with one elite mob.  Burn down the elite and you’re guaranteed to get at least 2 leather for each of the 5 tigers, yielding 20+ savage leather per run, and 100+ leather before you run into the “Too many instances” error.

Maybe you’ve found a better location, but it seems wrong to me that the best place to gather pure leather is inside an instance!

Come on Blizzard, where’s the skinner love?

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12 comments to “Skinner’s Lament”

  1. Have you noticed that the dragonkin on heroic Grim Batol cannot be skinned but they can be on normal. I agree that skinning and leatherworking has been made extremely difficult without a clear idea why.

  2. I found out about the stone bats just yesterday and logged on in the evening only to discover the hotfix. I was so disappointed. :( I ended up farming some of the basilisks there, which respawn quickly…but I had been preparing myself all day for massive amounts of leather that it was such a let down.

    I suppose I’ll be heading to the Lost City for a while, at least until Blizzard takes that away too.

  3. Yes, I had noticed that! It’s pretty strange! And they’ve made skinnable bosses require 530 skinning, which means I’m going to have to carry a spare pair of gloves enchanted with Skinning around with me if I want to skin them. Bah humbug!

  4. I put in a ticket about the mobs in heroic GB and the response asked me to be more specific about which mobs I was trying to skin. *sigh* As if I was trying to skin the casters or the ogres? Just wish they could have said whether there were skinnable mobs in there.

  5. I agree that skinning and leatherworking has been made extremely difficult without a clear idea why.

    Because Leatherworking is far and away the most powerful profession in the game for most physical DPS, and Skinning is still reasonably powerful but behind the “main three” of BS/JC/Enchanting?

    You could all be Engineers.
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..A Whole Wide UniverseMy ComLuv Profile

  6. You could all be Engineers.

    Well I am one in RL but you couldn’t know that so I’ll assume that wasn’t meant to be hurtful. :)

  7. I’m talking about in-game; being a real-life Engineer doesn’t have high degrees of self-inflicted death. :P
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..A Whole Wide UniverseMy ComLuv Profile

  8. 525 Leatherworker
    525 Engineer

    I feel your pain.

    But in reality I had little issue gathering the leather I needed. The first few days of Cata, I sent my Worgen Druid alt into Mt Hyjal and spent about an hour a night skinning all the dragon corpses left behind by the levelers. It was glorious.

    I used the money I made off the all the armor I made to purchase all the mats I needed to max out my engineering, and still came out making a profit.

    But finding a good area to skin mobs now is a problem. The best I have found is in Twilight Highlands. Worgs and Deer/Elk.

  9. Inzy has it right except you can skin the griffins and the Tawny Owls as well. By far the best spot for just straight skinning for savage leather is the north east corner of Twilight Highlands. I spend an hour every couple days burning a circle around the areas in that corner and occasionally run into questers providing me free skins. Enjoy the area, its our new “Nagrand”.

  10. That is the spot I found too. The only problem with that spot is that I don’t think any of those mobs have a chance to drop a Pristine hide. I have yet to get a hide from a skin there, or anywhere for that matter.

  11. Its random… they can drop off any skinnable mob.

  12. Crocolisks after TB. Everyone doing the daily needs to kill 8 and loot, so generally most corpses left by others will be skinnable. I can usually get around 50 leather in 20 minutes.