Checklist for Raid Readiness in Cataclysm

December 21st, 2010

So, are you ready to start raiding in Cataclysm?

Even though we are a pretty small, solid, 10-man raid guild, I still thought it would be good to publish a checklist of requirements we would like a raiders to reach before we start our first week of raiding (first week of January).  It’s mostly to help some people prioritize their goals and so, frankly, we have something to point to if someone doesn’t know why they weren’t invited.

I wanted to share it here in case you are looking for some help in setting your own or your guild’s goals.

It’s a rather easy set of goals to achieve, but every point has a justification.  It also isn’t class specific – after all, knowing what enchants and stats are important to your class is ALWAYS a requirement!

  • Average Item Level 340+: I know gear isn’t everything.  But it isn’t nothing, either.  This can easily be achieved by having mostly heroics gear and maybe a rep/crafted item or two.
  • All gear enchanted: Even I have had to force myself to get over my old, stubborn, Wrath mentality of “I won’t enchant Blues!”
  • All slots gemmed: This includes one of those crazy expensive Meta gems, with its requirements met.
  • Best possible head enchant: That means Revered with the reputation appropriate for your class/spec.
  • Best possible shoulder enchant: That means Exalted with Therazane.
  • Both Primary Professions at 500+: This might seem like an odd requirement… professions don’t have that much to do with raiding performance, but they have a lot to do with your ability and willingness to contribute to the guild.  That’s a team attribute that we value highly. Each profession also provides unique bonuses to a character, which everyone should be looking to utilize.
  • First Aid at 475+: Healing isn’t just for healers!  First aid is extremely easy to level and can allow the healer to focus on more important things than repairing you after you accidentally stood in the stupid.  This is most important for DPS, but healers themselves and tanks should still take advantage of it to relieve healer mana issues.

Not everyone will agree on these requirements, or you may have additional requirements of your own (please share them in the comments!)

And of course, the list of what makes you ready for each individual raid night is a different list completely! (repaired, flasks, buff food, strategies, etc.)

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11 comments to “Checklist for Raid Readiness in Cataclysm”

  1. I would add that each person in the raid have (and be able to use) a full stack of Dense Embersilk bandages.

    Along with those, each raider is responsible for providing their own buff food/drink.
    Steve-Kestrel’s Aerie´s last blog ..WoW Cataclysm- One Week InMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Thank you for this list! We’re going to start raiding in the second week of January, and even though we’re a small guild too, I want people to be as prepared as they can. This really helps with figuring out what to tell people.

    One thing to note on your list. The Therazane rep is for shoulder enchants, and then role specific head glyphs are with the various factions. You have it reversed here. Hopefully with running heroics before we start raiding, getting the rep for these things won’t be too strenuous.
    gmazeroth´s last blog ..Lessons in Lore- Blackrock CavernsMy ComLuv Profile

  3. Kestrel: I agree. If you see the last line of the post, I mentioned that this list is not the same as the list of what makes you prepared for each raid night… simply that you are ready to get ready for the first raid!

    gmazeroth: Thanks, I always get those two mixed up. I even looked it up first and still managed to get it wrong! It’s been fixed now. :)

  4. Exactly! The point I was trying to emphasize is that in addition to getting exalted or revered, etc., one should also be maxing first aid: it could save the raid.

    I also neglected to commend you on a great list! Oversight corrected. :)
    Steve-Kestrel’s Aerie´s last blog ..WoW Cataclysm- One Week InMy ComLuv Profile

  5. You are totally right, Kestrel. I did think about adding that to the list, but I know some healers think it’s silly for a healer to have First Aid, and tanks rarely get a chance to use it either. Should only DPS be required to have it? Maybe I’ll add that point in…

  6. Wait…what? There are healers who still don’t realize the utility of having first aid? Have they not grokked the changes to mana management in Cataclysm?

    Steve-Kestrel’s Aerie´s last blog ..WoW Cataclysm- One Week InMy ComLuv Profile

  7. Alright, I’ve added it to the list! And I agree, everyone should have it. Just saying, some healers don’t agree :)

  8. One thing to add with the professions being 500+ is that a lot of the crafting professions have unique bonuses (ie JC with the 3 Chimera Eyes, LW with Leather enchants) that they should be utilizing.

  9. It should also be one’s responsibility, if they are able to, to help others become raid ready. For example, if you have max cooking and can provide nice stats food, please do so. It will make the entire raid go smoother.
    Loronar´s last blog ..Threat is Serious BusinessMy ComLuv Profile

  10. Loronar: I think I disagree with you slightly on that point. I think it’s each raider’s own responsibility to acquire their own buff food and such. However, it’s an important quality in a guild member in general to be willing to help others… For example, if someone comes to me with the mats for their buff food or flasks, I will happily craft that for free. But they shouldn’t expect me to bring spare food and flasks to a raid just because they don’t have the profession to do it themselves.

  11. I’m terrible at remembering to use bandages – as a shadow priest, I can honestly say I can probably count the number of times I’ve used bandages (and never in a raid setting) on one hand. I usually opt to throw a bubble or a Renew on someone if the 5-7 healers can’t do it or it’s a long fight. I have both hotkeyed for easy targetting and casting.

    Optionally, if it’s a lot of aoe damage, I can Holy Nova. I have Divine Hymn hotkeyed. If it’s damage to myself (either after being stupid and standing in bad, or taking some sort of indirect damage), there’s Dispersion, or I bubble myself. I NEVER bandage myself.

    Plus, with the fact that tailoring is a chore to level (I finished Loremaster of Cataclysm, had a friend sending me all of the cloth he aquired by questing on his own climb to 85, straight up farmed for cloth, and STILL spent roughly 6k gold to level the rest of it), a requirement to level first aid as well for a tailor is boggling. I have not yet even bothered to train my first aid past 450. I only got it to 450 after ICC was out and I had cloth coming out the wazoo due to leveling five toons to 80.

    I’ll eventually level it for the sake of leveling it, but right now, the cost of cloth is too high, especially for a tailor who needs every single scrap they can get their hands on for their profession. I know most would disagree with me, but honestly – I have other tools I can use to help with heals or mitigation if necessary. Having a first aid requirement for the very first steps into Cataclysm raiding might be a little much. I’d understand if it was a dps that had no way to heal or mitigate their own damage and didn’t need cloth for anything else, though.

    Man, rereading what I just wrote, I realize I sound like a Whiny McWhinerpants. I still stand by my comment, though. :-) Tailoring + being a priest = no real need for first aid.