Cataclysm Day 1: Vashj’r… Anticlimactic or Bugged?

December 8th, 2010

Although I did have to work a full day yesterday, I still managed to get a few hours of Cataclysm leveling in. I’ve finished (maybe…?) Vashj’r, and hit level 82.

At first I thought Vashj’r would be horrible. No one likes the water levels! But it was actually quite fun. You get used to the swimming pretty quickly, and even appreciate it (it’s like being able to fly without flying, ya know?) Since Blizzard hasn’t explored a water world before, there were plenty of new creative opportunies. Lots of new creatures, mechanics, and scenery to enjoy.

And, I got my horsey.

And a new demon fish hat.

And I even had a small heart attack when I swam into a dark cave and THIS APPEARED! (You have to click the link for the picture, otherwise there’s no suspense!)

If I were to give any criticism to my first experiences in this expansion, it would be this: Blizzard has gone a bit overboard with the pop culture references. Usually it’s a once-in-a-while, tongue-in-cheek, cute reference. But sometimes it gets on my nerves… particulary the quest name “What? What? In My Gut?” (If you don’t get the reference, consider yourself lucky.)

Okay, I actually thought this was cute.

The other big problem happened this morning: I did the epic final storyline in Vashj’r (Defending the Rift), turned the quest in, got the achievement, followed the guy into the Abyssal Maw, and…. Nothing! That was it. My quest log is empty, I’ve got 142/150 quests finished in the zone, and there is no one telling me to head to the next zone. I don’t even know where the next zone is!  I’m aware I could just go to Orgrimmar and pick up the breadcrumb leading me to Deepholm… but it just doesn’t feel right.

And with the expansion only being a day old, there’s not a lot of help out there. A lot of people got stuck finishing the last quest – I didn’t. I finished it. I’m stuck AFTER the quest.

If you’ve finished Vashj’r and you know where I’m supposed to go to get the breadcrumb leading me out of Vashj’r… HALP ME!

Assuming I find a way out of this zone, tonight I hope to hit Deepholm and make my way to at least half way through 83.  If I’m still stuck in the middle of the ocean, I’ll let ya know.

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