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Personal WoW Census: Armory App

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

The WoW Armory iPhone app has proven quite useful for me – allowing me to update my raid event status on the fly, mostly.  But what I’ve found especially interesting is the ability to look at a list of all my characters – even the ones on my old, inactive account and the ones below level 10.  As you might know, I am quite an alt-o-holic.  I love playing around on the character creation screen and running through those quick first few levels.  I got curious to see if my attitude about favourite class/race panned out with my actual playing statistics, so I looked into the details.

I’ve removed all bank alts and counted Death Knight levels as if 55 is level 1, and compiled some fun facts:

  • Total characters: 28
  • Total levels: 684
  • Average level: 24.4
  • Most played class (by total levels): Paladin (3 characters, 166 levels)
  • Most played class (by total characters): Hunter (5 characters, 141 levels)
  • Least played class (both): Rogue (1 character, level 11)
  • Most played race (by total levels): Gnome (5 characters, 131 levels)
  • Most played race (by total characters): Draenei (7 characters, 41 levels)
  • Least played race (both): Human (0 characters)
  • The highest Draenei I’ve ever played made it to level 13.
  • Although I’ve got 4 Shaman, the highest one is level 7.
  • I’ve never gotten a Death Knight out of the starting area, although I’ve rolled 3 of them.
  • I have 6 characters that are level 11.  That is the “make-it-or-break-it” level for my alts.
  • Despite my race preferences, I have the same number of Night Elves as Trolls: 1 each.
  • I have more Alliance characters than Horde characters! *GASP*

See, wasn’t that fun?  Have you noticed any interesting patterns in your alts?