We now return to our regularly scheduled blog posts…

May 17th, 2010

Hey!  Remember me?

It’s been a while, I know.  I have excuses upon excuses to throw at you, like how finals came out of no where, and then my computer bit the bucket, and I had 2 weeks of computer-less vacation… but I won’t tell you about all that non-sense.  I’ll just stick to the stuff that really matters.

Like my shiny new TITLE!

I’m now Brajana the Kingslayer since several weeks ago my guild and I finally took down the Lich King!  Since then we’ve been progressing through Heroic 10 and are currently ranked 4th on our server (and 1st if you just count 10-only guilds)!  Unfortunately, I’ve been absent from a big chunk of this progress.

The rare times I have had some time to log in, I’ve been working on my alts.  Mostly, it goes like this:

  1. Log into Ferguson, queue up to heal a dungeon.
  2. Log out of Ferguson in frustration after barely making it through the dungeon with some failtank.
  3. Log into Kaeira to level my tank, so I don’t have to deal with failtanks.

So, Kaeira is getting a lot more love than dear Ferg.  I’m actually contemplating making him full-time Shadow, because maybe healing just isn’t my thing.

There you have it.  A quick update to get the ball rolling again!  Thanks for sticking around during my extended AFK!

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5 comments to “We now return to our regularly scheduled blog posts…”

  1. I’m the other way around, would prefer to heal a group than tank it because I can’t be bothered to have my tanking insulted by the dps who don’t really have a clue.

    Welcome back ^^
    Jaedia´s last blog ..Meet Seithir My ComLuv Profile

  2. I’d tell you about how much I hated finals, how many times my comp has gone to crap, or ask about how your vacation went, but since you didn’t tells about those things I guess I’ll just have to keep them to myself. :P

    Grats on the LK kill! We’re currently split between 10′s and 25′s during our raid week so we haven’t seen him yet since we spend time in 3 different raids instead of just taking down a single one. But it’s all for the sake of gear, I suppose so it’s not so much an issue.

    Having run a lot of random dungeons lately, I’m seeing a lot of SPriests around and overall they’re doing some pretty impressive damage too. Almost enough to make me suck it up and force myself to level a Priest to try it out. Almost…
    Psynister´s last blog ..Druid Leveling: 1-30 (Resto and Balance) My ComLuv Profile

  3. Welcome back!! :) Seems everyone is popping out of the woodwork lately. I love it!

    Congrats on the LK kill too, that is so awesome.

    I have a priest myself, but she’s pretty much strictly shadow. I tried healing once and it totally frayed my nerves. NOT fun. Maybe if I got my VuhDo configured with some macros or something, but not again until then! And that’s at 80, with my hubby tanking. I can’t imagine the craziness you must get at lower levels. eep!

  4. Welcome back ! o/

    And good luck with tanking : I’m levelling my 3rd healer but still can’t get the hang on tanking…

    And I find healing as a priest really hard, you just have too must spells…
    Nefernet´s last blog ..Dreamwalker is fun ! My ComLuv Profile

  5. I am thinking of giving healing a try again on my Paladin when she gets to 80, maybe I just don’t like priest healing. Or maybe it’s the fresh DK tanks. :)