What’s in a (Guild) Name?

March 24th, 2010

In the aftermath of a giant drama explosion, my young guild (Razorblade Arcade) has been forced to reform (minus our now former guild leaders.)  It sucks, but that’s what it’s come to.  Which left us once again with the horrible task of picking a name.

We spent a good amount of time throwing around suggestions, both serious and not-so-serious ones.  And it seems that everyone has a different favoured style when it comes to names.  I’ve managed to narrow down a few types, and I’ve realized which are personally preferred for me.

  1. Serious, meaningful names: These names are generally one or two words and say something about the members of the guild or how they came to be together.  Examples: <Unemployed>, <Kalimdors Legion>, <Avoiding Reality>.
  2. Serious, meaningless names: These generally get picked for their dramatic effect, but don’t really have any importance to the players. Examples: <Evolve>, <Malice>, <Nothing Personal>, or often anything latin.
  3. Funny, meaningful names: These occur when someone tries to fit an entire joke into 24 characters.  Usually a crude one, at that.  They’re also popular in Arena Team names.  Examples: <Sapped Girls Cant Say No>, <STDs are BoP>.
  4. Funny, meaningless names: Usually of a silly nature, things that make you giggle or curious about the origin of the name. Examples: <Squid Squad>, <Razorblade Arcade>, <Seal Cub Clubbing Club>.

So it turns out I’m not a fan at all of categories 2 and 3.  The jokes are generally immature, and the drama names just don’t inspire any sort of interest in me.

We ended up going with <Evolve>.  I am so indifferent to that name that I already forgot what it was at least once.  To be honest, if I were searching for a guild to join, I would probably not even consider a guild with this name unless there was something really appealing about it (like the fact that all my friends are in it.)  While name doesn’t mean everything, it does present an image of who you are and what type of people are within the group.  Am I stereotyping?  Possibly.  But I am almost certain I would not want to be associated with anyone in <Sapped Girls Cant Say No>.

How does guild name effect you?  Would you join or avoid a guild based purely on the name, or does it not concern you at all as long as the guild is what you’re looking for?

I proposed the question on Twitter, and got quite an array of responses, including:

Rilgon: As long as it’s not anything that blatantly violates naming conventions, no consideration. (#)

Krizzlybear: Ideally, all things equal, I will join the guild with the most hilarious name. (#)

wowcynwise: It’s important that it be correctly spelled and either innocuous or authentically funny. There are a lot I look at and go “no.” (#)

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12 comments to “What’s in a (Guild) Name?”

  1. Had I been a Hordie on my server, I would totally have joined this one guild called . It’s starting to become a more common name across servers, but dammit, I just love the humor behind it.
    krizzlybear´s last blog ..Shatter? I Hardly Knew Her! My ComLuv Profile

  2. I am rather picky about my guild names although I did bend that rule when my leveling guild made an alliance with a raiding guild that had an awful name but great people in it. My big pet peeve is random capitalization.

  3. The guild I had started was “Vindicated”, which was definitely a #1. A previous guild I was in was “The Tribunal” which I reckon would fall under #2. Right now I’m in “Tiers of Excellence” which I suspect is #2, but honestly, I have no idea. All I know is that we have a REALLY ugly tabard.
    Grimtorn´s last blog ..In Which Galo Says Things Better Than I Could My ComLuv Profile

  4. apparently, guild tags are mistaken as html code, so let’s go with {Team Redundant Team}.
    krizzlybear´s last blog ..Shatter? I Hardly Knew Her! My ComLuv Profile

  5. Grim: Hmm, now I’m tempted to do a follow up post on guild tabard designs!

    Krizz: I both love and hate that guild name. The redundant meme (i.e. Slow mount is slow”) annoys me to no end, but that guild name is almost cute enough for me to get past it.

    Awesome Mom: I hear you on the capitalization! Although all caps is just about as obnoxious as random caps.

  6. Doooo eeeet. Check me out on the armory to see how bad the guild tabard is.

    Vindicated’s was pretty cool (it should be, I designed it!) … but I have to admit, I did like The Tribunal’s.
    Grimtorn´s last blog ..In Which Galo Says Things Better Than I Could My ComLuv Profile

  7. I like having a good/clever guild name but on the other hand it ultimately doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been in sub-par-named guilds before because I wanted to be with the people.
    Pike´s last blog ..In Which Pike Fangirls Like A… Rabid Fangirl My ComLuv Profile

  8. I love the guild name evolve. Only better name would have been {They Didn’t Do That in the Video}

  9. I would have gone with “Evolution”, but that’s me. I like my main(s) to be in guilds with names that make sense, but alts I’ll usually throw in something with a funny name. Right now I’m in a guild named Rusty Blades, as a nod to the RL age of the GM. But I signed a charter once on an alt for a guild called “May or May Not Be AFK”. Planned to keep her in that one too, until it turned out that the GM had ninjaed a bunch of stuff from their last guild to start it. Then you have the guild that I started for my unguilded alts on my last server… “Wyld Stallyns”. 100 points for whomever gets the reference!

  10. Wyld Stallyns was the name of the band in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. ;)
    Grimtorn´s last blog ..In Which Galo Says Things Better Than I Could My ComLuv Profile

  11. And Grimtorn wins! XD Sorry I don’t have an actual prize or anything. I had so much fun with the ranks in that guild, even though they didn’t really get used.

  12. GL/creator char name: Awesomeness
    Guild Name: Guild of Awesomeness

    Love it.