Playing Deaf

February 18th, 2010

Last  night I raided from someone else’s computer.  His computer is way better than mine, and I think you could fit my monitor into his at least twice.  So visually, it was pretty sweet.

However, he’s got some issues with his sound card.  Everything has this annoying echo.  So while I tried to play normally for a bit, I eventually gave in and turned my game sounds off – I even turned vent down and could barely make out a word from it.

I am not used to playing without game sounds – and it really does change the game for me.  For example, I have become accustomed to hitting Feign Death whenever I hear Omen’s “WATCH YOUR THREAT!” sound.  Sure, I still had the flashing red on my screen, but it just wasn’t enough.

Even the sound of my arrows going off helps me know that things are going right.  If I don’t hear my arrows shooting, I know I need to pay more attention – am I web wrapped or stunned?  Am I facing the wrong way?

It’s amazing how I’ve adapted my play style to use my various senses.  I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed by how much I needed to watch the screen, when usually I leave some things to be taken care of by my ears.

Next challenge: Play with my monitor turned off and use only audio signals.  :)

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6 comments to “Playing Deaf”

  1. I’m the same way. I hear about people who listen to music while they play and while they raid and I don’t know how they do it. The sound effects are pretty essential to the way I play. When I set up power auras and fight notifications, I set them up with sound because I’ll respond to that before I respond to a visual cue. I may not be looking where the visual cue happens when it happens, but I’ll always hear it! Plus, much of the in game music is awesome, and I rarely get tired of it.
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  2. I have to play on mute occasionally and it is, well just less of an experience as well as being harder. I don’t suppose you could post your omen code for the threat warning?

  3. “Next challenge: Play with my monitor turned off and use only audio signals.”
    I want to try this now. o.O Though…how would you steer?

    I play with music a lot. I’d raid with it if it weren’t for Vent. Can hardly hear most music to enjoyable levels with Vent & quiet RLs demanding attention. It was also almost more background or “mood” music than anything I’d get up and dance to.

    On the flip side, I started playing Peggle in WoW, except I had the sound off for a while. The first time I turned the sound on and finished a level, I went “oh holy crap, Peggle sounds awesome! I should do this more often” and my bf then went “… YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PLAY PEGGLE WITH THE SOUND ON! >.<" Oops…

  4. I play muted. I can hear game sounds on my wife’s computer, but I can’t listen to vent and the game on my headset. Not having extra noise helps me focus on my raid leader and on my screen. If I ever clean my desk and get some decent speakers, I might turn sound back on.
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  5. Strangely, I raided for hte first time last night with sounds, Teamspeak and Winamp all coming through my headset. It took a bit of balancing, but once I’d adjusted everything, it was great. I always turn off music and ambient sounds anyway: and ska compilations seem to give the best dps boost :)
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  6. In the summer of ’07, Blizz changed some coding on sound, so that their software handled more of the sound, and your hardware, less. My sound card was one the 0.5% or so worldwide that didn’t deal well with the change (a .wtf edit eventually fixed it).

    So I’m in Nagrand with no sound – actually, just a continuous buzzing sounds – figuring that I’ll just keep on playing until I find a fix.

    Well…it felt like I had three thumbs, backwards knees, and was blind in on eye and cross-eyed in the other. My shot rotation (a real rotation back in those days) was blown to hell, I found myself continually checking action bars and the keyboard to see if I actually did shoot something off….all because I couldn’t hear my shots going off.

    I had, pretty much unconsciously, been training myself to use audio cues for rotations and stuff…to the point that without sound, I was…practically useless…