Average Wait Time for BGs

February 16th, 2010

When was the last time you queued for a battleground?  The other day I decided to try Isle of Conquest, and I hopped in the queue.  And that’s when I realized how spoiled the new Dungeon Finder has made us: it’s “Estimated wait times” are actually pretty accurate with that system.  But for BGs, the queue timer has been useless since the day it came out.

Here’s where I think it fails.

See that Last 10 players note?  What does that even mean? It’s a ambiguous.  For a BG like Isle of Conquest, which requires 40 people per side… how does the average over the last 10 players help me?  It doesn’t.  This number means nothing.  All it does it give people a false sense that they might get into the battleground in that time, while in truth only about the last five people to queue had wait times below that time.  The other 35 had to wait much longer.

They seem to have managed to get the estimation working for Dungeon Finder, why they haven’t just ported that system over to the BG queue is beyond my ken.  In fact, it might be simpler because there are no roles defined or needed, just numbers.

They should either improve this estimation or remove it entirely.

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3 comments to “Average Wait Time for BGs”

  1. That’s a REALLY long wait time for any BG. At most ever I’m sitting at 5 minutes to get into a match and that’s on the really dead hours of play. But you’re right, the “Last 10 players” thing is vague and shitty. I’m wondering if the BG and LFG matchmaking system is similar or completely different.

  2. Many more people participate in a BG than in an instance, so it is likely much hard to predict how long it will take. Also, how many BGs are actually running at once? It doesn’t seem to be ever more than, say, 10. Compared to all of the 5 mans that are likely being run.

  3. Something that throws that off is if a bunch of people just got into a BG. The waiting time will show up as much shorter so you will think your wait time will be short.