“42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.”

February 1st, 2010

When Blizzard added Achievements in patch 3.0, they also added a less noticed feature called “Statistics”.  It’s that fun little page that tells you how many times you’ve killed Hogger, and how many times you’ve died to falling damage (5 for me…)  Of course, it only records your statistics starting from patch 3.0, so all the stuff you did before then doesn’t matter, unfortunately.

Well, the other day while I was waiting in the Random Heroic queue, I decided to have a closer look at my statistics, and I found a few interesting things.

First, under the “Player vs. Player > World” tab:

No world honorable kills?  Hm, that’s odd.

But on the “Kills > Honorable Kills” tab:

Well, that’s a bit better.  I guess all but 6 of my kills are in Wintergrasp?  Because I clearly didn’t get 773 kills from Northrend any other way on a PvE server…

Alright, moving on… if you know anything about me, you know that I don’t do Arenas.  I’ve set my foot in their once, right after they were released in BC, and that was it.  But since it was so long ago, it shouldn’t be on my statistics page.

From the “Player vs Player > Rated Arenas” tab:

Woo!  They got one right this time!

From the “Kills > Honorable Kills” again:

Well, 1 out of 4 isn’t bad…. (did I mention the 1 time I did arenas, it was 5v5?)

Now, from under “Deaths > Arenas”:

I bet I’d have a pretty good arena rating if I’d really killed 25 but only died 3 times!

Now, time for a quick math lesson:

779 + 294 + 957 = 1792, right?  WRONG!  It equals 2030.  That means my “Total Honorable Kills” is off by 238.  It would have made more sense if it was 294, meaning the weren’t counting my imaginary arenas, but no:  238.

One last thing… I can’t really say whether this is true or not.  But either way, it makes me sad that almost 30% of my player deaths have been caused by MY OWN FACTION:

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One comment to ““42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.””

  1. I noticed this too… statistics are so wonky… I think it says Tawyn has only made 200 honorable kills or something. Last I checked she was closing in on 10,000…
    Pike´s last blog ..I Suck at Professions My ComLuv Profile