The Case of the Missinig Flasks

January 22nd, 2010

Allow me expatiate upon my ordeal this week.

Shortly before Monday’s raid, I realized I had only 1 Flask of Endless Rage.  Usually I get someone to craft some for me, but with the price of Frost Lotus at the time, it was cheaper to just pick up 2 on the Auction House for about 38 gold each.  So I hopped onto my bank alt, picked up some Flasks.

I logged into Brajana and proceeded to head out to Icecrown to fit in a few dailies before raid time, and then headed to the Citadel.  Monday was our night of Professor attempts, so I was pretty excited.

We mowed down the trash quickly, and found ourselves buffing at the Professor’s front door.  I looked at my hotbar, where I recently removed a few unused macros and placed some other more often used things (like my Flasks).  But what’s this?

Hmm, odd.

Now, if I had left them on my bank alt, Bagnon would have a little line saying something like “Tazdingo (Bags: 2)”.  But as far as Bagnon knew,  I didn’t have any Flasks anywhere, no alts, no banks.

Oh, I though to myself, I must have forgotten to get them out of the mail.

But there was no little “New Mail” icon on my map.

Oh, I must have opened the mail but not taken the flasks OUT of the mail.  Silly me!

So I apologized and quickly hearthed to Dalaran to get them… but my mailbox was completely empty.  What the heck?!

I must have left them in my bank alt’s mailbox!  What a dummy!

So I apologized again, and quickly logged over to Tazdingo to find… an empty mailbox.  Well, it’s clear I did buy them from looking at my gold reserves. Maybe I typed the name wrong when I sent them?  Maybe they’ve gotten lost in the mail system?  I opened a GM ticket and borrowed a Flask from another raider and went on with the raid night, confused and frustrated.

Wednesday comes around and we’re raiding again.  I’d received a response from the GM telling me they couldn’t find my missing mail.  After giving up and hoping “Brajan” or whoever I must have accidentally sent the mail to is enjoying their free flasks, I picked up FIVE new flasks and made sure I got them, had them in my bags and was ready to go at raid time.  We did a quick Sarth 3D zerg (it was the weekly) and started heading to Icecrown.

That’s when I happened to notice I’ve got the Flask of Endless Rage (52 minutes remaining) buff.  Confused (as I didn’t bother to Flask for Sarth), I look at my hotbar again.


And then it begins to click.

Although there clearly is no indicator of it, maybe that hotbar location is bound to something.  So I put something else in that spot (a Red Rose) so that I would KNOW if I somehow hit that button (when it tells me “I can’t equip that with a 2H weapon!”).

Low and behold, we rushed into battle, I sent my pet in and… “I can’t equip that with a 2H weapon!”

Turns out that was the old location of my Hunter’s Mark + petattack macro.  However, since that keybinding was set before I installed Bartender, it had no label on it.

Every time I tried to send my pet in to attack something for the last 2 raid nights, I burned a Flask.


I might also add that I took that macro off of my bar because in last week’s raid, I confused it for my just Hunter’s Mark button and sent my pet in to pull Rotface all by himself while we were buffing.

That macro is cursed!

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One comment to “The Case of the Missinig Flasks”

  1. Just… ouch.

    I’d share with you if I could! I asked my hubby to make me some Stoneblood flasks for my paladin the other day since she was going to tank Naxx. He said sure, and a few seconds later, had a proc of 10. Wooo hoo, I’m not running out for a while! I was excited until he looked a little closer at his bags and couldn’t find them.

    Created [Flask of Endless Rage] x 10


    I’m a happy hunter though!

    And to add insult to injury, when he tried to make my Stoneblood again… he made Flasks of the Frost Wyrm. Silly boy!
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