Tales from the Dungeon Finder

January 18th, 2010

You meet all kinds.

Since they released the Dungeon Finder tool, I’ve been taking advantage of it like a {insert off-colour reference}.  Most notably, with my Paladin.  No, not that one… my OTHER paladin.  She hit 20 and spec’d prot just in time for the Dungeon Finder, and has leveled almost exclusively using it.

It’s amazing the kind of people you run into in these old world, low level dungeon runs.  While I know it can’t be true, it feels like 90% of the people I group with have never played the game before.  Kaeira just hit level 30, and rather than expatiating upon each adventure in its own post, I’ve collected the tales of the last 10 levels and condensed them all here into one for your enjoyment.

These are mostly paraphrased as I rarely think to take screenshots of these things.  But you’ll get the general idea, minus most of the bad grammar.

Also, I would like to mention how sad I am that so many of these are Hunters.  :(


My very first foray into my Dungeon Finder journey:

Hunter: “I’m new to this game.  How do I get on my mount?”
Me: “That’s not a mount.  That’s your pet.”
Hunter: “Ohhh.”

Shadowfang Keep:

You know that room with Commander Spingvale which can be dangerous for pulling the entire room?  Not to mention, many of those mobs like to silence.  While I’m carefully trying to pull groups of 1 or 2, the hunter gets too close, aggroes the entire room (including the boss) and causes a wipe.  She then says: ”I’m gonna be lazy.  Rez me when you get back lol.” and does just that – waits til we run back to res her.

In the same run, just before Fenrir (a bit more than halfway through the instance), the warlock says, “Gotta go to work guys, I’m going to put myself on follow for the rest of the dungeon.  Bye!”  I sure am thankful for the “Vote to Kick” feature.

Blackfathom Deeps:

I think a quick recount is all that’s really needed to tell you the story about this Hunter.

No wait, that’s not all that’s needed.  He also asked if we would wait so he could tame one of the demons.

During the same run, the prot paladin forgot to put Righteous Fury up after a wipe until reminded by someone at the next boss.  (oops, that was me…)

The really sad thing?  Remember the bad hunter?  He still came in second for DPS (just behind me, the tank).

Stormwind Stockades:

I actually got into an instance as DPS instead of tank!  While I was still spec’d prot, I managed to nonetheless beat out the rest of the dps… including a hunter two levels above me.


I ran Gnomer about a dozen times.  The worst story is from the one time is from the only time I disliked someone enough to actually leave group myself.  I got brought in part way through the instance, as the first tank had left… and I soon found out why.  This rogue wanted to tank it – one of those “I know how to do this better than you” types.  After he continued to pull mobs while we still hadn’t killed the ones we were on, I finally told the group that if they didn’t need a tank, I’d leave and let the rogue do it.  When the rogue said he could handle it, I left.  I wonder if they ever made it the rest of the way!

My best story from Gnomer is when I’d finally run it enough times to actually know my way around.  I never ever wanted to know my way around that wretched place!  Anyway, why was it the best?  Because the Dungeon Finder set us up with this group, and it actually went very smoothly:


Talk about PallyPower!

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7 comments to “Tales from the Dungeon Finder”

  1. Funny experiences. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and double points for using “expatiating”.

  2. The Hunter pet/mount thing could possibly be an honest mistake rather than just stupid.

    It is quite common to see folks riding around on cats, and it’s easy to get a cat as a first pet.

  3. It’s true, I don’t really think he’s stupid just not knowledgeable. Still, it was a bit frightening to walk into my first dungeon and hear that – if he doesn’t know the difference between a pet and a mount, what are the chances he knows how not to pull aggro? *shrug*

  4. I came close to the “all-paladin” group with a random on my now 79 (then 78) paladin. It was 4 paladins and a hunter. Buffing was fun – I called ‘dibs’ on Kings, and let the rest of them figure out who was doing what.

    I’ve yet to get anything more than two druids in a group though, on either of my two druids.

    …yes, I really do have two druids.

    And they’re both 80, too.

    Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands.

  5. Gnomeregan…twelve times? I’m so, so sorry.

    Your little pally power group is great, though. And, if it makes you feel any better… at least half of the facepalm inducing people I meet are warlocks, hunters don’t have the market cornered!
    Vidyala´s last blog ..SM: Did you know it can also mean ’sadism’ and ‘masochism’? My ComLuv Profile

  6. Everyone has to start somewhere:) With the X-million people who play WoW, why would you be surprised that many of them might be new to the game? I’ve only been playing since May of last year, and my boyfriend tells me playing with me has made him realize how easy it is to forget what it’s like to be new. He now goes out of his way to help people who seem to be noobs rather than assuming they should know what they’re doing, especially at lower levels.

    Even though I hit 80 on my hunter in October and he keeps telling me I’m a damn good player, I’m still terrified of running instances without my bf. I’m just so afraid of making a mistake and being kicked or ridiculed.

    The rogue, though…yeah, we’ve run into a few of those… “I can do it! I can do it!” WIPE!

  7. Grim: Don’t worry, I’m well on my way to 2 80 Paladins as well as 2 80 hunters :) I’ve got an 80 of each already, and a 40+ of each as well. So I know where you’re coming from! And an all-druid group would be pretty fun too!

    Myst: You’re right, and I try not to judge people who are new to the game. Sure, I have a little giggle and think “I remember when I was that naive about this game!” but I would never punish them or call them out for being new and trying to learn. And to be honest, I have WAY more issues with people who think “they know better” because they aren’t new to the game. The new players generally don’t mind listening and learning, I’d play with a new player over a cocky experienced one any day! :)