This Week in Raiding: Rotgut and Festerface

January 16th, 2010

This week we had our first experience with the Plagueworks of Icecrown Citadel.  I have to say, it’s a bit of a challenge.  First, we have Frogger 2.0.  A few torpid people in our raid even died to it… I won’t name names, to protect my their integrity.

Then came the Valkyr mobs.  And after getting overpowered by our own selves, we managed to take these mobs out by focusing on the Valkyrs instead of the ghosts.  That seems to work most of the time.

Onto the puppies, Precious and Stinky!  It’s true that they’re almost mini-versions of Gluth from Naxxramas, even their abilities.  It just goes to show you how much more difficult this place will be if they are using old bosses as trash!  In the end, they weren’t very difficult.  Although I think Precious should have a chance to drop that pretty red ribbon… that could be a fun little trinket. :)

We first went in and had our way with Festergut.  After only one wipe, we managed to get him down.  It takes a bit of coordination but it certainly is manageable.  Loot was dropped, and it was of the hunter loot variety.  Yay!  Things were swell.

… And then came Rotface.  Buttface is more like it!  We’ve now spent several hours (about one and a half raid nights) fighting him, and still haven’t gotten him down.  It was a bit demoralizing to see wipe after wipe and very little in the way of improvement… we really couldn’t even see where to improve.  You see, the problem with that fight (at least using our initial strategy) is that it’s a difficult and interesting fight really only for the slime tank.  The rest of us get to side step around the boss every 30 seconds or so, and maybe even kite a slime to the slime tank.  That’s about it.  After many, many hours of this, it gets a bit boring.

Not to mention “Good news, everyone!” and “Great news, everyone!” being shouted into your ear repeatedly!  For once, I was actually tempted to turn my game sounds off completely just to keep some piece of sanity!

After a second night of wiping on Buttface, analyzing what was killing us and some good looks at videos and various slime-kiting strategies, we’ve managed to lock down on a new way to do it and we’re very confindent he’s going to be down for the count next week.  Stay tuned!

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2 comments to “This Week in Raiding: Rotgut and Festerface”

  1. Precious does drop her ribbon – as a shirt – I got one :) http://www.wowhead.com/?item=52019. It gives you a permanent buff when you’re wearing it that says “Best in Show”. I took a screenie – it’s on the bottom of this post… http://guildmum.com/2010/01/pug-pet-and-experiences.html.

    And yes, I share your pain on Rotface – we’ve had 2 nights of wiping on him. It’s hard to heal, move, keep out of the way of sprays, move your blobs in the right place and … argh!
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  2. Oh! Well, how about that :) Thanks for pointing it out!