Bringing Ferguson Back from the (Un)Dead

January 11th, 2010

Remember that healer I re-rolled a while back? *points to the Undead in the banner*  Well, he’s been quite torpid, calmly sitting around in the Feralas Inn for several months now while I’ve been happy playing about with my other alts.  But the thought finally hit me – he can be a healer again!  Thanks to the wonder of the new LFG system, he’ll surely have no issues finding groups, and I don’t have to be shadow anymore… he can do what he always was meant to do – heal!

I logged on to Ferguson yesterday and finished up getting him from 54 to 56, and now he’s nearly ready to head to Outlands and start his healing journey all over again.  I can’t wait to be leveling through Northrend again!

I’m going to wait til I get to Outlands to begin instance-running again though, due to the long and arduous nature of the level 50+ Azeroth dungeons.

I love playing alts I haven’t touched in a while.  It gives me that same feeling as the feeling I get rolling a new character, without all the messy low levels!

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