WoW Word of the Week: torpid

January 10th, 2010


/tawr-pid/, adjective:

  1. inactive or sluggish.
  2. slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic.
  3. dormant, as a hibernating or estivating animal.

Example: When it comes to Mend Pet and it’s regular features, I have been quite torpid lately… and I apologize for that!  It’s a new year, I’m getting my butt in gear and it’s time to get back on track!

wwotwWoW Word of the Week is my weekly Sunday post to encourage the expansion of the average WoW player’s vocabulary beyond “noob”, “pwnd” and “FAIL”. I’m going to try to use the WWotW in my other posts this week, and I urge you to use it as well!

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2 comments to “WoW Word of the Week: torpid”

  1. What a great idea! Between your vocab lessons and Kestrel and TJ correcting grammar, the wow population will be well-spoken in no time! :D
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