This Week in Raiding: Double Boned

January 9th, 2010

It’s a new year, and this week Razorblade Arcade gradually got back into the swing of things on Wednesday.  We started off the weekly raid quest, which was Malygos.  It’s been so long since I’ve been in there!  In fact, I apparently never actually did Malygos on 10-man before.  Show’s you how my situation has changed… I used to do exclusively 25-mans, and now it’s only 10s.  I’m glad I never uninstalled my MalygosCP addon, though.  That little tool is still quite useful!

After a quick Malygos, we went and did the first wing of Icecrown Citadel.  It’s been about 3 or 4 weeks since I raided, and it was nice to be back.  Not only that, but it was an extremely smooth run!  It makes me quite happy to be in a consitent raid guild, once we learn an encounter, we rarely have problems with it again.

We were so confident, in fact, that we decided to have a look at which achievements we might be able to get.  We had no problems at all getting [Boned!].  However, we didn’t thing any other achievements would be as easy in one attempt, and our focus was on clearing the wing in one night so our other nights can be spent in the Plagueworks!

Oh, and Lady Deathwhisper was kind enough to hand over my coveted [Njordnar Bone Bow]! Thank goodness, I’m back to a bow and can take advantage of the 20 000 arrows I had stockpiled just before picking up my gun. :)

treasure_chest1This Week in Raiding… is my weekly Saturday post where I allow myself to brag about new gear, bosses, achievements, and such.

Come back next week for another dose of epeen and QQ!

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