Check out The Spirit Beast!

January 8th, 2010

spiritbreastThere’s a new player in the Hunter blogging community, called Hesson.  Hesson has started a Beast Mastery Hunter Blog called The Spirit Beast recently, and I’m glad I’ve come across it.  While it’s still new, the content is very interesting and I’m sure there will be great things coming!

Hesson is also a fellow web developer, and has done something I couldn’t even hope of doing – he’s designed and developed his entire website himself!  That means no WordPress, no Squarespace, no pre-built themes… too much work for me!  But his hard work has paid off and the result is a beautiful website with the potential to bloom into a great hunter resource for the community.

So check it out!  I recommend taking a look at his post discussing his choice of talents in the BM tree… maybe you’ll even be inspired to start camping for your very own spirit beast!

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3 comments to “Check out The Spirit Beast!”

  1. While I find the custom back-end interesting, he reeks of the same willing ignorance that I tried to smite out of MM Hunters during Burning Crusade. Beast Mastery is mathematically inferior to MM and SV at ToC and ICC gear levels – his constant “well i’ve out-dpsed mm and sv hunters so that means that bm is good, anyone who says otherwise is bad” attitude is just gag-worthy.

    You, Pike, and BRK have always done BM coverage properly. Hesson? A full 180 from how it should be covered.
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Hastening Our Will My ComLuv Profile

  2. He just doesn’t like that I was so nice to him during our little twitter argument about the Oculus changes when he needs to maintain his edgy “angry man” persona :)

    “well i’ve out-dpsed mm and sv hunters so that means that bm is good, anyone who says otherwise is bad” I’ve never called anyone bad for holding an opinion about specs. On the contrary, I think anyone willing to put thought into any talent spec and provide arguments for why they’ve chosen that build should at least be acknowledged for putting the time and effort into something that a lot of people are too lazy to do.

    I’m going to be putting together some live raid tests with some willing MM/surv hunters at varying skill levels compared to my BM hunters in the coming weeks, as I do like the concept of introducing live tests rather than explicitly theory crafting or focusing on out-of-game, fan built spreadsheets.

    I appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve received from the hunter community and look forward to putting together more interesting, useful articles. Given that Rilgon rarely has ANYTHING positive to say about anyone or anything, I won’t take it personally :D

  3. Also, I wanted to add: thank you to everyone who’s been so awesome about the site look/functionality. The site itself has been a real labor of love as it’s the result of almost a year’s worth of work (for the underlying mvc framework I’ve been building, modifying, rebuilding, testing, and modifying some more) and one of my most creatively open projects since it’s just a personal site.

    I’m also looking for anyone who would be interested in contributing content as I’d like to see it flourish into a site where there are many differing but well thought out, interesting opinions from each of the three talent trees, so if you’re interested feel free to contact me at: hesson@thespiritbeast.com.

    Thanks again everyone.