The Season of Giving

December 17th, 2009

I love Christmas time!

One of the things I love the most about it is being able to buy and make gifts for the people I care about, to show them how much they are appreciated throughout the whole year.

And so this year, I decided I’d spread a little love to my budding new guild – Razorblade Arcade.  But what could I do?  I knew I didn’t have time to come up with a special guild event.  Instead, I decided to go the simple route of buying some gifts for every member of the guild.

I would have loved to customize them more, but in the end there was really only one custom component to each gift package.  Here were the contents:

  • 1x[Epic Gem]: I did a be.imba check on my guild and determined which gem was most used by each raider and got one of those cut for each person.
  • 1x[Frost Lotus]: Something everyone needs, especially as we begin progressing through a new raid dungeon!
  • 1x[Paper Zeppelin Kit]: 5 charges of zeppelins sure to keep raiders entertained while listening to those boring boss strategies.
  • 5x[Heavy/Trusty/Zippy Copper Racer]: Because it’s just not Christmas without toy cars!

This was all put together and sent off with a letter from my “anonymous” Orc named “Bladeaclaus” who wished everyone a Happy Winter Veil with a “Ho-ho-ho’ktar ogar!” (Oh, the cleverness of me!)

I even put together a little package for our 1 sub-80 guildie, a 76ish Hunter.  His package included custom-built [Giantmaim Bracers], a [Bright Scarlet Ruby], a [Tickbird Hatchling] and a good ol’ [Heavy Leather Ball].

Sure, it cost me over 2400g to put everything together, and left me with less than 1000g to my name, but I really have no real need for the gold, so I might as well spread the wealth, right?

I hope everyone enjoyed the little surprises in their mailboxes!

And I hope everyone else is having a great time with 3.3 and Winter Veil while I live vicariously through you whilst I study.

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4 comments to “The Season of Giving”

  1. Thanks Braj! It was awesome!

  2. That really was pretty awesome of you. :)
    I’ve wanted to do something similar, but my guild is, well, lolhuge.

  3. Yeah for sure, it’s one of those times I’m once again grateful for having only about 13 members in total in our little guild!

  4. Bladeaclaus was the best and so is Braj