Pimp My Ram!

December 14th, 2009

Inspired by a short Twitter exchange with Psynister, I decided I’d like to share my favourite mounts.

Starting with this guy:

How can you NOT love the ram mount?  He goes “Maaaaa!” He has a little grin!  He’s got curly horns!  He gallops!  Sure, the epic ones are a bit creepy with their magical glowy devil eyes… but look at that face!

The one thing I was always jealous of the Alliance for was the ram.  You can imagine how excited I was the first year they did Brewfest and I realized I could get one of my very own!

And the minute my Dwarf Hunter hit 20?  I bought EVERY available ram mount.  They’re so cheap now anyway… and how can you choose?  They are all perfect.

Next up:


I busted by butt for this guy.  Back when the level cap was 60, I was not a raider.  I was a PVPer.  I was hooked on Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin!  Back then, this guy required a buttload of gold and Exalted rep with the Frostwolf Clan.  And of course, right before I had saved up enough gold to buy it, they went and changed it to AV marks and I had to start my grind all over again.

But in the end, I got him.  And I still love when he comes up as my random mount.

As you’ll see, I have a thing for white mounts.  I just loved the way this guys hooves and horns had that glowy purpleness to them.  Another grind, yes, but worth it.

My Snowy Gryphon.  Like I said, I have a thing for white mounts!  Another thing I was jealous of the Alliance for, and I was so excited to finally get my hands on one!

*bok bok bok* he says!  Having never gotten a chocobo mount before, I was pretty excited to finally pick up this guy.

And finally:


Of course, my racial mount.  While I don’t ride him very often, I feel good when I do.  Just makes me want to call someone “mon”, you know?

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8 comments to “Pimp My Ram!”

  1. I hate rams.

    You had to go and include pictures, didn’t you? Stupid rams.

    Curses, now my reply post will have to wait until I can include some shots of my own. I blame the rams.

    I’ll join in the fun after I get home and have access to my pics. Did I mention I hate rams? :P
    Psynister´s last blog ..Psynister’s Sticky Notes My ComLuv Profile

  2. I used to love my alliance drood with the battle ram. It looked so comical back in vanilla

    Braj if you love the white mounts you should farm the sunwell 5 man for the white chocobo

  3. That is a good idea, I would probably love that mount!

    I’ve actually never run MgT. Ever. Not even regular.

  4. That’s true. The Aflac Duck is a pretty cool mount. I’ve never been to MgT either, though I thought about going after I saw the mount. I hate the chocobo mounts too (except for the cute little wing flutter when you jump), but the black and white ones are actually sort of cool.
    Psynister´s last blog ..Psynister’s Sticky Notes My ComLuv Profile

  5. You would hate the chocobo mounts, Ram hater!

  6. It wasn’t until i read this that i realized… the LFG system doesn’t help you find groups for old world content, it only does it for WotLK stuff… Oh well, maybe this will inspire me to try soloing HMgT for a few weeks as Holy.

  7. I hate the wolf mounts too, actually. Including the PvP wolf up there. :P

    While the mount looks cool, the animation and how it moves are both horrible.
    Psynister´s last blog ..Psynister’s Sticky Notes My ComLuv Profile

  8. Rams are indeed the best land mounts ingame! Closely followed by the wolves. And okay I have a soft spot for my Polar bear.
    Jaedia´s last blog ..The WoW Year in Review My ComLuv Profile