“That Guy”

November 27th, 2009

Not actually my "that guy", but a fairly accurate representation from my imagination.

Along with a new guild comes a whole slew of new faces.  It’s an exciting time to get to make new friends and build new connections.  So far, things in my new guild, “Razorblade Arcade”, have been going swimingly.  While we only have about 13 people in the guild, it’s more active than Unemployed was when I decided to move on, and I’ve been able to play with both old and new friends.  10 mans are fun and more intimate, and that’s really what I want and have the patience for right now.  But you know no matter how big or small a group is, there’s always… “THAT GUY”.

[RW][ThatGuy] BREZ ME
[RW][ThatGuy] BREZ ME
[RW][ThatGuy] BREZ ME!!!!!!

And it might not even be the same guy (or girl) for everyone.  Your “that guy” could be everyone else’s favourite player!  But you know that there’s nothing that’s going to change it – he’ll always be “that guy” who makes you pout when you see him join a raid, who makes you cringe when he speaks on vent, who makes you facepalm when he types something.

[R][ThatGuy] we cant whipe cause i have 1 reagent
[R][Raider] god damnit ThatGuy
[R][Brajana] ><
[R][ThatGuy] what
[R][ThatGuy] rofl
[R][Brajana] you should come to raids prepared!
[R][ThatGuy] ya……i kinda forgot
[R][ThatGuy] rofl
[R][ThatGuy] i had an issue witha rl friend today so, i didnt really think about
[R][ThatGuy] LOL
[R][ThatGuy] LOLOLOL
[R][ThatGuy] ahahahaha

[R][80:Vageata:1] wtb summons
[R][80:Xacklir:1] wtb fly here like everyone else :P
[R][80:Ladryn:2] ageeeeed lol :P
[R][80:Vageata:1] sorry i was looking at badge vendor
[R][80:Vageata:1] but ok

So, I’ve got a new guy.  When he first PUG’d with us, I was pretty happy with him.  But it wasn’t long before he got comfortable with the group and his 15-year old teenage boy-ness got the best of him.

[R][ThatGuy] wtb summons
[R][Raider] wtb fly here like everyone else :P
[R][OtherRaider] ageeeeed lol :P
[R][ThatGuy] sorry i was looking at badge vendor
[R][ThatGuy] but ok

I’m a pretty understanding person.  I don’t dislike a lot of people.  I try my best to let that guy do his thing and move on, but sometimes… there just isn’t enough patience in the world.

[R][ThatGuy] sorry i just have to do this
ThatGuy (a healer) links the healing meters.
[R][Brajana] And why did you HAVE to do it?
[R][ThatGuy] cause it was pro rofl
[R][Raider] Did we kill the boss?
[R][ThatGuy] rofl no
[R][Raider] Because that would have been pro.

Like I said, facepalm.

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11 comments to ““That Guy””

  1. I wonder what changes in the minds of so many people between the ages of 15 and 25 where this kind of thing generally stops happening? I suppose it’s that sense of entitlement we keep reading about.
    EuripidesOutDPS´s last blog ..Podcast Topics! My ComLuv Profile

  2. I joined a 10 man PUG one time that turned out to be mostly a guild run, and I was able to pick out their “that guy” almost right away. Pretty funny.

  3. Even just reading this post makes my head hurt…
    Anea´s last blog ..Posie the Pilgrim My ComLuv Profile

  4. People may have different “that guys” sometimes, in this case I’m pretty sure we’ve all got the same one :)

    that guy even has a private binding to me on vent thru which he plays Miley Cyrus (although I have to admit, it’s kinda catchy)

  5. Really Beamen? Miley Cyrus?

    I worry about you sometimes …

  6. trust me boost, no one is more upset about this development than i am.

  7. I don’t care if you did 10K dps on the boss…if we didn’t kill him, you didn’t do enough, so STFU with the damn meters.

    Amen, Braj…great post! :)
    Kestrel´s last blog ..A Quick Reflection on NaNoWriMo My ComLuv Profile

  8. The worst part is when your “that guy” is universally loved by everybody and you realise why when he sacrifices his spot for you in 10 man totgc to help you upgrade you weapon, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything, nope..
    Jaedia´s last blog ..Fae Ventures Into Alterac Valley My ComLuv Profile

  9. If he thinks he’s that pro, just show him some of my old healing stats. Should be enough to bring his EPeen back down to size.

    Apart from that though, ya, i’m sure i was “that guy” for more then a couple people in Unemployed at one point or another. I think a lot of them got used to me though. So it worked out, i think. XD

  10. I am (or at least I think I am) “That Guy” for a completely different reason: I feel compelled to respond to every comment made in vent or raid chat. Never anything useful, just a constant stream of inane babbling that makes sense/is funny only to me. I’m pretty sure my guildies hate me for it, “Oh God, Lyr’s here. Somebody kill him.” Go me :D
    Lyraat´s last blog ..Random Thoughts (read: filler post) My ComLuv Profile

  11. Lyraat – Oh, you’re one of THEM. :P Actually, Teiya is that kind of “that guy” too… feels the need to comment on everything! It’s not always a bad thing though, keeps things interesting and is for the most part harmless.