A New Home, A New Attitude

October 19th, 2009

In nearly 5 years of playing this game, I’ve gone through many different stages.  There have been times when I’ve come home after school/work and played WoW until nearly bed time every day.  Then there are the times when I’ll go two weeks without playing and not even notice.  Most of the last few months has been somewhere in between: I’d log on to my main for most raid nights, and then on days when I find a few spare hours I’ll level an alt.

I realized I was no longer Brajana, the Troll Hunter.  I was a group of alts of various faction and level. (As evidenced by my ever growing blog banner)

There’s nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to figure out what changed and to go back to being a Hunter full time.  Unfortunately, I also haven’t been able to commit to raid times lately.  Some days I find the time to log in, but with my hectic student life, I don’t know when I’ll be able to log in most days until it’s time to raid.

So I began logging into my Hunter, day after day, but not at raid times.  I opened my social tab to see which guildies were on, and it was empty.  Almost every time.  So I ran circles in Dalaran, and then logged off and switched to playing on a server where I have friends to talk to.

Unemployed has been my home for two and a half years.  I’ve been an officer most of that time, and I’ve even organized a guild trip to Las Vegas!  You make great, lasting friends playing a game with people for such a long time.  That’s why I couldn’t leave.

But then it hit me – out of all the people I feel I’ve made lasting, meaningful friendships with… only a handful still log in on a regular basis.  Of those, they are almost only online from 6:30-10:00, raid time.  However, they’re all available and easy to get in touch with through things like Facebook or Twitter.

And that’s how I realized they aren’t my guildies anymore, they’re my friends.  Sure, the guild is how I met them… but I don’t need to be in the guild to keep them as my friends (hopefully, at least).

And so when I was approached by some former guildies and friends eager to start a new 10-man raiding guild with a relaxed, flexible schedule, I got quite excited.  It was something new.  They wanted my help to organize it and get it up and running, and that seemed like a really exciting prospect for me.  So I jumped on it.

And the moment I made the choice, I felt myself drawn back to my Hunter, almost as if I’d just hit the level cap again and realized there is so much for me to do! I began running dailies again!  Finishing up achievements!  Getting my leatherworking those last 6 points!  RUNNING BATTLEGROUNDS!  (Ah, how I’ve missed the BGs!)

It’s a whole new world for me, and I hope the feeling lasts.  I will miss my guild, but I don’t feel as if I’ve truly left it.  It’ll always be a part of me, and I’ll always picture that flaming badger burning brightly across my chest!

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10 comments to “A New Home, A New Attitude”

  1. Good luck, Braj!

    Leaving the guild was also painful to me, and I´ve only been there for 6 months… I think this is truly the hardest part of the game.

    But good luck in 10 mans! If you need some help or an occasional raider to fill some spots, you know you can count on me – I always got some alts available.
    Wangari´s last blog ..Does it burn when you PVP? My ComLuv Profile

  2. Good luck – I hope it works out for you! That was the same decision I made when I swapped guilds, and it was pretty tough all in all, but I feel it worked out for the best.
    Stop´s last blog ..Friday Flash: Pulp Wave Fiction My ComLuv Profile

  3. With this post you have officially become the Falica Day of Hydraxis. Good luck with the new guild. I know what it’s like. I hope your new guild is as successful and as fun to play with as mine is. Cheers!

  4. Braj, You don’t have to be in the same guild to be my friend! We’ll always have our Blogs and facebook. I was saddened when I logged in and checked the Guild Log and saw that you had left the guild, But I wasn’t surprised. The last two months have been a trying time, and I don’t blame anyone who’s left.

    I’ve kept friends in this game across servers and factions. None of the friendships change. The Character names do, and the Guild names do, and the server names do. But the friends are always the same. Sometimes, as I’ve just realized with Maerdred, they find you again and you pick up where you left it last, on a different server with a whole new batch of guildies, but the same batch of friends.
    Maerrakech´s last blog ..Railing against Stupidity! My ComLuv Profile

  5. Thanks. You’ve helped me realize that I can do the same thing.

    Good luck with it! :D

  6. Gotta say, it’s kinda hard to see you go. But i can’t say i don’t understand. Even though i technically never talked much in G-Chat to begin with, it was still a major part of the reason i dragged myself online every day. Without as many people online anymore, the incentive is all but gone. I still log in to raid, but haven’t even done any dailies for about 4 maybe 5 weeks now.

    But if you ever need arrows, or just someone to chat with, you know where to find me :)

  7. Thanks for all the support everyone!

    Charmikal – Felicia Day? Really? Well, I don’t know where you get that but I will take the compliment :)

    Rusco – Glad I was able to help out. Hope things work out well for you too.

    My dear ‘guildies’ – I love you guys! You’re all on my friends list, so we’ll keep in touch :)

  8. Good luck with everything!

    I’m glad that you’ve found the fun in the game again and will be able to get a great new start!

  9. I made my first online friend in Asheron’s Call, back in 1999. He has been a trusted friend since then, and yet I have never met him, never even seen a picture of him, and yet we bounce things off each other on a regular basis.

    Total, I have made roughly 4 people I would consider friends, and yet have never met other then online. I don’t have a guild such as yours, and only use my guild, as a account bank. Very handy that.

    At times, I envy being in a guild, but still very much like the ability to pick up groups, chat in trade/general, and still have my own guild bank (working on 5 tabs now).

  10. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Even though raiding is the only part of the game that really interests me, I can’t imagine even sticking around for that if I didn’t run with a group of people I genuinely enjoy hanging out with.
    Eidtalheg´s last blog ..Does Anyone Else’s Pumpkin Smell Like Tangerines? My ComLuv Profile