Brajana’s FigurePrint!

October 8th, 2009

Look what I’ve got!  Yep, my dear boy got me my very own FigurePrint for my birthday.  He had it made on my actual birthday though, so while that was nearly 2 months ago, I just got from him last weekend.  Still… worth the wait!

While I do prefer bows, and I loved my Siren’s Cry… I must admit my newly acquired (at the time, at least) Death’s Head Crossbow has a pretty cool look, and came out really well!  Look at those teeth!  Rawr!

Even her earrings have holes in them.  This thing has super detail, and I’m really happy with it!  I just wish I could take the cover off so I could get pictures without all that glare.  Oh well!

Thanks sweetie!




Close up!

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One comment to “Brajana’s FigurePrint!”

  1. A buddy of mine that has multiple Prints has the same issue with the flash and glare. There’s got to be a way with a tripod and good lighting to still see the Print, but yet get no glare. At any rate… gratz on the belated b-day present. :)
    Leiandra´s last blog ..Blink Fixed? My ComLuv Profile