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How to QQ: A Fill-in-the-blanks Guide!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

new_topicThere’s a good reason I don’t often visit the official forums.  The whining can be quite overwhelming sometimes.  And usually, it’s not very original.

However, I do appreciate all the hard work the QQers put into each and every post.  So, if you are one of those who likes to spend time on the forums “expressing yourself”, I’ve created a template to help you more efficiently spout your nonsense, improving your QQPS!

Simply fill in the underlined fields with your current grievance, and off you go. 

Feel free to add your own style by removing punctuation and adding spelling errors and caps lock!

Post title: Blizzard Hates (class/profession)!  (BLUE PLZ!)

I can’t believe the change they made to (class/profession) in (upcoming patch)!  First they take away (mechanic/talent/spell/recipe) and now this?! Meanwhile, (some other class/profession) gets a buff pretty much every patch.

I can’t even keep track of the vagaries of Blizzard, each patch is so full of random changes no one wants or expects.  If the devs even play this game, obviously they are all playing (some other class/profession) because they are always getting the best stuff while us (class/profession) get nothing but crap and nerfs.

I know for a fact that Ghostcrawler said we would get (better itemization/new talents/new bonuses/buffed/a pony) this time, so he really needs to get fired because he’s full of it!

I am sick of Blizzard always catering to the (arenas/PvEers/hardcores/casuals).  No one cares!!  If you don’t (raid/do arenas/have a life/raid all the time) then this game is not for you and you should just (GTFO/DIAF).

If this change seriously makes it off the PTR I am quitting this game and never coming back, because (class/profession) will be SO BROKEN.

(GG/WTG/WTF) Blizz!