This Week in Raiding… Ghugh Heads to Naxxramas!

September 19th, 2009

Last night, I finally took the leap and joined a Naxx 10 PUG on my paladin.  It was supposed to be a “badge run”, but it didn’t turn out that way… like most PUGs.

I did realize that I’ve actually never pugged a raid before!  (Other than OS10 +0 and VoA, of course.)  I actually had a lot of fun, and it wasn’t as frustrating as I expected it to be.

We breezed through Patchwerk, but unfortunately… Grobbulus didn’t go so smoothly, and we had to replace several people who follow the “Disconnect after 1 wipe” rule.  Once we brought in some stronger DPS though, we managed to get through.

I picked up 3 upgrades and 2 healing pieces (like I’m ever going to heal!) and made a new friend to PUG with on Dark Iron.  Yay!

But as far as badge run goes… It took us 5 and a half hours to make it through 3 wings, and by the time we started on Military, I was just too tired and antsy.  I don’t like to play for more than about 4 hours, and I’d been online for nearly 8 hours straight… yikes!  Didn’t help that Military is my least favourite wing, too.

It would have been nice to see KT, but there is no way the group we had would be able to 1-shot 4 Horsemen, Sapph or Kel’thuzad, so it’d still take several additional hours… so I called it a night.

Hoping to get more chances to raid on my paladin!

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