Brajana’s Blizzcon Adventures!

August 25th, 2009


I’m sure you’ve all been filled to the brim with all the news you can handle, so I’ll let you simply digest it before I go into my own opinions on all the upcoming stuff.  I’m still trying to absorb it all myself!

Instead, I’m going to tell you the exciting story of my weekend, because I’m sure you want to know what I spent every minute doing.

Also, there are pictures!


8:30PM Arrived at LAX.  Called for the shuttle, which was more like a cab since we were the only 2 people and it went directly to our hotel!  Driver had plenty of stories about driving Blizzard employees, including Mike Morhaime & co.

9:30PM Arrived at hotel.  Told that they lost our reservation. Commenced freaking out.  They ended up finding a room with a king bed AND bunk beds.  Score!

9:50PM Made it to the registration desk just before closing and picked up goodie bag and badge.

10:00PM Met up with The Elitists (Tristan and Andrew) and went to IHOP.  This was the first part of my lesson that all food and drink in the USA is BIGGER.  “What do you mean you only want 2 pancakes?”

12:30AM After going through the goodie bag, it was time for bed.

goodie bag

Quite disappointing goodies, all in all. Other than the in-game pet, all we got was an Authenticator and the n00bz doll, really. I was sad.


9:30AM Walked for 10 minutes to find the end of the line to get in.  I’ve never seen so many people in one parking lot!

This is only the people in line ahead of us.  Behind us there was an equally large number of people!

This is only the people in line ahead of us. Behind us there was an equally large number of people!

11:30AM Watched opening ceremonies… so exciting!  Still amazed at how many people were there!

12:30PM Cataclysm Preview Panel.  Lots of exciting news!

2:00PM Went to Jack in the Box for lunch.  OMG all the food and drinks in this country are huge!

3:00 – 5:00PM Skipped The Guild panel for nap time.  *yawn*

5:15PM Class panel.  Unfortunately we missed the beginning due to nap time, so the first thing I saw when I walked in the room was “Hunters – NO MANA!” Whaaaa??

6:00PM Contests!  This was one of my favourite parts of the entire convention.  I’m not a big stand-up comedy fan, but Jay Mohr was awesome!  Some of the most amazing costumes… Loved a couple of the winners, but disappointed some of my favourites didn’t make it (Arthas!)

9:00PM TNB Meetup!  Met Fimlys, Nibuca, Brigwyn (who still owes me a drink!), Arrens, Leiandra, and a few others I am probably forgetting.  Won a prize!  My very first loot card: The Steps of Illidan!  Unfortunately, it seemed due to the setup of the patio I was unable to make it to the other side of the room to find out who was there.

My two favourite Dwarf Hunters!  Yep, the tallest Dwarves you'll ever see!

My two favourite Dwarf Hunters! Yep, the tallest Dwarves you'll ever see!

12:30AM Exhausted!  Bed time!


10:00AM Skipped the Q&A panel and went for breakfast at Coco’s, so much tastier and cheaper than IHOP!  Thanks for the recommendation, @brendansparks!

11:30AM Game systems panel.  Got me super excited about the new guild advancement system!

12:30PM Skipped the Raids & Dungeons panel to finally get a chance to explore the convention floor and booths.  Tried to do the “goodie bag quest”, but were told it was too late to start… lame!  Since everyone was at the R&D panel, we were able to get into the stores with no lines and only had to wait about 30 mins to get in and play the Goblin/Worgen starter zones.  Bought 3 J!NX shirts, and they’re great!

The convention floor was spotted with amazing artwork and replicas!

The convention floor was spotted with amazing artwork and replicas!

2:30PM Class Panel (take 2). Found out it was just a rerun of Friday’s panel, but it was nice because we got to see the beginning part that we’d missed.

3:00 – 5:30PM Nap time… again.  I’m a big fan of naps.  We also decided to order pizza directly to our hotel room, which was a great idea.  Mmm, pizza.

6:30PM OZZY!!!  Sat with a bunch of people from the Blogger/Podcaster/Twitter community in the second panel room, so we weren’t actually in the concert but watched it on a screen instead.  Ozzy was… interesting.  He was a lot more cheery and bouncy than I expected.

9:00PM Headed to “The Sandbox” for the post-concert meetup.  Met up with Spooner, Tiggles, Fimlys, Saresa, Arrens, Greyseer, Syrana & Sideshow and some guy named Carlos.  Had some awful drinks.  Apaprently it’s a bad idea to order rum & coke in a bar in the US.  Also, tabasco + 151 = death.

Arrens the Rogue after making me drink the grossest drink ever! (the Budweiser, of course)

Arrens the Rogue after making me drink the grossest drink ever! (the Budweiser, of course)

12:30AM Official end of Blizzcon for me!  Had a wonderful time, although I think it wouldn’t have been half as good if there hadn’t been friends around to meet up with!  And (almost) everyone I met was not a wierdo.  I approve!  Until next year, everyone! :)

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13 comments to “Brajana’s Blizzcon Adventures!”

  1. yeah blizzcon was awesome and it was great to meet ya at the twisted nether meeetup

  2. Argh, wish we could have crossed paths, but as I’m sure you noticed, reception in that place was HORRIBLE! Glad you had a good time!
    Errun´s last blog ..Blizzcon Wrap-Up My ComLuv Profile

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time! I’m definitely going next year!
    Strumpet101´s last blog ..Enchancement Goodness My ComLuv Profile

  4. Wow! Whoever took that picture of you and your two “favourite Dwarf hunters” is an amazing photographer. Much better than the one with Arrens. :)
    Leiandra´s last blog ..Report on Blizzcon 2009 My ComLuv Profile

  5. What I learned from Blizzcon:

    Ozzy likes the swears.

    A lot.

  6. Also, Ozzy needs to stop listening to such loud music and get some hearing aids…. all he ever said was:

    “I CAN’T *bleeping* HEAR YOU!!”

  7. Wait… your reactions to US food and drink. Where the heck are you from??

  8. I’m from Canada, not that far away! But I’ve looked it up, and these are the size differences:

    USA: Small 16oz, Med 21oz, Large 32oz.
    CAN: Small 12oz, Med 16oz, Large 24oz.

    No wonder I kept getting confused when they were handing me a huge glass for the “medium”… yikes!

  9. No, it’s not a bad idea to order a rum & coke in the US, just at The Sandbox. :P

    It was great meeting you, btw, if I hadn’t said that already! :D
    Syrana´s last blog ..BlizzCon 2009 – Wrap Up & Review Part 1: The Real Schedule My ComLuv Profile

  10. Yeah, and most of our fast food restaurants have free refills anyway, so not really sure why people order anything besides a small. I guess American’s are more hydrated (on sugar water) than Canadians? /shrug. lol.
    Leiandra´s last blog ..Report on Blizzcon 2009 My ComLuv Profile

  11. If you say so Syrana :) I’ll try somewhere else and see if it’s any better next time!

    Leiandra – I don’t think soda is the best option for staying hydrated, lol. But I agree on the free refills… not sure why anyone buys a big size if they’re staying in the restaurant if there are free refills!

  12. It was great meeting and hanging out with you!
    Fimlys´s last blog ..bLINEded at Blizzcon ‘09 My ComLuv Profile

  13. Looks like you had a great time! You look great in these pictures and it must have been a blast meeting all of these people!