Herbs and Heirlooms

August 11th, 2009

This is my druid, Ayrshire.  Like so many druid alts out there, I’m raising her as my  “Brajana-can’t-afford-to-buy-flasks” herbalist/alchemist!  I also rolled her because I wanted a Tauren, and Twitter voted Druid over Shaman when I polled.  The highest I’ve gotten a druid is mid-20s, but hopefully this one will make it all the way, like my paladin before her!

Walk with the Earthmother!

Walk with the Earthmother!

Notice her attractive shoulders and chest piece? Yep, they’re heirlooms.  I ran some heroics over the weekend and realized I had exactly 200 Stonekeepers Shards, and over 80 Conquest/Valor/Heroism badges.  So I rolled out the Wintergrasp to grab her Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders, and plopped down 40 Heroism tokens for her Stained Shadowcraft Tunic.  I originally thought the chest would only be available through the Argent Tournament, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise!

I’m really happy with the heirloom system.  I think it’s a great compromise between the extremists who say “All characters should start at level 55!” and the others who say “Leveling too fast is CHEATING!”

Where do I stand?  Well, I like leveling.  But sometimes it is just too time consuming.  I don’t feel like it’s a waste of time… and while you don’t exactly learn how to play your character as you would in a level 80 raid setting, you learn invaluable lessons and know the mechanics of your abilities front-to-back, so that when you do begin to change to the raid playstyle, it’s just the way you use the abilities that you have to learn, not what each ability is for.

A 20% increase to my experience gain does give me a noticeable boost, but it’s not as extreme as just jumping straight to 80 – I still have to learn to play.

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4 comments to “Herbs and Heirlooms”

  1. Awsome. :D

    I’m working on my Rogue more than my other alts right now, and the next heirloom item i’m going to get her is the dagger. I know, it doesn’t give an xp boost like the chest would. But for the lower levels, those heirloom weapons are extremely overpowered.

  2. You’re right about the weapons! I was thinking of getting one, but I am not sure I can afford it. I kind of want to save the rest of my emblems for gems… but if I get a few more Heroic runs in, maybe I’ll splurge and pick one up :)

  3. I’ve yet to get any heirloomy items. I don’t mind levelling but I may opt to get some at some point once my main is 80 and I have the time to spare to get the items and all.

    I hope you enjoy your Druid. I found the first 20 levels to be a pain but I stuck with it and I really enjoy my 47 Druid now.
    Ninjaoctopus´s last blog ..Putting the MENTAL in Elemental. My ComLuv Profile

  4. X.x;

    Your Druid is now, in my head, known as Caravan.

    This is because, ever since I was a tiny child, my Aunt has owned a Caravan in Ayrshire, and it’s what I most associate with the region – even before the breed of cow! :P
    Faulsey´s last blog ..For Anea – some Scots (Or rather, some almost Glesga Patter) My ComLuv Profile