Learning 2 Play

August 5th, 2009


As you all know, patch 3.2.0 dropped yesterday.  Hydraxis had some extended maintenance, but it was up just in time to get our raids together.  The plan was to take 2 10-man groups into the new Argent Colliseum.

Although my group didn’t get started until about an hour and a half into raid time, when we finally did go in, we were raring to go!

I’d briefly glanced over MMO Champion’s list of abilities for this fight, but I am horrible at putting a list of abilities into a coherent strategy.  All I knew is “there are some knockbacks or poisons or something.”

None of us really knew what to expect, we didn’t know if we would have to fight all the “Beasts” at once, or if it was timed, or if we’d get a break between them.

And we were fine with that.  More than fine, in fact!

Last night was one of those rare opportunities where something is so new, that there is no well-known strategy to use.  Instead of reading the strat and evaluating ourselves on how well we can execute it, we had to be attentive to what happened in each attempt and develop and evolve our own strategy.

All ten of us participated in this process, adding suggestions and observations and asking plenty of questions.

It was one of those times where I remembered why I love playing this game, and how it really does help develop real world problem solving and teamwork skills. We had to learn and adapt how we played, and each attempt was nearly better than the last.

I hope everyone who is able to get a group together can give this a try!  Don’t just wait for someone else to develop a strategy, use your own!

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7 comments to “Learning 2 Play”

  1. The real question is – did you down ‘em? :D
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Two. Two jormungar. Eh heh heh. My ComLuv Profile

  2. We did yesterday.
    I was in the other 10man in our guild and we both got them and then headed to Ulduar.
    Braj’s group got it on their first attempt I think – I blame lack of bloodlust on our team, hehe.
    Wangari´s last blog ..Speculation Cataclysm My ComLuv Profile

  3. Most excellent. Congratulations!

    I think it took us two tries to get the concept behind the worms (“think Eredar Twins, but less hot” didn’t work as a raid strat) and two tries for the mammoth dude when we realized what the Massive Crash was all about.

    All in all, a fun encounter IMO.
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Two. Two jormungar. Eh heh heh. My ComLuv Profile

  4. Hey! Our group didn’t have Bloodlust either, our Shaman disconnected in the middle of the worm phase :)

    The worms were probably our biggest problem. But once we focused on Acidmaw and made sure the poisoned people ran to the bile person, we got it under control.

    I actually really like the wendigo fight, although I’ve never had the pleasure of being charged at!

  5. I find it better to have the biled person run about and free the poisoned people – especially since it slows you by 90% (at least on 25).
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..This is a triumph a long time coming! My ComLuv Profile

  6. We determined it was best to get Acidmaw down first. Though that said, 25man went fine – 5man heroic the next day not so much.

    My guild is really getting annoyed at my BM spec, I think I need to switch soon :(

  7. If you do switch, MM is a great spec to try! :) m I went from BM to MM and ended up really liking it.