Co-op WoW: The Adventures of Carapinka

July 27th, 2009

Or, What To Do When The Xbox Breaks Down.

Over the weekend, Gadgets and I were spending our time working our way through the seasons of IT Crowd.  Unfortunately, the Xbox controller decided to stop functioning (yes, I tried changing the batteries!) leaving us stuck with nothing to do.

We tried hooking up his new 24″ monitor and watching on the computer, but with a broken soundcard… it just wasn’t going to happen.  Since we didn’t have 2 computers to play alts together, we decided to play AN alt together.

We turned WoW into a 2-player cooperative game… and it was awesome.

Here’s what we did:

Grabbed a set of dice.

Rolled a d10 to pick our race.  4… Gnome it is!

Rolled a d6 to pick our class… MAGE!

While I know there is a function built in to randomize appearance, we decided to randomize manually through each feature, because it was more fun to do it one at a time.

Then we took the first randomized name that wasn’t already taken.

Meet Carapinka.


But how do you play one character with 2 people?

Easy!  Gadgets took hold of the mouse, and he was responsible for targetting and turning.

I was in command of the keyboard, responsible for casting spells and moving forward and backward.

It took a bit to get the hang of it, especially since I’m a mouse-turner and he’s a keyboard-turner… but we worked quite well together.

Once we hit level 5, it was time to choose our professions.  Get out the dice!  To avoid some horrible combination like Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing, we decided to roll for a gathering and a crafting profession.

We pondered over the worst possible combinations… Skinning/Jewelcrafting, maybe?

While we didn’t get the best combination (probably Herbalism/Tailoring for this guy), we didn’t get the worst either… Skinning/Enchanting.

At least he’ll be able to make his own wands.

And while we haven’t reached this point yet, we do plan on randomizing our talent points… to some extent, at least.

We’re also planning to join the first guild we see recruiting players of all levels.

It was really fun, and if you’ve got someone who you normally play with, I recommend giving this a shot! :)   It takes a lot of teamwork, but it’s like a whole new game!

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5 comments to “Co-op WoW: The Adventures of Carapinka”

  1. That sounds awesome :D
    Negathle´s last blog ..Just breathe.. just brea- oh FFS! My ComLuv Profile

  2. Skinning enchanting? You can make good money with that- skin everything, have a LW friend craft greens, DE for profit. As well as the profits from DEing quest rewards :)

    Enchanting is like a gathering profession in some ways.

  3. I wonder why us EU-folk don’t have the name-generator.

  4. Just spotted this blog from wow.com and really enjoyed this initial, yet brief, post of your random exploits with your mate – sounds like real fun!
    Saviourself´s last blog ..Playmaker 3 My ComLuv Profile

  5. Haha, that is utterly awesome :D our Xbox died and my graphics card died.. I had to read..BOOKS nontheless. Wtf :o