July 14th, 2009

Remember the days when there was only one non-PvP title?  “Scarab Lord”?  If you saw someone riding by with that title, you stopped and looked.  The PvP titles were neat too, but didn’t hold much meaning.

Then they brought in a couple more with Burning Crusade… “Champion of the Naaru” and “Hand of A’dal”.  Eventually you could get “of the Shattered Sun” if you had some spare cash.  They were quite a bit more common, but it still made you feel a bit special.

With the achievement system the way it is now, we’re more surprised to see someone running around without a title than with one.  Anyone who has had even passing interest in achievements has upwards of 10 titles to switch through as they see fit.

I think it adds a bit of depth to each character – by seeing someone’s title, you can guess what their playstyle or in-game interests might be.  Someone with the title “Jenkins” makes me think they just love messing around and having fun with the game.  When I see a “Twilight Vanquisher” I feel like I’m in the presence of a doughty fighter.  Is it wrong to judge people by their title?

Anyway, what brought this line of though on was that as of last night, Ghugh is no longer just Ghugh!  He is now…

Ghugh of Ironforge! (Complete with spikey hat)

Ghugh of Ironforge! (Complete with spikey hat)

I think this is a fitting first title for most characters.  And as you progress and gain more experiences, you come to be known for more interesting things than just your origin.

What do you think?  Is there a reason you favour some titles over others?

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately other than “Need More Stable Slots” stuff (GO DONATE), but I’ve been quite busy at work, and it’s going to continue to be quiet just a few more days – I’m having a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow!

So I’ll be back when I’ve recovered and gotten sick of eating pudding and milkshakes.  Is that even possible?

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13 comments to “Titled”

  1. Yeah, I like titles for how they sound, mostly. My ideal titles are all really cool sounding ones that also have a lot of hard work behind them – Scarab Lord Rilgon (never gonna happen), Rilgon the Astral Walker (also quite unlikely), Rilgon of the Nightfall (…maybe with my move to Warcraftier?)…

    Rilgon of Gnomeregan, though, is only because there’s no “of Undermine” title. :P
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..It takes a lot to make me rage… My ComLuv Profile

  2. I like to go for titles that could mean something for my character, even though I don’t do any form of roleplay. It’s got to have something to do with who the character is, not necessarily what they do.

    My mage went for Jenkins because he’s all about rushing in and blowing stuff up regardless of whether or not he died. Granted, the background of the title includes killing everyone, but still it fits with his general idea.

    My paladin went for “the Noble” because he’s a paladin. What’s more fitting for a paladin than that? (at least at low levels).

    It does kind of dull down things now that everyone can have titles out the whazoo, and it is a bit strange seeing someone without one (almost like seeing someone without a guild name), but I’d kind of like to see some harder-to-get titles out there.

    Never heard of Scarab Lord, btw. I might have to look that one up.
    Psynister´s last blog ..Druid Leveling: 1-20 (Balance) My ComLuv Profile

  3. My drae priestess is “of Stormwind”. I’m sure people occasionally stop and wonder. :D

    Really all it says is “I do these dailies too much” but she doesn’t identify with the Exodar at all.
    Ambrosyne´s last blog ..BoO > Thorim and Freya My ComLuv Profile

  4. Wangari the Elder.
    Only one I went after, only holiday achievement I got on him – just because I laugh at the idea of a Flacid Wang…
    Wangari´s last blog ..ALT TAB – Forget about Wang! My ComLuv Profile

  5. Bellwether has almost enough titles to pass her character frame, but all I use is Corporal. It’s not the most impressive title, but it’s not something everyone is wearing.

    Bellbell has two or three titles, but she doesn’t wear one at all. “of Exodar” and “the Noble” aren’t ways she would describe herself.

  6. Sadly, I have yet to get any titles with my main. However, since he’s a Tauren, I’d like to get the “Elder” title next year. Once I ding 80, I’ll go and do the dailies to get the “of Thunder Bluff” title too.

    I’ve got a bit bored of seeing the “Jenkins” title. Seems every other person I go past has that one. I may get it but only for the characters I feel would suit that title like le Gnome DK.
    Ninjaoctopus´s last blog ..Look, This (Insert MMO Here) Is The WOW-Killer! My ComLuv Profile

  7. Yeah, I agree with Ninjaoctopus. It seems like on an average night in Dalaran there are more toons WITH “Jenkins” after their name than WITHOUT it.

    (I remain, for the time being, untitled.)

  8. Oh, they should definitely make a “Untitled” title, since there are way too many titles nowadays.
    I would use it, especially if it involved doing something really interesting.
    Wangari´s last blog ..ALT TAB – Forget about Wang! My ComLuv Profile

  9. “Untitled”

    Spend 2 months at level 80 without a title.
    Ninjaoctopus´s last blog ..Totems Are A Shaman’s Best Friend (Part 1) My ComLuv Profile

  10. @Wangari – HA! I didn’t even think of that, old Wang. :P

    “Jenkins” seems to be the easiest title to get, especially for alts, so I think that’s why a lot of people who haven’t had time to do anything else yet are using it. I agree, it’s a little tiresome.

    @Ninjaoctopus/Wangari – That’s a great idea :D

  11. I like OC’s “Knight” title….pvp’d my butt off the last two weeks before the PvP titles were frozen in Nov. ’06 to make sure I was high up on the honor ranks when I dinged 40.

    I’d like for Blizz to allow title combos…

    Knight Oilcan the Noble of Ironforge….etc
    Oilcan´s last blog ..Trolls. Why did it have to be Trolls? My ComLuv Profile

  12. I’m a title-less noob…woe is me.

    But I’m really amused that the only title available used to be Scarab Lord. That’s not exactly, err, quite what you’re looking for, is it? It doesn’t make your enemies quail and your allies cheer. It doesn’t quite suffuse the heart with glory.

    Scarab Lord?

    What’s next … Beetle Master?

    Cockroach Conquerer?

    (also doughty is a fabulous word – especially for a dwarf)
    Tamarind´s last blog ..flogging a dead horse My ComLuv Profile

  13. I think we always remember the first title for our characters. Actually only 2 of my characters have any titles. But I’m proud of the ones they have displayed “Guardian of Cenarius” and “Patron”. The Guardian one sounds cool, and not many people seem to display it, and Patron because I never tried so hard in PvP to get anything. I loathe PvP so that Patron title was a big deal.

    I try to find titles that fit the character and go from there. Certain titles sound better than others with your characters name. I like the Chef title, but think it sounds best with my character “Borka” Chef Borka. That sounds awesome, at least to me.
    Troutwort´s last blog ..Ready or Not My ComLuv Profile