I remember…

July 10th, 2009

Dueg wrote up a list of things he remembers from “back in the day”.  It filled me with nostalgia, so I decided to add a few memories of my own!

I remember…

… when you had to grind up to Exalted with Frostwolf clan to get the Howler.

… when Mend Pet was channelled.

… when only the most doughty players had epics and tier sets.

… when Broken Tooth was the best pet, not because he looked cool, but because he had a super fast attack speed.

… when there were no Summoning Stones.

… when Summoning Stones were Meeting Stones and they were (not) used as a poor auto-LFG tool.

…when mages had to conjure stacks of food/water and hand them out individually (Healthstones as well.

… farming gold.  Not farming mats to sell and make gold, but killing Humanoids to get gold.

… when mailing items to your other characters wasn’t instant.

… when you needed a specific rank to get into the PVP Hall in Org/Stormwind.

… Feign Death + drinking during boss fights to regain mana.

It will be interesting after another year or two of the game, and we look back on what we’ve got now that’ll be different then.

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5 comments to “I remember…”

  1. Ah Broken Tooth and his 2.0 Attack Speed. He was so uber back then. I still have him in my stable even though more interesting cat models have come out.

    Remember when Spirit Bond was at the top of the BM tree?
    Cotar´s last blog ..Fun with Power Auras My ComLuv Profile

  2. I remember…

    … when tamed pets didn’t shrink. Hell, sometimes they inexplicably got even larger.

    … when trade chat was blissfully only about trade.
    Shawn´s last blog ..Your MiniPets Are In Another Castle! My ComLuv Profile

  3. I remember…
    … when Hunters used Focus, not mana (that’s early, early Open Beta).
    … when “I survived Barrens Chat” had some real meaning.
    … when Aimed Shot was the staple shot in every hunter’s rotation.

  4. - when there were no greater blessings from paladins.

    - when you needed to keep Shield Block up all the time as warrior, so you wouldn’t get crushed.

    - when my shammy used to be put in a group with the 4 highest dps in the raid for Bloodlust, then switched with another shammy later for round 2 of Bloodlust.

    - Sharpening weapons before a fight…
    Wangari´s last blog ..Softcore My ComLuv Profile

  5. Oh lord, I wanna do one of these. XD
    Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Holy shit, I actually have fans. My ComLuv Profile