How Ghugh Got His Groove Back

July 8th, 2009

Did he ever lose it?  I’m not sure.  But when I initially hit 80, I was a bit lost about what to do.

But now I’ve realized my mistakes:

  1. Just because I’m 80 doesn’t mean I’m ready to run Heroics.
  2. No one runs regular 78-80 dungeons.
  3. I don’t need to gear for both of my specs at once.

So I’ve decided to focus on rep grinds and getting some Titansteel gear together.  I’ve already replaced his Ingvar’s Monolithic Cleaver with a Titansteel Destroyer, and after tonight, I’ll also have a Spiked Titansteel Helm to replace his Helm of Brutal Slaughter.  My goal is to get Ghugh’s retribution set (his main spec) Heroic-worthy, and then start running Heroics as DPS (hopefully with a bear-tank so I can steal all the plate tanking gear that drops!)

So for now, Ghugh has made his home in Icecrown.  It’s not a very pretty place to hang out, but it’s got everything I need:

If I’m not questing in Icecrown, I’m doing my Argent Tournament & Knights of the Ebon Blade dailies.  If I’m not doing dailies in Icecrown, I’m mining a buttload of Saronite and hoping to pick up some Titanium.  If I’m not mining in Icecrown, I’m at the closest mailbox/forge making Titansteel and taking advantage of my mage’s Transmute: Titanium skill!

It’s going to be pretty slow going, but I don’t mind.  If Ghugh has to wait til 3.2 to start running Heroics… well, that’s ok!  Better gear then, anyway!

I just have one thing to say - HOW do people do it? Maintain multiple 80s?  I’ve got just two now, and it’s difficult to keep up!  Sheesh.

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4 comments to “How Ghugh Got His Groove Back”

  1. You’ve turned into a Retlol!?!? :O

    Well, fine then. I see how you are. :P

    There’s still plenty to do once you get to 80. I actually do find quite a few people regularly running Northrend instances, so maybe it’s just a server thing.

    Just because there are things for you to do though doesn’t actually mean that you have to bother with doing them. Dailies are all fine and good, but that doesn’t mean both characters need to do all 25 of them each day. Argent Tournament is fun, but nothing says you have to do it all, every day, with every character.

    I just play whoever I want to play, for as long as I feel like playing with them. If that means I get stuck on a single character for 2 months while the other one doesn’t even get logged in, then so be it. As long as you’re having fun, then you’re doing it right.
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  2. It might be a server thing, but in Hydraxis no one runs the regular dungeons. Everyone just seems to assume they can be carried through an easy heroic and get better rewards for their time.
    It’s sad really, but the current design kind of pushed us into that. The emblem change in 3.2 will definitely put the nail on the coffin there, but at least I hope there will be more people interested in the heroics at least. Because those are pretty lonely too right now.
    If not, at least you’ll be able to bug a guildie to come help ya with something to give him in return.

  3. It must be a server thing. Unfortunately, my Paladin isn’t on Hydraxis, and he’s actually unguilded right now! So that makes options quite limited. :(

    I am afraid of 3.2 making it so that anyone who is properly geared for Heroics won’t get in to any runs because they aren’t overgeared to make it a badge run. But I’m also hoping that there will be enough people running Heroics that there will be room for a not-so-geared paladin here and there!

  4. You can ask me to heal stuff for you…I hope you know this. :P