Go Ghugh!

June 30th, 2009

I went home a bit early last night because I had a goal.  Ghugh was sitting at about 5% through level 79 and I was going to get him to 80 no matter what!  So after 4 hours of playing, I finally got my dear paladin to 80!  He’s got his epic flyer, he’s using his Titansteel CD, he’s spent his last talent point.


Oddly enough, my first reaction when my experience bar finally disappeared was… Now what?

This is quite different from when my Hunter hit 80.  When Brajana hit level 80 I had clear goals.  Get my hit rating capped, run Heroics with guildmates, get that stupid freakin’ crossbow from Heroic UK (it never dropped, BTW), start raiding.

But I don’t have goals for Ghugh.  Heck, I haven’t even decided if I’m going to make him a tank or a DPS!  I doubt I can gear him for both equally.  I also don’t really know any of my guildmates – they are my boyfriend’s guildmates, not mine. Which means Ghugh is lined up for a ton of PUGs.  Do I want to PUG?  I don’t know, I’ve never been such a huge fan.

In fact, once I hit 80, I did a couple more quests, I hearthed to Dalaran and did some banking, and I logged out to go watch some TV.  It was actually very anti-climactic.  I loved leveling my Paladin… will I love playing him at 80 as much?

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5 comments to “Go Ghugh!”

  1. Worst case, having a level 80 alt is good for business. They can do things that lower level alts can’t… maybe use him as a profession/AH alt until you decide what to do with him :)

  2. Oddly, I was *this* close to just rolling another Paladin about 10 minutes after he hit 80. That’s how much I loved leveling him!

  3. Congratulations on 80, Ghugh!

    I hope that you will have as much fun with him at 80 as you did leveling him :>
    Anea´s last blog ..Dailies: of Guilt and Grinding My ComLuv Profile

  4. Grats on 80, G!
    Psynister´s last blog ..Hunter Leveling: 1-20 My ComLuv Profile

  5. Wow. I have an eerily similar situation as yourself. I too have been leveling a paladin in which I hit 80 on Monday. I too have my main as a hunter. My hunter is part of a 2v2 team (with a feral druid) in which we have maxed out at 1800 (paladins are our bane, and the sole class keeping us from 1850 and a new WEAPON). Anyway……

    Instead of complaining constantly about it, I decided to level my own Over powered paladin. Now that I am 80 with him….. I’m… bored. bgs are fun I suppose, but since my gear sucks if bubble is down I die almost instantly. I have no real idea what I’m doing either, so that doesnt help.

    I’ve realized something depressing with this level 80 paladin. All that work to get him there, and I did it for the wrong reasons. I despise blood elves firstly, but I had to be one so I am one. I hate paladins too because of the five years of cowardly bubbling and running away and or defeat in the arena.

    Then why did I level one? I wanted my partner to stop being frustrated in 2v2 because we just got destroyed by paladins. I wanted to have some fun in arena for once instead of getting facerolled by paladin/x teams. But it doesnt matter. I leveled him because paladins are powerful. Not because I loved the class.

    And now that I am in the 80 grind stage of getting better gear and LEARNING the class for pvp, I find myself unwilling to put in the work to do it. Simply because I do not love the class.

    Oh well. Maybe I will bring out my rogue next. He is 72 and I’ve had him since 2004 World of Warcraft beta :) Now thats nostalgia ;)