Down with the Sickness (Scavenger Hunt!)

June 25th, 2009

Scavenger Hunts are amazing guild events.  They get everyone involved doing something where gear doesn’t really matter.  It does, however, require a ton of planning ahead of time.  Previously, Unemployed celebrated a Feast for Thrall, where the scavenger hunt employed the participants to gather materials for food and party favours.

Well, I finally came up with a story for a new Employment Opportunity (Scavenger Hunt for Unemployed), and here is how it will begin:


A plague is upon us! No, not that plague. A NEW plague! No… not THAT new plague…

Some warriors have returned from their journey to Northrend and are exhibiting strange symptoms. We have isolated the disease, and it seems to be related to contact with the Boars of Borean Tundra. Naturally we’ve consulted the most powerful shaman, priests and druids of the Horde, but none of the conventional methods seem to have any effect.

After working with the greatest healers and the most clever apothecaries, we may yet have a solution to end this pandemic. But it will not be easy. Strange reagents gathered from all over Azeroth, Outland and even Northrend will be needed. There will be dangers untold, there will be blood, and there will be sweat.

We ask only the bravest members of the Horde to offer their hand to help eliminate the Swine Flu threat.  If health and safety is not enough of a motivator for you, be aware that there will be grand rewards for the one who helps develop the cure!

Thrum Bloodbringer
Head Shaman
Azeroth Health Advisory Board

NOTE: All further Zeppelin flights returning from the Borean Tundra will be strictly monitored. Import and sale of Boar Ribs is prohibited at this time. Please wash your hands regularly. If you are feeling ill, please remain at home and do not attempt to attend any raids.

The official date for this event is yet to be determined, but I will be sure to follow up here with more details as it gets closer!

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One comment to “Down with the Sickness (Scavenger Hunt!)”

  1. I heard frozen orbs were needed for the medicine to get rid of Northrend’s swine flu. Shall we go do some heroics?