The Emblem Ordeal

June 24th, 2009

I’m not one for whining about Blizzard’s changes, generally.  I actually hate it when people complain that other people are going to have an easier time getting the same stuff as them.  I don’t care how easy or hard others have it, what I care about is my own gameplay, and how it will be affected by the changes.

So I’ve taken some time to figure out how I really feel about these upcoming Emblem changes.

My overall opinion is that when you’re running Heroics you don’t need T8.  When you’re running Naxx you don’t need T8.  When a dungeon or raid gets too easy then you should move on to the next level.  Not before, not after.

But I can understand some people just want to get their alts to the same level as their mains.  Maybe they want to switch and don’t want to put in the overtime to catch up… I am not sure.

For my main, my Hunter, I don’t really care much about the Emblem stuff.  When 3.2 comes out, chances are we will have cleared the non-hard modes of Ulduar 25 and will be working on hard modes, maybe even have a few of them down.  It’s likely we’ll be moving on to the new raid when it comes out.  We aren’t going to be forced to go back and farm Naxx for Emblems, although I can see this making our off-night raids a bit more popular.

The strange thing is, this patch is supposed to be aimed at ‘casuals’ and alts.  Look!  You can get the 2nd highest shinies by running Heroics!  However, these changes make me quite sad when I think about my Paladin, who is just about to hit 80.

Will Ghugh ever get to see Ulduar?  Doubt it.  Because why would you run Ulduar when you can run Heroics and get the same gear?  Which means if I wanted to raid with him, I’d have to jump from Heroics to T9 raiding.

And that scares me.  What I like is progression, challenge.  Doing Ulduar again on a new character in a different role will make it a whole new challenge for me, but I don’t think anyone will bother running it much when you can get half of your epics from doing Naxx Emblem runs.

All in all, I’m not pleased by these changes.  I can’t know for sure what will happen, but if for some reason I decide to start raiding on my off-nights with my Paladin, he’ll be forced to skip content.  And that is just not cool.

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8 comments to “The Emblem Ordeal”

  1. I definitely understand your point of view and could see how someone that wants to do the same content again on a different toon would dislike this change. However, I’m excited about this.

    This change gives us a reason to farm heroics again, which I loved doing in TBC. It also means I don’t have to take my ret pally through the same raid content over and over to help my guild when they might not need my holy pally for the night.

  2. Maybe someone can help me understand something. Can you seriously get EVERY SINGLE PIECE of Ulduar gear from emblems? I keep seeing people writing what you are saying, and I don’t get it.

    Are there not many pieces of gear in Ulduar that are drop only? I do not see any weapons past iLevel 200 that are attainable by emblems, for example.

    I would love a clarification on this.

  3. Dave –
    You can’t get all of your gear from Emblems, which is why I said “… when you can get half of your epics from doing Naxx Emblem runs.” However, if you are wearing half T8-equivalent Emblem gear and the rest is regular Naxx-25 gear, chances are you’ll be geared enough to start on the level of raiding past Ulduar.

    Ashimbo –
    The problem with farming Heroics, and even Naxx for that matter, is they take very little skill. Progressing through other content helps players build up their skills gradually. Being thrown from Heroic Utgarde Keep to something like Yogg Saron is quite a bit to ask of anyone, even if they’re geared for it!

  4. “The problem with farming Heroics, and even Naxx for that matter, is they take very little skill. Progressing through other content helps players build up their skills gradually.”

    What other content? There is no other content under Ulduar. I assume when you refer to “farming” you mean “boosting” by over geared players? Then run those Heroics with other poorly geared alts so everyone can “progress” and build up their skills. But unskilled players will benefit even from “boosted” heroic runs. The boss fights still take several minutes, you have to try to stay alive (or keep people alive), and spend time practicing your skills.

    “Being thrown from Heroic Utgarde Keep to something like Yogg Saron is quite a bit to ask of anyone, even if they’re geared for it!”

    I think we sometimes over-analyze this game. The hardest part about running a heroic or raid instance is getting the damn group together with the proper class proportions and a skilled leader. That done, the skill progression can occur anywhere. Without those, runs rarely get started, much less succeed. And Yogg is a looong ways from the entrance of Ulduar.

  5. Doesn’t it still cost a fair amount of emblems to get this gear? Now I may be an exception to every rule when it comes to this game, but I don’t see my emblems wracking up really fast. So there will still be some “work” involved. Though I never understand why people use “work” in a video game, that’s a whole other topic.

    Now I certainly don’t agree with handing out epics all over the place, and I’m sure some people will do very well getting what they need and want from their emblems. It may be “easy” for all those that are in hardcore progressive raiding guilds, but there are those of us that are not. And I know that for me, it will still take long enough to even see some of those items.

    I’m still confused and not totally sure about the new system myself. It did sound like a bit of a jump to me. One emblem tier would have been enough bonus for me. The leap over two seems well, like a huge step.

    I guess only time will tell how it plays out. Did we complain that there was only one badge type in TBC? I remember saving all my badges to get the 100 badge robes from the SSO vendor though I could have gotten different itmes along the way and I pretty much only did heroics then. Perhaps if they are switching to one type of emblem, the price will rise for the better items? I don’t know, I’m not on the PTR, I’m just speculating.
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  6. Because why would you run Ulduar when you can run Heroics and get the same gear?

    Because it’s fun? Isn’t that the point of this whole damn game, community, and blogosphere? Fun?
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  7. @Bristal-
    Ulduar is the other content I’m talking about. When this patch hits, it will be the mid-content, between Naxx and the new raid. Even going through there myself I can feel myself and my fellow raiders improve our skills, comparing our initial attempts on a fight to the attempts later on. I realize Yogg is at the end of Ulduar, but I would expect the next step up in raiding to start off with encounters closer to the difficulty of that kind of fight, rather than something easy.

    It does cost quite a few Emblems. 1 Tier token is 58 Emblems of Conquest, which is just under 4 Naxxramas clears. So it would take quite a while to pick those up. After thinking about it for a bit, this is a bit of a throwback to BC’s system… and that’s what we were used to. However, the higher level stuff cost a whole heck of a lot more tokens than the regular stuff. When 3.2 comes out, Tier 7 can be bought with 60 and 75 emblems, Tier 8 can be bought with 58 and 58. *shrug* The math just seems off to me.

    Yeah, that is MY point. I WANT to run Ulduar! The point I am trying to make is that I’m afraid I’ll be alone in that. I’m afraid no one ELSE will want to bother with Ulduar. But I could absolutely be wrong.

    This is all just speculation, my thoughts on it. It could be completely different, who knows. Maybe people will want to run both Naxx-25 and Ulduar-25 equally… who knows! I certainly don’t.

  8. I haven’t been around in a long while and I’m finally back (to the blogsphere and playing). It seems as if this is one of those two edged sword issues, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of what we saw towards the end of BC in that no one will run heroics or Naxx unless they are superiorly geared in epics so that they can make clears of these instances as fast as possible for the emblems. This will in turn make it harder in a lot of ways for a casual player to get into these groups. I have no problem with Blizz wanting to make good gear a little more readily available and such, but I think the often misread players intent. I think that a large part of the player base right now doesn’t care how they get good gear, only that they can get it as easily as possible. They don’t care about skill, progression, or the desire of others to build a workable team. They just want the best for themselves regardless of how it impacts other. And I’m certian this will be how it all plays on my server.

    As a side note, this may also help some of the guilds that are just now hitting Ulduar to smooth out their progression through there and make it a little easier to be ready for T9 content when they get there. Compared to the past raid instances, skill still isn’t the primary focus of these raids. Balance and sufficient numbers for healing and dps still rule the day (though they do require more skill than the T7 content). In a way, I wish Blizz would move more towards the days of the original lvl 60 raids and provide more 5-man content or even specially written yet long chain-quests for the casual players to gear up on.

    What I see is Blizz wanting to move players towards two categories. Raiders and the like, and PVP players, while leaving the Casual players essentially out of the mix unless they lean one direction or the other.
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