Spammy Hunter Macros in WotLK

May 28th, 2009

2007-08-02spamBack in my day, all we had was Steady Shot and a mousewheel!

Things have changed a lot for Hunters since the days of BC.  And while we no longer are consistently at the top of the damage meters, I would still say things have changed for the better.  Nearly everyone was BM.  And almost everyone had given up the fine art of handweaving shots, to use a spammable macro which would use our cooldowns, avoid auto-shot clipping and let us hit one button constantly to pump out proper DPS.

Now, we have priorities.  We have people playing each spec viably in raid settings, all with different styles and focuses.  You don’t have to even think about your auto-shots anymore, just timing your abilities and cooldowns to be used most efficiently.

I now use at least 5 buttons in my regular ‘rotation’, and I’ve mastered the ability to keep an eye on my cooldowns and my environment at the same time.

“The days of the spammable macro are gone!  Long live priorities!”  I exclaimed.

But I was wrong.  Apparently, people have built macros that still can be spammed, casting all abilities in the right order and priority.  I know a few people who use these, both for Survival and Marksmanship.

They are not simple macros, either.  “Why does it call all these other macros and use all these castsequences and stuff?” I asked someone who was a big supporter of his giant do-it-all button. “It’s because they won’t let you use more than 1 GCD in a macro, so this works around that.”

But wait… didn’t they do that for a reason?  If they wanted you to work around it, wouldn’t they have just allowed it in the first place?  /confuzzled.

To me, it’s silly.  It’s silly to put all your eggs in one basket, or all your abilities in one button.  What do you do if you want to change your priority?  What if you want to use Multi-shot instead of Aimed Shot?  Can you do it with the macro?  I don’t know.  But I don’t like it.

I like having full control of my character, pressing buttons when they are ready, my own personal whack-a-mole.

But that’s not for everyone.

I’m not going to say I think these convoluted macros are cheating, or that they make you a worse player.  It’s a different playstyle.  True, it’s not my playstyle, but who am I to say what is right or wrong?  Some people prefer to hit multiple buttons when they flash, some people prefer to spend a bunch of time learning and writing giant macros so that they can do it all with one button – both require some kind of skill.  Is it really different to be smacking 5 buttons or smacking 1 button?

So what do you think of these macros?  Do you use one?  Do you think they make someone a bad player?

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12 comments to “Spammy Hunter Macros in WotLK”

  1. I just dont think it’s fun to press a single button for several minutes on a boss fight.
    Working a rotation is a lot more challenging, which is why I’m really enjoying playing an enhance shammy, just like I loved the old affliction lock rotation.
    Most classes have a more diverse rotation in Wotlk and I’d hate to simplify it just to boost my dps by a couple hundred.

  2. I gotta say, having both a druid and a hunter, “rotations is hard…” sometimes.
    The cat dps rotation has almost too many moving parts for me.
    Compared to that, the current BM hunter rotation is child’s play. It’s not as simple as mashing the ol 2:1 or 3:2 button, but I dig it, and I also like being able to change it up on the fly, throw in a viper sting every so often to help keep me out of the aspect for just a little longer, etc…
    The only real reason I thought the macros were a good idea in BC was to keep from clipping auto shots. It seemed like no matter how I counted, or watched for the shots or whatever, I always clipped autos to the tune of mucho lost dps. Nowadays, I don’t have to worry about it and I’m enjoying my hunter much more.

  3. I am not a big fan of these all in one buttons either. My biggest macro i have is having kill command and my raptors savage rend on the same button as my Chimera Shot, so I will automatically proc them every CD. I am very bad about remembering those, so thats why i use that macro. Other than that I press all shots individually.

    I actually miss the days of shot weaving. It really separated the good hunters from the bad.

  4. @Korixys: I’m not sure I miss the shot weaving. You’re right, people who didn’t understand shot weaving were certainly easy to spot and point out as ‘huntards’… but the mechanic didn’t make sense to me. No other physical classes had to worry about their auto-attacks getting shifted around by their abilities, and I am not try to say that we should all be the same, but auto-shot should be just that… automatic, left on it’s own to take care of itself.

    @blackbeardfreelance: I found the same. With lag it was especially hard to keep a good manual shot weave working.

    @Wang: When I was raiding in BC, I didn’t mind the 1-button mashing that much… but once I got a taste of the real thing in WotLK, I could never go back!

  5. I prefer to watch my cooldowns. There are days when I miss my one-button steady macro, I can’t deny that. However, I feel much more like I’m “in” the fight when I have to keep an eye on my shots, my stings, and all of that. More a part of things, than just sitting back in my chair and whaling away on one key, and popping a MD in there every now and again. Plus I’m not a giant fan of macros. I have three that I use with any regularity. One to take care of my pet, one with all of my aspects, and one with all of my traps. That’s all I need to keep me happy! :D

    Asara’s last blog post..What a morning.

  6. Your right, that its “possible” to create a chained macro that allows you to “spam” your rotation.

    If that’s for you? Then go for it, but I still think many people will find that it doesn’t perform quiet as well as a solid manual priority. (though I guess, you could create a basic applet to do this)

    Great post though. Always, a great topic to discuss.

  7. A long time ago, when I was rebelling against the hunter standards in BC and raiding as MM (the horror!), I did do with a whooping 5 FPS tops. It was painful, the lag was terrible, and I conceded to creating a /castsequence macro in order to keep my DPS up.

    I didn’t particularly like it, but considered it a necessary evil. Once I got my new machine, I converted back willingly to hand weaving.

    I don’t like button spamming, but I will be the first to admit that it is still ingrained in my DPS button-mashing habits. When my middle finger on my left hand isn’t busy hitting Aimed Shot, it’s up at F5/F6, spamming away at Kill Shot/Kill Command/Serenity Dust. I made sense back when Kill Command *had* to be spammed, but now it’s just a retained habit. I put in spells to the macro (like Kill Shot) that I need to go off whenever they are up :)

    Negathle’s last blog post..PvP does not lower bloodpressure..

  8. Never in BC.

    Never now.

    Never in the future.


    Pike’s last blog post..Blizzard Loves You

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  10. I know every1 seems to be completely against it, but there are times when I prefer to macro some of my shots together even if it does mean a slight loss in dps.

    Especially when learning new encounters, it helps to be able to watch whats going on around me, instead of watching countdowns, so i can avoid bad things and provide utility if required as the fight shifts

    that said, I do really admire the talented people that have the ability to do that and hand weave every shot perfectly…

    the game is meant to be fun though so do whatever makes u happy IMO

  11. While I prefer hand crafting rotations, my guild stopped letting me raid until i made a macro to work around auto-shot. I’m already a BM, which means crap dps, and auto-shot was destroying my dps further. I’m against macros because it feels like there’s only one way to get good dps. But my other option is to suck.

  12. Auto shot is unlinked from the rest of your shots, meaning that you can fire it while casting steady shot. I don’t know what your guild is talking about, but either way, you should respec until Blizzard [re]buffs the BM tree.