Freya = Mana Battery

May 22nd, 2009

FreyaWhile I’ll go a bit more into this week’s Freya attempts in my “This Week in Raiding” post tomorrow, I just wanted to point out this one thing I found quite helpful during the fight.

I know mana is supposed to be a non-issue during 25-mans.  That’s never held true for me, at all.  I run out of mana in no time, and I almost always have to switch to Viper more than once each boss fight.

Freya is a looong fight.  Six waves of adds before you can even touch her!  That’s a lot of mana to be using.

Assuming you are getting to the level of play where you have a chance at getting Freya down, there’s no doubt that you usually have a few seconds between each wave of adds.  You could spend this time trying to pad the damage meters by giving it to Freya hard, but I recommend this:  Shoot off a Viper Sting at her, and if you’re a Marksman, a Chimera Shot as well.

That’s 24% of your mana back right there (plus an additional >15% if you use Chimera). It’s as good as the ol’ Feign Death and drink tactic!

In fact, feel free to use 1 GCD to lop a Viper Sting her direction whenever it’s off cooldown and you’re running low.  Viper Sting is on a 15 second cooldown, and I doubt you’ll need to use it THAT often.  The special thing about this fight is that Freya isn’t your main target, so you won’t be losing DPS by putting Viper Sting instead of Serpent Sting up like on most other fights: You can maintain your Serpent Sting on your main focus while the mana just drains away on Freya!

Of course I’d recommend saving your Chimera Shot for real DPS while there are adds active, and only hit her with it when you’ve got down time… but 24% is still an incredible boost.

This whole idea might have been obvious to everyone… but I just thought I’d point it out to those who may have forgotten about this little gem.  So instead of  swapping to Aspect of the Viper, pop a Viper Sting (+ Chimera Shot) .  You won’t lose much, if any DPS because Freya is essentially invulnerable during the add phase!

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3 comments to “Freya = Mana Battery”

  1. Good tip! Definitely something i’ve been trying to do on all bosses with a mana pool.

    We just started Freya last night. Got any good tips for handling the different waves of adds? Especially the group with the snapdragon?

  2. Make sure you’ve got a bunch of macros set up – one for each of the trio (/tar snap, for example) as well as one for the trees.

    For the trio of adds, we split our DPS pretty evenly between the 3. No melee on the water guy since he runs around so much. The tank calls out for when to stop DPS on the snap guy, when he reaches about 50 stacks. We allow the water spirit and storm guy to get down to about 25% and stop DPS. That DPS then moves to the snap guy when his debuff resets to get him to 25%, and then we try to take them all down evenly.

    For the big guy, use your cooldowns. Blow Bloodlust. This guy can go down pretty slowly, make sure everyone’s always under a mushroom, unless they get Nature’s Fury.

    For the little bitty explody flowers, have everyone group up at Freya and AOE. When the adds get to about 15% health, use shockwave/frost nova to freeze them, have everyone run out and try to AOE them down before they start running around.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Exactly what I was looking for thanks Brajana!