Are You More Creative than a Pile of Poo?

May 20th, 2009

I’m sure not.

But if you are, it’s time to flex your artistic muscles!   There are a number of WoW related contests running right now, and I’d like everyone to have an opportunity to get some sweet stuff and show off their talents.

Twisted Nether’s T-shirt Contest

TNB is hosting a t-shirt design contest!  They’d like to get some nice looking t-shirts that we can all purchase and wear for the meetup at Blizzcon.  Prizes are:

  • 1st: 60 day WoW card [and your's will be the art we use for our blizzcon shirts that we will wear there],
  • 2nd and 3rd: Chioce of loot cards that Fim happens to have lying around.. (slashdance, footsteps of illidan, pet biscuit)

Spooncraft’s T-shirt Contest

Spooncraft is also looking for t-shirt designs!  (Who knew t-shirt design was such a lucrative hobby?)  They’re hoping to bring some people in for Blizzcon… what a sweet deal!  I’ve already got my Blizzcon and plane tickets, but if you don’t… be sure to enter!  Prizes:

  • One Grand Prize Winner will receive a FREE ticket to Blizzcon 2009, a FREE stay at the hotel where the Spooncraft crew will be staying, and hell I’ll even pay for $500 worth in air fare. That sound good to you?
  • One First Prize Winner will receive a Beta key for an up coming Blizzard game.
  • Three Second Prize Winners will get a 30 day WoW Game Card.

Xoxide’s Video Contest

They’re looking for some specific types of videos here – parodies, live action or dubbed.  If you’re into machinima or LARPing, give it a shot!  I’m looking forward to seeing the entries, at least.  Prizes:

  • 3 Winners Will Receive a World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse & Exclusive Gaming Gear Prize Package!

Go forth and CREATE!

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2 comments to “Are You More Creative than a Pile of Poo?”

  1. http://coxsoft.blogspot.com/2006/08/is-poo-art.html

  2. Poo could not have made such a nice looking blog banner. :)

    @ Nassira – hilarious and disturbing article? My emotions are unsettled.