Ghugh’s Charger & Endless Mend Pet

May 18th, 2009

So yesterday I was dual-boxing on my machine with my boyfriend’s Hunter to help me get Ghugh’s dungeon runs for his Charger quest. It was a very long afternoon, as we had to run UD Stratholme, Dire Maul and Scholomance… and I can sometimes bore easily.  We took turns playing to get it all done, and much frustration was had in Scholo.

When doing the final event in Scholo, I read that if you wipe, you have to reset the instance and do it all over again.  Well, my paladin died from AoE pretty early, and I was not happy.  I tried running him back, but of course the gates were shut so I could get close enough to get XP, but not in the door.  The event seemed to be taking forever, so I figured I had to reset.  Since my Hunter was stuck in the instance, I hearthed them both out and then started the long journey back to Scholo.

It was only then that I read that the event can still be completed after the paladin has died as long as he is… close enough to get XP.  So I reset it and hearthed for no reason at all!  He died again the second time, but the strategy worked, and I finished the event with the Hunter and ran the Paladin in after.  Much rejoicing was had!

I also saved a lot of money by going this way instead of buying the ability at 61.  Since I had most of the mats from being a miner, it only cost me about 230g to get this quest done, rather than the 500g or whatever it costs to just simply train it and buy the mount.  So there!

"Feat of Strength? ... What we have is great Strength of Feet!"

"Feat of Strength? ... What we have is great Strength of Feet!"

But an interesting little thing happened during this run.

At one point I decided to swap out his cat pet for his Gorilla pet, because… well, it just makes more sense.  So I used Call Stabled Pet, spent Gorilla’s talent points and went on killing things.  Then I noticed the little +s and sparkles that go with Mend Pet… but I didn’t remember casting it.  I look at his buff only to find this:


Huh!  That’s pretty sweet.  Bring this to a raid and you’re sure to top the healing (and overhealing) meters. :)   And it’s still there today, after logging out and everything… but now there are only 20 days remaining!

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One comment to “Ghugh’s Charger & Endless Mend Pet”

  1. Now that’s a glitch I wouldn’t mind having! :)
    Grats on the charger too! I had a lot of fun with that quest, I brought along a couple of level 70 guildies to help with the Scholo part, and we rocked it out one night before raid.

    We’re men, we’re men in tights! We roam around the forest looking for fights!

    Asara’s last blog post..Danger, Will Robinson!