New Tamable Pet Family: Scourge

May 7th, 2009


How many things are wrong with this tooltip?

  • My Wolf, Valdyr, is apparently a Player.
  • Valdyr is also of the classification “Valdyr Valdyr”.
  • I need to kill him 15 times a day! :(
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2 comments to “New Tamable Pet Family: Scourge”

  1. I’m both confused and hoping for follow up…
    Did you send in a ticket?
    Did your wolf join the dark side?
    …where can I tame said beast?

  2. Well, I can understand why it’s getting that as the tooltip – my wolf is actually from Icecrown, near the area with that arena. When you kill those wolves, they do count as Scourge for the quest.

    Here’s a link to the pet on petopia: http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/html/mobs/mob_sentryworg_black.html

    That part of the tooltip is always there if I have those quests :P

    The next time I looked at the tooltip though, the “Valdyr Valdyr (Player)” was gone, I get this sometimes and sometimes it’s not there.

    I didn’t send in a peition, but maybe I should.