(BTW, Ulduar is the porridge)

April 29th, 2009

nerfI’m not going to read another post from my Google Reader that has any combination of the words “Ulduar” and “nerf” in the title.  And I certainly won’t dare to venture onto any sort of forums at a time like this.

Have you ever heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? For some, the porridge is too hot, for some, too cold.  And then for others it’s juuuust right.

So you’ve managed to clear through 9 bosses already. /cheer! Good on ya! I’m happy for you and your raid.  But I don’t need to hear that obviously Ulduar is too easy because you’ve accomplished this.

Still haven’t been able to get Razorscale or Ignis down? That sucks, I hope you can pinpoint the issues and get through it.  But I don’t need to hear how obviously Ulduar is too hard.

Blizzard is continually balancing these fights. It’s only been out for just 2 weeks, and maybe they didn’t do as much testing as they should have.  Maybe having only the best guilds being the ones who really test boss fights isn’t the best idea, because when things seem just right for them, it won’t be the same for <Goldie ‘locks> when they venture in with raiders who have only experienced WotLK raids in their history.

I’ve had my own issues with Ulduar, and I’ve blogged about them.  But I’m not blaming anything on Blizzard or Ulduar – our guild is out of practise and we’ve never had to coordinate with this particular group combination before.  So much of our raid has changed since our BC raiding days, it’s taking a lot of time to learn the playstyles, strengths, weaknesses and limits of our fellow raiders.

Other guilds are still playing with the same people they’ve played with since vanilla raiding days, and some guilds just have a great group synergy.  These are all factors that influence how enjoyable and successful your raiding experience will be, a much bigger influence than reducing the damage some lightning bolt does could ever be.

So I ask of you, please stop calling out nerf, whether you are for or against it.  Be proud of your group for the strides you’ve made with the content as it is available to us, or work hard to improve yourself so that you can make those strides that you have yet to make.

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6 comments to “(BTW, Ulduar is the porridge)”

  1. Very nice post! I agree wholeheartedly.

    The porridge is just right for me, but I wouldn’t complain anyway. We do what we can and try what we can’t, and that’s the way we’ll always be.

    Have fun in Ulduar! <3

    Nassira’s last blog post..Makin’ Progress, Kids

  2. Your always on point with your posts! Like Nass said, the porridge is just right for me too.

  3. AMEN! I know for us, it’s not Ulduar, it’s the people we’re bringing to Ulduar.

    Kestrel’s last blog post..A New Pet Peeve

  4. -giggles a little-

    I love how one of your most recent achievements is “Heroic: Nerf Gravity Bombs”, but I am terribly easily amused.

    Silliness aside, you make a great point. It’s also important for people to realise that “just right” really does vary from person to person, so Ulduar, like every other raid in WoW, simply cannot be “just right” for everyone – for some it may be too hard or too easy, but that’s just the way the game is.

    Faulsey’s last blog post..I like UI addons a bit too much, it seems…

  5. I literally LOLed at .

  6. I just want a *little* taste of the porridge… *sits at the edge of the table and begs*

    Pike’s last blog post..The Quickest Noblegarden Guide Ever