Unemployed’s Top Chef: Guild Cooking Contest!

April 28th, 2009

topchefknifeUnemployed has always had a thing for food.  We talk about it, we watch Top Chef, we post our favourite recipes, we discuss the raw milk debate and I am frequently asked to explain the concept of milk in bags.

A few weeks ago, I announced to Unemployed that we’d be holding a cooking contest.  The idea was this: Create a meal/food/drink based on in-game items and recipes.  An example I gave was the recipes featured by WoW Insider’s World of Warcrafts such as Kibler’s Bits.

I decided to make the prizes extra appealing… instead of just some non-combat pets and nice little things like that, I figured since this required extra effort, I’d include extra special prizes.

1st Place: A 60-day game time card

2nd Place: 1000 gold

Runners up: A week’s supply of raid consumables (of their choosing):

  • 9x Flasks
  • 20x Buff Food
  • 5x Health or Mana Potions
  • 1 stack of reagents (arrows, candles, dust, ankhs, etc)
  • 150g for repairs

Everyone was given 3 weeks to design and submit their recipe.  After the submission period was over, the entire guild was given 1 week to vote on their favourite recipe.  The results were:

  1. northernstew Layniana’s Warsong Victory Northern Stew
  2. boarribs Brajana’s Beer Basted Boar Ribs
  3. dwarvenmild Tigerfeet’s Dwarven Mild
    deliciouscake Guinesa’s Delicious Chocolate Cake
    fishfeast Pilsner’s Fish Feast

With permission of the recipe creators, I am going to post each recipe here on Mend Pet, and I’ll update this page with links to each recipe.  Please feel free to test them out and let me know what you think!

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One comment to “Unemployed’s Top Chef: Guild Cooking Contest!”

  1. Wow! What an awesome and fun event! Looking forward to seeing how tis goes.