Noble Gardening!

April 27th, 2009

Disclaimer: This post was accurate as of patch 3.1.1.

I love world/holiday events.  I find them quite enjoyable, I love the excitment and the cute and fun special things you can get.

Noblegarden is no exception!  I spent most of the afternoon yesterday becoming Brajana the Noble.

Yes, I have heard plenty of reasons to hate this event.  “It’s sexist!”  say some.  “I am offended by bunny-ears!” say others.  “Everyone is camping all the egg spawn points!” say the rest.

But I take it much lighter to heart.  I don’t even want to get into the sexist argument, because it’s a bit silly.  As for the eggs… I had so much fun picking up eggs!  I found a couple good camping spots, but I also mixed in some plain Egg Rushing around trying to find some.  Here are  my recommended Horde camping spots:

Falconwing Square – around the fountain.  There are about 6 spawn points in the fountain, and you can sit in 1 spot and reach about 3 at a time.  There are also some that spawn around the benches outside of the fountain.

Bloodhoof Village – behind the small tent furthest to the south.  From here you can see the two eggs that spawn on the each side of the tent as well as the one that spawns on top of the cooking grill (most people don’t see it since it’s above the ground).

In fact, I had SO much fun searching for eggs that I went on my newly-created level 8 Gnome Rogue and proceeded to collect about 50 eggs just for the quests and for the fun of it.  Lots of nice hiding spots in Kharanos!

If you are having problems and getting frustrated trying to collect eggs, here’s my recommendation:  JUST WAIT.  This event will last for a WEEK.  Do you think there will be as many people doing it on Wednesday or Thursday?  No way!  You’ll have the place practically to yourself.

I even had fun doing the Un’goro achievement – and I didn’t ‘cheat’ by bringing a friend and using the branch.  I ran all the way from Caverns of Time as a little bunny.  It was an adventure, and I felt a bit like Frogger, trying to weave around the raptors!

OH! And one nice thing is you can put bunny ears on yourself.  You know what that means?  I didn’t have to go searching for a female Troll! :)

I hope everyone who is participating in the event is having fun!

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11 comments to “Noble Gardening!”

  1. I am VERY offended by the bunny ears. Because I wore them and very little else and only got like three catcalls. How offensive is that?!?! I was expecting to be showered in gold, and all I get is a whistle from my guild mate. =(

    Nassira’s last blog post..=*(

  2. I…

    *pokes fingers together*

    I like my bunny ears… >_>;


    Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog post..With a little help from my friends…

  3. lol Nass, I was going to say the same thing! In all reality though, lil feminist me really didn’t see the problem with it, at least not beyond the whole issue of there being WAY too many BE females out there.

    Ironically, female troll was my last to get the achievement :P

    Negathle’s last blog post..Yay, fertility!

  4. What catcall works best on you Nass!? Oh yeah, and i gots plenty of gooooold!! Where can we meet….? oh, and dont forget the bunny ears…..

  5. For the most part, I love world events, especially Noblegarden, except for the part where I run around Dalaran for 2hr lookng for 1 FREAKING ORC/TAUREN/TROLL to put bunny ears on…


    Drazmor’s last blog post..If I was in an elevator…

  6. [...] Mend Pet has some good egg spots for Horde. [...]

  7. [...] Mend Pet has some good egg spots for Horde. [...]

  8. I enjoyed getting my Noble title also – Josh (other half of ACIA) isn’t that big a fan of achievements, but I love the holidays now that achievements are in the game, and ninja’ing eggs in Falconwing Square as travel form was so much fun!

    Kate’s last blog post..Guild fun-times

  9. Kate – So that was YOU! Grrr… :)

    Drazmor – Well, I did my part. Last night I sat in Dalaran outside of the Horde area on my raptor mount just clicking off the ears everytime someone put them on me so everyone could have a chance at a Troll Female! Even had an Orc Female hanging out with me for a while.

    Neg, I agree about the female BEs. But that isn’t just during this holiday… they are everywhere! *hides*

  10. I like how you didn’t cheat on the Un’goro portion, but you cheated by putting the bunny ears on yourself. Fail.

  11. Maybe I should have clarified. The quotation marks around the word ‘cheat’ means I don’t really think it’s cheating (aka sarcasm). In fact, I don’t think either of those are cheating. They are both valid ways of doing them or else they wouldn’t allow you to get credit for the achievement. There was no one online at the time to bring a branch to Un’goro to help me, and I thought trying to run there as a bunny would be fun (which it was)!